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Astrology April 25 - 30, 2022

This week begins with a super stellium in Pisces. We have six planets in the watery world of dreams, illusions, and the eternal. This could drum up many powerful memories and emotions that will inevitably flood into the surface later in the week when the moon is in volatile Aries and Saturn finally releases Mercury. That means whatever we’ve held back, and any information that needs to come out, absolutely will. Pisces will feel tremendously powerful at the start of the week, enjoy it and use it well. Geminis’ will feel a beautiful release by the end of the week when Mercury slides into home! All in all a powerful week for the truth, especially since Pluto goes into retrograde to dig up whatever he missed the year before. Powerful discoveries will be made and most likely volunteered at the end of the week when the dark moon illuminates what we really value and Pluto is happy to expose what we’ve tried to keep secret. �


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