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ASTROLOGY BREAKDOWN for March 15 - 31st, 2024 - there is so much that is changing

Astrology Breakdown for March 15 - 31st, 2024 - there is so much that is changing. For those of you who have felt 'something coming' you are correct. The past six months of this difficult transition began with the annular solar eclipse that occurred at 21 degrees Libra on October 14th, 2023. It was square to Pluto which meant everything that we've been transitioning through over the past six months has felt forced upon us even if we were doing it to ourselves ( a jagged pill for sure). Not a pleasant energy to move through. BUT, that's coming to an end now, culminating in a cathartic release this March 25th as the full moon in Libra, TRINE to Pluto and SEXTILE to the sun offers an ease with your transformations and confidence with yourself and your next steps. Here's a quick over view of all the important transits we'll be discussing:

  • Sun conjunct Neptune - March 17th - 23rd (starting in Pisces and ending in Aries Perfect at 27 degrees Pisces on March 17th)

  • Venus conjunct Saturn - March 17th - 27th (Perfect at 12 degrees Pisces on March 21st)

  • Mercury conjunct North Node - March 17 - 22nd (Perfect March 18th at 15 degrees Aries)

  • Mercury conjunct Chiron - March 18th - 25th, (Perfect March 20th at 18 degrees Aries)

  • Sun transit into Aries on March 20th - SPRING EQUINOX

  • Sun sextile Pluto (Pretty much the entire two weeks)

  • Full moon in Libra at 5 degrees Libra

  • Venus sextile to Jupiter and Uranus

  • Jupiter conjunct Uranus

See... there is ALOT going on. Let's begin.


Sun conjunct Neptune - from March 17th through the 23rd - which means the sun is conjunct Neptune while it transits into Aries - we have all the support from the universe to recreate ourselves limited only by our own imaginations. It's time to imagine what we should be and then create it. There is no shell that can hold us. It's a beautiful energy of creative action, taking the dreamy delusions of Neptune and acting upon them through the creative optimism of the Sun. This is the Art of the possible. Those of you born between March 18th and the 25th (Pisces 3s and Aries 1s) will have a profound sense of self-awaking and recreation - the power to take your own image in which ever direction you want it to go.


Venus conjunct Saturn - This is a great energy for getting serious about values, for disciplining our more indulgent sides. Relationships and finances will take on a mature and long-term mentality. This energy is great for getting you through tough times by using self-control while maintaining optimism in the future. It's productive and very helpful BECAUSE it is restrictive. For those of you born between February 28th and March 5th - this will mature and sober up your pursestrings, make you very clever when it comes to your budget, and make your far more sober minded, and long term oriented, when it comes to the people you are attracted to, looking for, or in your current relationships.


Mercury conjunct the North Node - Ideas! Conversations and proclamations! This is when we get strategic about the future, form logistical plans, are able to map out where we are going and how we'll get there. Things will become clear, unpacking concepts and putting them into a logical order. This is a good time to set up meetings or agreements (even interviews) aligned with your goals. This is all happening conjunct the natal suns of those of you born April 1 - the 10th (Aries 2s). It's a great time to transition from "concept" phase of your future plans to the "action phase" of your plans. It's time to break ground.


Mercury conjunct Chiron - This one is bigger than it sounds because it marks the completion of a cycle that kicked off during the annular eclipse on Oct. 14th, 2023 when Mercury and Chiron were opposite each other. Coming to terms with information - even bad news - or the disruption in communications and information that may have caused frustration and a sense of hopelessness in your own ability to figure things out. This marks "Lessons Learned" - or the time when you'll finally be able to make sense out of things, offering a deep understanding of your suffering over the past six months (whatever it was caused by). It will create motivation to ease your pain by communicating it (because you'll finally be able to understand what has been going on well enough to articulate it) and being more empathetic to it. If you were butting heads with someone over this time, increased empathy could bring about a willingness to talk to them again and work through your differences. This energy will help you communicate your pain/ struggle/ disconnect or whatever disruption you've experienced and could offer answers to why it all happened. Solutions!

There was a handicap - an inability to do anything about your situation this whole time - that is being replaced by a motivation to seek solutions and an opportunity to get ahold of tangible information that will help.

For those of you born in late Aries 2 or early Aries 3 (around April 8 - 12th) will be especially impactful.

Note: Back when this all began, Mercury was in Libra where it insisted on being diplomatic and polite. It wanted to deliberate and takes its time making decisions. Now it is in Aries where it is blunt, and quick to decide - and it is ready to make decisions whether or not they are approved of or polite in the minds of others.


Sun Transit into Aries - SPRING EQUINOX - New Zodiac Year - Birth! March 20th - The beginning of the zodiac new year and Spring time! This marks a fresh start - starting from scratch with the energy to do so, no past to think about or be weighed down by. New Horizons, New perspectives, New Identity.

This transit happens while the Sun is still conjunct to Neptune AND while the Sun is sextile to Pluto - talk about rebirth and innovation. This is a time of metamorphic change. The sextile to Pluto also creates a magnetism that gives more weight to the sun and its new form. Anyone born between March 18th and the 24th will experience a significant boost in their energy levels, their self-esteem, and their ability to influence those around them. You're unstoppable right now.

Sun sextile Pluto - this is happening pretty much the entire two weeks. It brings out confidence and self assurance that inspire others to follow you. It makes the individual almost a magnet for respect from others, making it possible to easily influence others. It adds gravity and vitality to your sense of self, and there is nothing you can't get done.


Full moon in Libra (Lunar eclipse) - March 25th - I've mentioned this before. This marks the completion of the cycle that began on the annular eclipse on October 14th - when Pluto was square to the sun and moon - forcing change down our throats - and Mercury was opposite Chiron - making us doubt our own minds or question or self worth because of harsh criticism or the lack of any constructive information at all.

The sky has changed!

During this full moon, Pluto is sextile the Sun and Trine the moon, creating a helpful sense of personal power that didn't exist 6 months ago. It is also sesiquiquadrate to Uranus where the Oct. 14th eclipse was quincunx it. This means there will be friction caused from changes that haven't been made or the ways we are stuck - you won't be able to tolerate old emotions or mindsets - they will be too frustrating. That means the inspiration for change is coming from within, instead of externally - so we feel more motivated to engage it.

We'll all feel a necessary emotional release - allowing ourselves to be ourselves, even when we're impolite. For those of you born in Aries 1 (March 20 - 30th) you'll feel this refreshing and invigorating energy most of all.


Jupiter conjunct Uranus - March 25th (Perfect by April 17th and through April 20th, but lasting through May 19th)

Expansion and innovations - It is a conjunction that forces us out of our "norm" and insists upon innovation. This conjunction happens every 14 years, the last time happening at the end of 2010/beginning of 2011 in Pisces. Which means that its last occurrence is sextile to its current iteration. Now, in Taurus, there are less surprises and more restructuring of what already is - from what we've already created. How do we innovate with the resources we already have? It's clever and heavy work - especially for the physicists. We are literally "reinventing the wheel" or more accurately, repurposing the wheel, its applications, and perhaps even the very concept of it. This conjunction will bring to light information that will make us see are current reality in an entirely different way. It will force us to understand our current institutions in another way - a way that turns everything on its head and doesn't apologize for it. The effects of this conjunction, being in Taurus, will establish a "New Normal". So we have to be especially careful to maintain the integrity of our choices over the next few months.

Though this transit impacts us GLOBALLY those of you who are born at the end of Taurus 2, beginning of Taurus 3 (birthdays from May 8th - May 16th especially) have this conjunct your natal suns. For you this means a restructuring of what you've accepted as your reality. Check to see which house this is occurring in so you will know which part of your life will take the direct impact.


Last but not least,

Venus conjunct Neptune on March 30th (Perfect on April 2nd) through April 7th - Romantic to the point of distraction, a time when it's easy to spend a lot and feel ideally abundant even when you bank account doesn't agree, to fall in love with a fantasy that feels so real you'll want to be lost in it forever (so, completely opposite the Venus/Saturn conjunction just two weeks ago). This really is the energy that dreams are made of, and for that reason it is a time a monumental creativity. This is when the world is happy to loose itself to whimsy. But you will eventually have to wake up. And as Venus moves into Aries and conjuncts the moon right before the full solar eclipse on April 8th, this conjunction could end in an explosive climax whose impact will be felt miles around. Venus in Aries is in detriment after all, and she's super volatile. This will be a rapturous week of whirl wind romance and frenzied creativity that includes impulsive spending and intoxicating distraction. It's the great escape before the great awakening.

Those of you who are born at the end of Pisces 3 and beginning of Aries 1 will be impacted the most (birthdays between March 18th - March 25th). It will fill you will an unrealistic confidence that ensures one hell of a memorable ride (like an astrological spring-break).


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