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ASTROLOGY BREAKDOWN: March 1st - 14th, 2024 - we've go a lot going on.

Astrology breakdown for March 2024

Venus and Mars are in tight conjunction through March 4th. This makes for sexy confidence. The challenge comes in not letting it go to our heads because the square it's forming to Jupiter and Uranus. This energy could make us expect quick and easy change, when that's not what the universe has in store. Use your body - through exercise, athletics, or even spring cleaning - to move this energy in a productive way. The warmer weather will help with this so get out doors and let the universe surprise you instead of trying to sneak up on it. This energy will be especially intense for those born between February 5th and 13th as it is conjunct your natal suns.


Saturn and the Sun remain conjuncted through March 5th, with Mercury in a loose conjunction with them throughout this time. This can make for a serious and tenacious mind set that intensifies how serious we think of ourselves. It can also create an increased sense of discipline that we'll need to get things done. Though this can add to our productivity, it's more like digging in then pushing head. So roll up your sleeves and get to it. You'll learn very quickly where you've let yourself slip and how you need to tighten up your daily routines. It's not the most fun energy, but it's necessary! So please allow it to make you the most disciplined and self-aware version of yourself. The ultimate lesson here is that YOU ARE WORTH SPENDING TIME ON! So stop rushing to do others things for everyone else, and pay attention to those aspects of your life and your self that you've slacked off on. Once again - YOU ARE WORTH THE TIME. So, instead of getting frustrated, get to work. This energy will be especially intense fo those of you born between March 1st and 11th as it will be conjunct your natal suns.


The North Node and Chiron continue to conjunct, though by March 14th this conjunction begins to loosen. This will slow down our progress even more, pressuring us to put perfection before progress. Along with the Saturn/Sun energy this is a particularly frustrating time for us all. We REALLY want change, and NEED to see progress, but the universe is trying to teach us a lesson similar to that in the now famous book Rick Dad Poor Dad - DO NOT LET YOUR FEARS AND DESIRES MAKE YOUR DECISIONS FOR YOU! Control your fear and your desires and you'll master you life and life itself. We can be so desperate to change our lives that we rush by the hard work it takes to really do so. Remember, you have to start with your mind set! And all this "boring, difficult stuff" IS what you need to shift your mind set and EARN the strength it will take to be able to carry all those blessing you're wishing for! This is our prep period, and those that dig in and build those maturation muscles will be the ones who end up flourishing. This energy is especially intense for those of you with major placements between 14 - 18 degrees Aries (birthdays between April 6th - 11th especially).


NEW MOON! - On March 10th (early in the AM for most of us in the USA) we have a New Moon in Pisces. This is an excellent time for manifestation. Use the water manifestation technique I share with you In "Manifest with the Moon - Water moons" here:

This is great technique for first letting go of the garbage that could get in the way, and cleaning out all those spaces you'd like to fill with healthy, fresh new things. But remember, (and this is what those challenging aspects we encounter in the beginning of the month are trying to teach us) that if we don't learn to be different - to actually TAKE CARE OF OUR SPACES AND OUR THINGS EVERY DAY! - then all we're doing is laying waste and brining in new things that will soon turn into garbage too. Sloppy people really don't deserve nice thing. If you aren't someone who appreciates and takes care of what you have - including yourself, your body, and this blessing you get to experience called life - then how much do you really deserve of all the things that give you pleasure. This is the stern but necessary lesson we're all learning now.

This New Moon in Pisces sits at 20 degrees and right in between both Saturn and Neptune. There is no better way for the universe to insist on us finding balance between discipline and dreams and that balance is discipline. Without it, there is no art. Unfortunately we forget this all the time and just like to get lost in the magic of the outcome of the hard work of others. Those two-hour long movies that whisk us away to fantasy lands actually took THOUSANDS of people from hundreds of disciplines, at least a year to make. Not to mention the millions of dollars. That's the real magic. Being able to do all the hard work that creates the magical moment. So go beneath the surface on this full moon in Pisces, to see the mountain that is the Iceberg that most of us only see the tip of.


As the time passes toward March 10th, Jupiter and Uranus are coming closer and closer into conjunction. By March 15th they will be within seven degrees of each other. Technically they are already in conjunction, a build up to their impending mash-up, that will coincide with the total solar eclipse coming up on April 8th (there will be a video on that, I promise). This is a tricky conjunction. They are both planets of expansion, but Jupiter is far more traditional - working within what already is to help us grow - and Uranus works outside of that. Uranus connects us to the mysteries outside what is popularly know. The two of them will force us to see the old mysteries in new ways which will also mean learning we were wrong about a lot. This happens on a global and spiritual level, so don't be surprised if you start to see shifts in community awareness on an international scale.


I love you guys! Thank you so much for tuning in. And, as always, I see you in the videos :)


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