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Astrology Breakdown: The challenging aspects of the Sun conjunct Saturn

Astrology Breakdown: The challenging aspects of the Sun conjunct Saturn. We're going to discuss the Sun conjunct Saturn, Venus conjunct Mars, Chiron conjunct the North Node, and the Full moon in Virgo that will happen on February 24th. We have a lot to cover in this blog. Please watch the YouTube video here:

The Sun conjunct Saturn asks us to apply harsh judgements on who were are, are more specifically who we've made ourselves to be. It can be a highly productive energy that focuses an individuals efforts and matures their constitution. But it can also be a time of deep frustration with the world, and create a sense of "I'm not good enough" in the individual. The fact that this time around, Feb. 19th - March 6th, 2024, the Sun conjunct Saturn will be semi-square (more frustration) with Chiron's perfect conjunction with the North node - more difficulty moving forward. It seems that right now we're being extra hard on ourselves, almost expecting perfection before we've gotten started. PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. should be our motto now. With these two conjunctions however it's very difficult to do. Come the full moon in Virgo (another notoriously worrisome and fastidious energy) we'll need the pressure release. This will be a particularly emotion time - a difficult time- for People with their sun, moon, or rising signs between zero and ten degrees Pisces, Sagittarius, or Gemini - though I imagine those with these placements in Virgo will experience the most relief of all. The time leading up to this full moon on February 24th will be very trying for you all - everybody really, but you guys especially will be particularly hard on yourselves or feel that the world is being particularly hard on you. Additionally, Venus and Mars are conjunct to Pluto now in Aquarius, giving a lot of love and allure to the community and friendship. Even if you are in a long term relationships, it's time to take it out on the town, mingle with others, double date, and focus on the friendship aspect of your relationships. With Pluto influence on the conjunction it could get kinky - branching out into more social displays of sexuality or pleasure, but I suspect that for most of us, we'll just want to be more playful with our mates - get out and enjoy concerts, gatherings, even public service with each other. During this time it's not about "you two" as much as it is about how "you two" fit into your community and how you contribute to it.

A little more philosophically, this time is about releasing out tight grip on the past, and most especially our current expectations based on what we've experienced in the past. Pluto is now in Aquarius, an air sign, which teaches us to focus on RIGHT NOW. The difficulty that's arising over the next three weeks is coming from the adherence to old ways and old expectations - who we expected ourselves to be, verses who we really are. It's only by accepting the truth of who we are now that we'll be able to move toward who we'd like to be. If we keep holding onto the conditions of the past, we'll never set out foot on the stepping stone it needs to continue our journey.

Letting go of all that you thought you should be or expected the world to be, and opening yourself up to your current reality, the resources you have inside of you and in front of you, instead of the resources you used to have or "should of had by now" is what is going to help you see the opportunities for happiness.

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