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Astrology for July 17 - 23rd, 2022 HAPPY LEO SEASON

The HUGE Aspect that will impact us all for the rest of the year is Saturn square Uranus. You’ve got to be familiar with that one because it plagued us all last year. But what does it mean REALLY? Saturn means the 3D world, reality. And what is that? Restriction. And that restriction is based on Height, Length, and width - 3 dimensions that our 5 senses can measure everything by. Ok. Great. But is that all we are? Nope. And Uranus understands this. But not in the way that Neptune does because Neptune has no boundaries at all. It’s pure dreams. Pure creativity. And not in the way Jupiter does, which is expansion through experiences and the inspiration that new information and inspiration expose you to. Uranus broadens our capabilities by using math and science, INTELLECT, to challenge the expected reality, and change it. And these are the two giants square to each other now. And what are “squares”? They are challenges designed to make you better. So Saturn is insisting that we keep things as they are even if they’re not great because at least we know how to handle it. Uranus says hell no to that! But it tends to do something equally ridiculous in that it says hey, let’s through EVERYTHING away and start completely new! Which, ironically, always ends up in repeating the past! So, this week’s astrology insists that we don’t do this. In either way. But actually take the time to sift through what we have now, see what is working, keep it, support it, strengthen it, and then get a REALLY clear look at what is absolutely NOT working. And it is here that Uranus can best be applied, to help us see in ways we could not before, to use practical applications (math, science) to make the invisible, something palpable. And the beautiful aspects to Neptune this week will ensure that we are comfortable enough with our past AND the impractical to make sure we keep what works, or even rediscover it! Let me know how this week is impacting you down below. Much love to you all.


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