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Astrology for May 1 -7, 2022 Brain Power!

With the MH conjunct Venus it’s a beautiful time to understand what you’re good at. Discover what you value and what others value in you. The clarity is inspiring. You may however think you’re better than you are at something. Especially when they both move into Aries where Venus is weak. She’s more of a distraction than anything.

Love will become more than fiery it will become volatile and demanding. FYI. Because Venus is uncomfortable with all the demands and rush of Fire. She’ll miss the watery asylum of Pisces, where Mars still is. So, both Venus and Mars are now in very volatile positions. This could create tense interactions for romantic situations now. And even some desperate attempts to make good on our strengths even though we don’t feel so strong.

We start off the week with the moon in Gemini, so we should use our head this week. Our minds will offer us clarity now and it’s a wonderful time to communicate our thoughts and ideas and to listen to those of others. Friendship is key this week. For romance, focus on the friendship aspect of your relationship and you’ll do well. When the moon enters moody Cancer mid-week where it conjuncts Lilith, their square to Venus will create tension inside ourselves, seeing the worst of ourselves. This creates an even tougher condition for romance and finances - NO GOOD - you definitely don’t want to discuss or apply for loans or have your credit reviewed at this time because this is when people will see nothing but your faults. Especially with Pluto in Retrograde trine to Mercury, this will be a hey day for forensic accountants. The IRS might come for you!!!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, the Sun and Uranus conjunct. We have this window of brilliant possibility where we desire change. We desire innovation of our sense of who we are, we are unusual and inventive, and open to different ways of applying our strengths. Expect surprises this week. Uranus likes to do that.


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