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Astrology Forecast for July 10 - 16th This is the BIG ONE

Astrology forecast July 10 - 16th

The grand water trine between Neptune, the Sun, and the South node is calling us all to remember who the fuck we are. And what we’re good at. We’ve undermined our passions long enough. How many excuses have we made for not doing what our heart sings to us. We’ve muted this truth with reason and sense to the point our life no longer has meaning, just routine. So what do we do now? We go back in time to before we were too afraid to believe in ourselves. With the sextile between Uranus and the Sun and Mercury most of this week CHANGE and innovation will become what brings us back to where we never should have left. This is our truth. The Magical Full Moon on the 13th is more powerful because of its conjunctions. Our Full Moon in Capricorn is conjunct to Pluto and our Sun in Cancer is conjunct to Mercury. What does Mercury conjunct the Sun mean? Clarity of purpose and direction. What does Pluto conjunct the Full moon mean? Cleansing and clearing out for change. Uranus sextile the Mercury/ Sun conjunction and Trine the Pluto / Moon conjunction ensures this change, and that we are ready and willing for it to happen. It also means we are active in its occurring. There could be a major technological breakthrough now or a blissful discover made that we’ve been searching for. Neptune is sextile to the Moon/Pluto and trine to Mercury/Sun. We’ll be so open to believing and receiving the extraordinary now, that why wouldn’t we want to take chances? This is magic made real, so take action. DO IT! Whatever it is. It may not seem like something big, but it’ll surprise you. Compassion will be particularly strong now, almost a universal forgiveness of the damned. This is an EXTREMELY CREATIVE TIME, where our minds and hearts will be in perfect harmony, challenging each other and insisting on creativity. New ideas and opportunities are born this week. Personally, expect that what you may never have wanted will suddenly become what you realize you need and the path that is revealed to you will be the path that you’ve been avoiding and maybe even repulsed by for so long. Happy transitioning.

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