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Astrology Forecast for June 26 - July 2, 2022 How Many Ways can you Break Yourself?

This is a week of contention. There's no way around it. The contention comes from the dissonances between what we want or want to be and what we have. These are clashing this week. And we may push too hard in order to get what we want. If we do, we will break things - relationships, opportunities, jobs, etc. Because we will expose something about our selves that really nobody should want to be around - that we are willing to steam roll anything to get what we want. And that's not a power move. It's a desperation move. It's a fear move. If we can connect through faith to the flow around us, then we'll be encouraged to go along with it. To calm ourselves down, and focus on what we already know, what we're good at. Focus is key this week. Trimming the fat from our social lives and from our workload will be the key to success this week because those that spread themselves too thin, reach too far, and try to hard will fail. It's essential to breath, slow down, and feel the flow. Accept the resources around you and use them to fashion the next step in the journey to your goals, not the next leap or jump. Ambition without integrity is being called out this week. People will try to push you to use you for what they need, and it will show you the truth of them.


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