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Astrology Overview - April 1 -14th, 2024. Get ready to Burn

Astrology Overview - April 1 -14th, 2024. Get ready to Burn! The astrology for April 1 -14th of 2024 is epic. Changes that initiate now will mark permanent changes, innovations, and transformation for life on Earth. Yes, it really is that important. See how you will be effected below.

Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces 2- This will last from April 2 - 18th so hold on tight. This is exacting energy that doesn't let up. It's perfectionist. Along with Mercury retrograde this could set us up for a lot of disappointment because we'll be so hard on ourselves without considering that somethings are out of our hands. It can feel so limiting because of how draconian it is. This is troublesome energy ESPECIALLY for

Pisces 2 (About March 1 - 10th birthdays) - who will be extra hard on themselves and others now

Gemini and Sagittarius 2s - who will no doubt but heads will exacting people or situations now that refuse any progress

and Certainly for Virgos 2s - who are going to be bombarded with both being terribly difficult on themselves AND having to deal with the controlling energies around them. There can be so much conflict now between you and authority or father figures.

This energy could however help those individuals born in Cancer and Scorpio 2 - helping you to heal a challenging situation (especially dealing with the law or work) as well as for those of you born in Capricorn 2 or Taurus 2 - where this energy will help expose difficulties you've been having and help you do something about them.


Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces 3  April 1 - 7th - This is a tough one. Tougher than it looks. Because it's SOOOOO fantastical and dreamy, romantic and kind. It can also lead to excess EASILY, most especially with alcoholic indulgences. While this can be VERY progressive energy if you can focus its immense creative energy.

This energy will be especially distracting for Pisces 3s - you'll be so lost in romance right now you won't be capable of reality. Use it for creative inspiration though and WOW! Major breakthroughs!

Cancer 3s and Scorpio 3s  - you will get too comfortable too quickly with someone you feel you've know forever even though you really don't know them at all. FYI.

Virgo 3s - Watch out. You will be extra vulnerable to being scammed and taken advantage of during this transit

Gemini and Sagittarius 3s - You won't be able to think straight during this transit. Distraction will cause frustration for you.

Capricorn and Taurus 3s - WOW, this is a time of Divine inspiration for you.


Let's talk specifically about April 7th, shall we?

On April 7th, the last day of this transit, the moon will join this conjunction, making psychic energy so intense your dreams will become POWERFUL. Pay attention to their messages. In waking life however, deception will be so high on this day - and considering Mercury is in retrograde too - our brains will shut down. This is NOT a good day for buisiness dealings or signing ANYTHING as it will be especially easy to deceive.


Venus transit in Aries on April 5th - Venus is in detriment in Aries, meaning her energy is at its weakest. She is the most vulnerable here, and so she becomes the most volatile. Rash decisions with money, rushing at romance head first, and being far more forceful than usual is likely. Most relationships that start now will fizzle out, though their existence will likely have permanent impact on your life. Venus in Aries is anything but subtle. This transit will be felt the most by cuspers (and remember, as the transit happens she is still conjunct to Neptune, so, Venus is really not at her best now) :

For those with birthdays on the Pisces/Aries cusp it may soften out your nature a bit. Enjoy the sweetness of it. As long as you appreciate yourself when you're a bit more romantic and mushy, then it could be very pleasant. Either way, the romantic sensibilities turn up for your right now.

Gemini/Cancer cusps and Libra/Scorpio cusps - it will be all too easy for you to loose yourself in a dreamy relationships or attraction right now.

Taurus/Gemini and Capricorn/Aquarius cusps however - NIIICCCCE. This energy will make you romance MASTERS and turn on your love juices to irresistible! Still, watch for over indulgences.

Virgo/Libra cusp - this energy will distract you so much that you will HELP someone take advantage of you. I would advise against new relationships at this time. As for existing ones, you could easily misinterpret things right now, as your brain won't be at it's sharpest, so try to not make any promises until after this conjunction is over. The same thing goes for ALL financial transactions. It's bad enough with Mercury in retrograde, but with this opposition to Venus's transition - DO NOT MAKE ANY LARGE PURCHASES OR SIGN FINANCIAL AGREEMENTS NOW. You will be taken advantage of.


Mercury Retro grade - April 1 - 25th - Well, here we are again. And it's so normal for this time of year! But, this Mercury retrograde is conjunct SO MANY major energies - The North Node, Chiron, this New Moon Solar eclipse - it's almost as if the universe it out for vengeance. Being that this retrograde is happening while Mercury is in Aries, watching our mouths or tempering our opinions will be difficult. Mercury in Aries is not known for its diplomacy. It's blunt, overly sure of itself, and doesn't think before it speaks. The retrograde will only ensure more chaos. We may rush to conclusions without being able to think things through. One thing is for sure, this retrograde will not allow for pleasantries. People's true colors, (yours included) will show. They won't have much ability to hold it in. This could prove helpful for those of you who have been excessively prudish. It will snap you out of that - though in the most awkward way possible. Those contracts made during this retrograde will not last long - but they could have lasting impact, so please, force yourself to breath and try to think before you do anything rash. Especially impacted will be:


Aries threes - OUCH. This is conjunct your natal suns. Watch out for impulsive decision making. Force yourself to think longer, and get second opinions.

Libra 3s - SUPER OUCH! This retrograde is happening Opposite your natal sun. This will cause confusion and disappointment because of mixed messages and shotty information. A second opinion will be necessary through the 25th of April. DON'T SIGN ANYTHING legal, try to reschedule test, not the best time to find jobs or accept them, - you get the point. It's a time to review the information you already have. Be bold with your retrospection.

Sagittarius and Leo 3s - it will be a bit easier on you guys, but not by much

Cancer and Capricorn 3s - what a son-of-a-bitch this retrograde is going to be for you. It will be most difficult to not put your foot in your mouth everyday.

Aquarius 3s and Gemini 3s - this chaos could bring helpful insights to the surface for a clearer understanding and opportunity. It will provide an opportunity to say what you needed to say and not give a damn about the consequences. It could be a very liberating time for you - think closure.


Solar Eclipse on April 8th - Total in many areas of the USA - conjunct Mercury retrograde, conjunct the North Node, AND conjunct to Chiron. This isn't just an eclipse - it's VENGEANCE! The past will BURN UP in the ether on this one. Anything that has been lingering, holding on by a thread - IT'S OVER! Finding the courage and the voice to SPEAK OUT AGAINST injuries, suffering, anything that you've been tolerating for too long and has been dragging you down - this is when it ends. And something new begins. It's like a total reset. With Mercury retrograde involved, this could be literal - especially in those areas of totality - an electronic reset that won't take prisoners. This is a hard restart, confronting major handicaps - yes psychical - that have impeded our processes. Mental blocks won't be permitted anymore. So, a FORCED restart to be clear. MANY, MANY cruel statements and criticisms will come up again to remind you of what your are NOT and where you DO NOT belong. Go forward. Move past it at last. This is the new you, but also - THE REAL YOU, in full effect.

And On-going is the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Taurus that is growing closer and stronger everyday. Jupiter is catching up to Uranus in Taurus - using what we have in new and innovative ways right now - until Jupiter finally over takes Uranus later this month and suddenly, we'll be curious about what else we can do with it all. This is a time of EXTRAORDINARY technological breakthroughs that will force us to explore the vastness of our own minds and the boundaries of our ethics. What we push too far now will destroy the way we are and force us to be different, to live differently, moving forward. There are break through changes to the norm that will happen during this time - for all of us (or that will eventually affect all of us). This is less personal and more PROFOUNDLY GLOBAL.


Taurus late 2s and early 3s - OMG - you are shifting consciousness right now. If you aren't aware of it yet believe me, everyone you know is. Surprise disruptions to your norm are giving you very little choice but to search and explore beyond your current boundaries.

Scorpio late 2s and early 3s - This is going to feel forced. You will be hyper stimulated to shift your awareness in a way that makes you uncomfortable, but unable to look away. Change is inevitable.

Aquarius/Leo late 2s and early 3s - You'll feel a great deal of inner toil and find yourself fielding curve balls a lot. You need to shift, and you eventually will. It just won't be a comfortable shift. You may find yourself in disagreement with many of these surprising changes OR changes within your own mindset could create a lot of friction within your current situations.

Capricorn/Virgo late 2s and early 3s - you probably already understand that need for change and are open to it.

Cancer/Pisces late 2s/ early 3s - This is a HIGHLY MOTIVATED time for you and opportunities will come from surprising places.


Please do leave comments about how you've noticed these aspects impacting your life.


Much love to you all,



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