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Astrology this week April 11 - 18, 2022 Pluto is coming to get us

Will this be the easiest week? No. It will be an emotional whirlwind and no matter what side you're coming from it'll get you to explode at least once this week. Pluto is putting so much pressure on the Sun, it's forcing our ego to go on the defensive. Unfortunately, you can't defend yourself against Pluto. The only defense is to lay low and breath. Like a huge bear running at you, there's not much hope of defending yourself. You're going to have to hope it barrels over you. Or, you will get eaten live. Either way, this isn't the end. Just the end of how things are now. And change is going to come, imminently. I love you guys and can't wait to talk to you on the live chats on Born without Boundaries Tarot on YouTube. Remember, included in the UNBOUND membership are MULTIPLE member's only live chats where you can bring any tarot or astrology questions and I will be there to answer them. Either I'll read your charts or I'll pull cards for you. Looking forward to seeing you then.

🔮 Michelle

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