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Faith is the hardest to hold

Faith is the hardest hold. Like water, it slips through your fingers. But only if you squeeze. Give it the soft cradle of your palm and it stays, gently accommodating your heat, suiting you perfectly.

Faith isn't a possession after all. It isn't a thing. It's a way of living. A life style that requires constant connection to things you can't see, or touch, or taste, or smell, or hear. It makes no sense. But it does. Really. Even to your intelligence. It poses the argument, why not? And if you really thought about it, which I strongly encourage you to do,

why not?

Even if you can find 100, million reasons why not, there's one - "Because" and for some reason, we love that one. That's the one that captivates our brain and races our heart. That one "Because" engages every aspect of our human existence. And so, even though Faith is none of the five senses, it is our everything. It's the place where all that we are exists in a moment of nonsense. Faith is where we begin. That beautiful nothing that turns to everything. Like a baby, an idea, a chance. What life is all about.

And so, hold Faith. But not with your hand. With your heart. That's the perfect place for it.

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