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NEW MOON IN CANCER! NEW YEAR! Weekly Astrology forecast from Born without Boundaries

Watch out! Chiron is sextile Saturn... we're about to deliver our own Karma.

We're acting in our old ways when the universe wants us doing things differently. It's not even about what we want, but the way we take action! Can we do things differently. Do we dare? But we'll have to dig deep. Find confidence in our beliefs instead of ourselves. Believe in what is outside of you, and tether your faith to it. That's the way through right now.

Moon is on top of the North Node making us feel comfortable with trying something new and getting REALLY creative with how we communicate ( being in Gemini ).

Wow! Way creative now because moon is opposite Venus too... we need love, or to hear loving messages... flattery can go a long way right now, if you're trying for a new opportunity.

Both moon and Venus are square Neptune. We're tired of just dreaming. We want these damn dreams to be realized!

Monday 28th

When Moon in GEMINI sextiles Agressive Mars were gonna be compelled to shoot what we want, to go right for it. Saying it direct is the best way to get what you want today.

Venus combust South Node, something we've always loved is driving us out of our minds right now, but maybe it needs to in order to get things done.

Tuesday 29th

Chiron sextile to Saturn, BIG TIME. Our relationship with our father comes to play here. If we have been living our lives defying our father's we could get some.peace now, realizing what we haven't before and finding balance. When it comes to Saturn, we tend toward extremes, rejecting everything or falling in line with everything, Chiron's presence helps us realize we need a balance. The mistakes of the law and authority be rectified, but we also must have some form of law and rule. Rejecting the type is fair and needed every now and then. To reject the concept entirely is insanity. This is a great time to find a necessary balance, especially globally.

FULL MOON in CANCER. Last full moon of this year and this decade. We are entering a new period with our families, and with the moon oppose the sun, but Uranus trine the sun while it is sextile the moon, we will feel comfortable trying new things that we normally wouldn't have as long as those things are aligned with our life goals, soul purpose, and intellectual curiosities. Daring, charismatic, and bold with moon sextile to mars.

Wednesday 30th

Who do we want to be? Now, how do we get that done?

We are going to be falling in love with the past right now. Thia could be worse than Venus retrograde. Dont be surprised if you're longing for your ex. But this is actually to LEARN not to reconnect. So take this time to accept the good times, but be honest with yourself about your bad times, so you can be done with them.

We might learn something today that clears up am issue from the past.

Thursday 31st NEW YEARS EVE!

We'll get push back to our new suggestions because people aren't willing to step out of their comfort zones. We may only see restrictions on this day. But with a soft sextile between the North Node and Mercury, today will be the day to take a chance on a new person, try talking to them, send out that communication.

Friday JANUARY 1ST New Year's Day!

Good news is coming in. Maybe something we didn't expect. With favorable aspects all over the chart, including Uranus trine the Sun, we will be inclined toward talking to each other to solve problems, saying what needs to be said in a caring way that aids in progress. We'll be confident and competent with words now.

Saturday JANUARY 2nd

If there is ever going to be a day when you're completely tuned in to right and wrong and what the world needs, or what you need in your current situation, them this is it. Beautiful aspect between NN and Mercury still, with Mars trine SN we might finally be creative and bold enough to take that step we've been trying to take for a while.

Happy New Year


Michelle, it’s interesting you mention the arrow being drawn back to launch forward. I, too, have felt this. I was likening it to recoiling in a spring, but either way, I’m grateful for the pullback. Thanks for all you do!

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You're welcome Dana!

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