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The divine feminine and the divine masculine finally fuck!

The Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine. What are they? We hear about them all the time, but usually in the context of "He's my twin flame, she's my soulmate" blah blah blah BULLSHIT! These cosmic forces have been down-graded to two-dimensional characters in shitty rom-coms and our personal fantasies. But the Divine Masculine (DM) and the Divine Feminine (DF) are not these things. In fact, applying them to those things is a blatant bastardization of what they are. Not because using them as Romantic leads in our trashy stories wasn't fun at first, but because we've gotten so addicted to the candy that is these easy to digest stories, we've completely lost touch with what they really are.

They are Yin (DF) and Yang (DM). Two forces that balance us all. The Positive (DM) and the negative (DF), that keep our world, our universe working correctly. But I can hear it now. The DANGEROUSLY IMBALANCED cries of "Well that's the patriarchy for you", and "Of COURSE! The DF is positioned as 'negative', because we live in such a sexist world!" We do live in a sexist world, one that is steadily growing more and more sexist toward the DM, but more importantly we live in an imbalanced world, which is what a sexist world is, one that has grown so ignorant of these fine tuned energies, that a monstrous chasm has been cut between the two. "Negative" and "Positive" ARE NOT synonymous with "Bad" and "Good". They are not moral, ethical, or romantic. They are CHARGES, one that adds and one the subtracts. A giver and a receiver. That is what they are. The DM and DF personify these energies, to make them more comprehensive. The DM "adds" (positive) and the DF "subtracts" (negative). Think of water and a cup. In this metaphor the DM is the water and the DF is the cup. The water is pure energy which needs to be received, it needs a place to go. The void of the cup is what gives it purpose, and place to be useful. The issue with even the spiritual community is we have convoluted the words "positive" and "negative" so much that even we have forgotten what they actually mean. And that is where the evil comes in. Because evil is not the positive or the negative, but the conscious severing of the two, so that we can be lazy, or greedy, and not do the work to tell the truth. The truth is that the DM and the DF are two parts of one whole. They need each other and live in all of us. Men are NOT "masculine" and Women are NOT "feminine", they are human, an evolutionary product of this 3-D reality and therefore are BOTH feminine and masculine. Everything in our universe relies on both of these charges. They are a universal truth, even at the atomic level! We have to have as many protons as we do electrons or our atoms become volatile and unstable.... If it happens to the smallest parts of us you can be sure it is playing out in the macro aspects as well. When the DM and DF are in balance, things are peaceful, when they are out of balance, there is chaos. But even the chaos only lasts however long it takes to rebalance things. So what is the X-factor? What is the force that unbalances the two? Conscience. That's right. It is our intentional interference with these cosmic forces to justify one inclination or impulse or the other that forces them out of balance, and our world into a perpetual chaos. But we can use our conscience in a different way too. To understand, and to fine tune, so that the balance is maintained. So what happens when we've leaned toward the former? When we've intentionally used our minds and actions to sever the DM from the DF?


Yes. Papa Pluto. That is where Pluto comes in. And he's always there, watching in the far shadows of the universe. The ultimate Checks and Balances. So far away sometimes it seems as if he isn't a part of our solar system at all. But he is. And his distance gives him perspective. An aerial view of just how much we've messed things up, with all the energy to destroy what imbalance has built.

So we've seen this year. Pluto came in like a wreaking ball. It took so many of our institutions out, exposed so much of our governments' weaknesses, demonstrated just how far we've let our families fall to the way-side, how masculine even our "feminine" had become.

What do I mean by that?

Let me take you back to when Pluto was visiting Libra, about 45 years go. He came in like a wrecking ball then too, to destroy the disharmonious and unbalanced set-up of the 50s. Women, stripped completely of their DM energy, were forced to cook, clean, and remain docile in the home only to bare and rear children. While the men were stripped of their DF, forced into cubicles and corporations, out of the home, forgetting the importance of family values, lost to the world of money making alone. And our conscience said this was correct. That this was the best way to balance the DM and DF. Because once again we wanted to be lazy. To ignore that females were NOT the DF and males were NOT the DM and that severing the opposite in yourself eventually left the whole community fractured. And so our "Camelot" was destroyed. By Vietnam, and the realities of chaos. Thanks to Papa Pluto. Making us question why we ever felt safe in such a sterilized, false version of life. But we often misinterpret what Pluto means when he destroys. And we don't realize that Pluto has no power to destroy those things that are well-balanced. And so some people continued to idolize the 50s. The man goes to work, the woman stays home theme. Because their limited experience with this existence told them it was a "good" thing. "Good" being convoluted in their minds as being synonymous for what made them comfortable and kept them happy. Pluto was in Virgo after all, and maintenance of the norm, or the safe, of the average was paramount. But was it?

Because when Pluto came into Libra in 1971, all hell broke loose in terms of how we had defined relationships. We'd done a horrible job! And so women were liberated, allowed to own property without a man (1972), and saw themselves entering the work force for the first time since the Rosie the Riveter days when our country had no choice but to let women work. And wasn't that great? Redefining relationships so that men and women were equal, which we (as imbecilic humans) translated into "The Same", muddying the DM and DF, forcing them to be the same thing, when they're not. And in many ways forcing the DF into a deeper state of subjugation, because now neither mothers or fathers were caring for the home and children. They were both in the work force, hiring out the rearing of their children and the care of their homes. And Pluto saw this. And was happy to point out how ignorant we'd been. In creating an ENTIRE GENERATION of Adult-hating, 'forever young', Peter Pans that were stuck in a trauma loop that being thrown into the wild with no adult protection creates, we are now living in a world run by adults that do not know how to be adults. People that cannot modulate their emotions, weather uncomfortable situations, or listen when someone else speaks. People who are convinced that DM and DF mean that male and female is just a concept (it isn't, it's a biological fact) and that anything that offends them must instantly be made illegal, at the expense of all of our privacy and rights being stripped from us, just so they can have some semblance of safety that their mothers and fathers were supposed to provide, but didn't because they were both at work.

Look at what we've done. Reactionary and short-sighted, we continue to mess-up the lessons Pluto tries to teach us. 2020 was certainly a heavy handed punishment. He did have help after all. The convention between Pluto, Jupiter (who is usually a heck of a lot nicer) and Saturn (who is rarely nice) was a sit-down for generations to come. A process of getting both Saturn and Jupiter to reevaluate their energies, while Pluto reviewed the review. And so many things crumbled. Including the LIE that BOTH mom and dad had to leave their children to somebody else, when BOTH mom and dad could actually stay home and still get the bills paid. Was it tougher to pay those bills? Yes. But because we were all in the same boat, we empathized with each other. Empathy. Oh how you've been missed. Of course real empathy allows you to accept another person's experiences without having had to experience them yourself, but 2020 has been a lesson in compassion at least, and compassion paves the road to empathy so we're on the right track. Here we are now, in the first part of Virgo season, 2020, trying to, as Virgo does, make sense of it all. And the conclusion is something quite beautiful. As mercury heads into Libra (Sept 5th) and Venus goes into Leo (Sept. 6th), Mars goes into retrograde in Aries (Sept 9th), and Jupiter goes direct (Sept. 12th - the first of the three over lords to do so between now and October), our heads start to make sense of all the swirling. Mars going retrograde takes a bit of steam out of the Masculine. Not all of it, but enough to get that DM energy to slow down and LISTEN. Leo activates the DF energy of Venus, getting it to stand up for itself, no longer the victim, but the capable, self possessed powerhouse that knows its value even when its on the receiving end. Mercury in Libra is really key here. Ask any Liberian. They can't make up their minds for ANYTHING right now. But over all, that means that we are finally willing to LISTEN to each other, to see the other side respectfully, and take its needs seriously. And so, the DM and DF, after being mis-used, mis-applied, and mistaken for DECADES, finally have the chance to reconnect on an even playing field, cleared of clutter, without an audience because they're all still in quarantine. And they'll LISTEN. The DF has found her voice and the DM has found his ears, both maintaining the opposite faculties, and worn out from all that has transpired, willing to hear where they've fallen out tune, in order to harmonize once again. The harmony is on its way. Most definitely, the full moon coming up on Halloween (Oct. 31st), a Blue Moon (following the full moon in Aries on Oct 1st) in Taurus happening during Scorpio season on the celebration of Samhain... oh, there hasn't been a romantic set-up like this in DECADES. Not only will the DM and DF converse, they will be driven to dive head-first into each other, together for a magical night of what can only be creation.

It's the perfect time, as we say goodbye to 2020, as Jupiter and Saturn prepare to say goodbye to Capricorn, and as we enter holiday season which is always a time of reflection, on what we've been through and what it has taught us. It's so beautiful when the DM and DF come together. And how even in the midst of chaos, fear, and hatred, balance never gives up trying. And eventually it wins. What will come from it? Something beautiful. MANY new ideas, works of art, and mental and emotional clarity. Hope. Curiosity. A feeling that we've been given a new chance, because we have. We will have a lot to celebrate this holiday season. Lost loved ones to memorialize without fear, lost opportunities that have cleared the way for new possibilities. Like that beautiful moment right after the best sex of your life, this merry-making between the DM and DF has been a longtime coming. But with fine-tuning, and faith, the effects will linger, and give us all time to heal.


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