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This Week in Astrology! Astrological Forecast and predictions

Sun, Nov 15th –

Venus and Mars are no longer in direct opposition with each other, so we’re basically 'smoking our proverbial cigarettes' after a rough and passionate tumble in the sky.

There is a merry making in the sky that we haven’t seen for a long time. Jupiter and Pluto, Saturn square Venus, so we may be a bit too attached to a person or concept of love, but she’s still trine the North Node meaning we’re trying to understand how to improve. Mercury in Scorpio is still opposing Uranus in Taurus, which means our ingenuity and cleverness is high, but so may be our egos. Sun in Scorpio is trine Neptune and sextile Jupiter and Pluto – provides more acceptance over things that have gone wrong and opens a doorway for us to walk away from things our ego has clung to. Moon is trine Mars conjunct Chiron while Mars also trine the South Node, so we are feeling more comfortable with our failures, taking them as lessons rather than defeats. Mars direct now has its power back so it’s not feeling so stuck and helpless, it can now put the useful lessons from the past 3 months to use. Neptune is still square to the Nodes, meaning the imagination is challenging us – we could be confused as to which way is forward, the comfortable one, or the one that challenges us

Monday, Nov 16th

A bit more dissonance in the Sky with Neptune square Nodes and Venus, still trin South Node, square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto – this is a recalibration of sorts for Venus in Libra – forcing us to figure out how our attractions have helped us or harmed us and with Moon in Sagittarius now square Neptune, we could become very antsy because we feel restricted, like our options are too limited, like we need something new. We’re looking for something we don’t yet know how to find. Uranus is also square the moon, meaning, essentially, that the current social restrictions could be having a major effect on how frustrated we are and that we are feeling rebellious of the excepted norms. With Mars trine the moon in Sagittarius and the South Node, we’re finding the energy to support that rebellion. The moon is in direct opposition to the South Node, exacerbating this desire for what we want, not wanting to sit around and wait anymore. We’re in the mood for action.

Tuesday Nov 17th -

The moon joins Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn, where it is now trine Uranus, so something on this day could align with the public opinion, or we’re happy to be included in something enterprising. Moon is square Chiron so there could be some feelings of, “well, it’s about damn time” or “This can’t be it! After I’ve waited for this long, there has to be more”, but at least opportunities are opening. On a side but VERY important note: address opportunities with gratitude to welcome in more opportunities. Venus square J/P/S so, we could spend a bit too much money in order to compensate for our ongoing frustrations over what we want out of love and happiness. Chiron is square the moon in Capricorn, also making us more likely to spend money to heal our aching egos.

Wednesday Nov 18th

Venus is square the Moon, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn – and no longer trine the North Node, so there is major contention here in love, relationships, and an irritability that does not want to put up with the shit anymore. Mars is still trine the South Node, so we’re still putting our energy toward what is easy for us. So, we know that we want more from life, but we still don’t know how to go about getting it and we could be very disappointed by what we’re currently offered. We feel so much better about ourselves and are done settling for less! I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of feminies decide to dump a dead-beat around this time.

Thursday Nov 19th -

Mars squares the sun while Chiron trines the sun – “Why haven’t we gotten shit done!” Impatience with ourselves and frustration to not having achieved what we want. Moon in Aquarius is now square Uranus – feeling like we’ve let the public down, or that public opinion has weighed too heavily on us. Feeling restricted by our own urges to conform to popular opinion. Kind of a “fuck public opinion” kind of moment. Don’t be surprised if public opinion does a quick change here or it something comes out of the blue that we hadn’t realized we felt before, ESPECIALLY with Neptune trine mercury, still in Scorpio – this could be the unveiling of some hidden desires or hidden discoveries that will surprise us, challenging the very concepts of what keep us in balance. Moon in Aquarius is square North Node in Gemini, making it difficult for us to focus on what we need to do now, too pressured by the “big picture”. We know something big is coming but are confused as to how to get there. This is exacerbated by the Sun square Mars because we just want to get things done and have them finished already!

Friday Nov 20th

Mars is still square sun, but it is sextile to the moon in Aquarius, while the Sun is trine Chiron, with the ego preferring to lick its wounds in light of it’s not being able to get things done as planned. Mars sextile the moon could provide some clarity as to what is best for the people even if the ego is not willing to concede yet. Venus is still square Saturn, so we are sure of what we deserve, self-esteem is high, and North Node is now trine Moon, so we’re more comfortable with doing what is needed, especially when its for the greater good. Mercury trine Neptune – strange and unusual discussions may come up, really interesting ideas – we’re seeing the bigger picture now and have the ability to put very complex ideas into very simple, easy to understand terms. – This would be the day the President finally concedes, or we get the ability to finally communicate WHY, and WHAT is going on, and HOW we’re going to move forward.

Saturday Nov 21st

Provides a bit of a break in how we’re going to get things done. Clarity opens up, even if only a little bit, the first steps on our road forward, or very basic plans for our journey (rudimentary) can be laid, at least helping us solidify our general direction. There’s a LOT of back and forth in the sky, but there is ACTUAL CONVERSATION. We’re starting to be able to get things done and lay basic ground work, but Venus is in opposition to Uranus… BIG change could occur in your love life or to your relationship.


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