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This Week in Astrology - Astrological forecast for right now. This is what you can expect

With Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn squaring Mercury which is still in retrograde in Libra but trining the moon which is still conjuncture Uranus in Taurus we're being encouraged to conceptualize and believe in what we conceptualize. We're going to be challenged to figure out how to actually manifest or bring our concepts into reality but that's a challenge that we have to live up to! We have to live up to the challenge of figuring out or engineering how we can make these new ideas actually work. The universe is demanding we get to work on some seriously well laid blueprints!  The North and South nodes are being squared by Neptune which is still retrograding in Pisces so It's like we're being encouraged to conceptualize the connection between the larger picture and focusing on the here and now. Something even more interesting is that Mars in retrograde is trining the South node so it's almost like the universe is asking us fall back a little bit for right now, to stay in our comfort zones, don't push. It's not about pushing or manifesting in the beginning of the week it's about allowing ourselves to get out of our mental comfort zones while challenging us to figure out - OK how do we do this? In terms of writing or drawing or creating. This is blueprint phase. The important part about this phase is that we're designing new blueprints, rejecting the old ones.

The Sun is still in direct opposition to Uranus which is conjunct the moon in Taurus so there is this ironic challenge between what our ego will allow us to do and what our emotion is pulling us toward. We can almost intuitively understand that we need change but our ego is is trying to bring up all these reasons why change can't happen right now and maybe in some ways it's right because we need firm blue prints to show that it can. In the beginning of this week Venus is still in direct opposition to Chiron. Mars is still in retrograde and Mercury is still in retrograde. Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 3rd and Venus is finally freed of Chiron on the 5th so we will see a little bit of lightening in how confident we are about the ideas we were able to come up with. The way that we love and the way that we allow ourselves to receive love will be stronger. It's actually really nice in the beginning of the week that Mars is still in retrograde and trining that South node because if we leapt too far in the beginning of the week we might fail so badly we become discouraged. That's not what we want to do to ourselves right now. We want to make ourselves as comfortable as possible so we can look at the bigger picture and start designing those blue prints to make those changes. It's not something new we're afraid of, it's failure. Our Ego might push us because when we realize we need change we want to dive in. But that's not the way change works. We've gotta do it slowly or we could break something. 

This square between Neptune in retrograde and the North and the South node is actually a perfect representation for All Souls Day. The veil is pulled back so two completely different worlds, polar opposites, are forced to look at each other and remember that, though they are on opposite sides, they're still part of the same moon! How we understand different perspectives, and how we communicate with each other is imperative. The South and North nodes are supposed to be conducting energy so we reach a higher state of ourselves not polarizing things and tearing us apart. The South is where we begin, the North is the direction we are headed, and so the South should be supporting the North and the North should be honoring the South, almost praising it for what it's taught us and all the ground work that it's laid for us.

On the 2nd something very interesting happens. The moon moves from Taurus where it's exalted into Gemini. When the moon is in Gemini it wants its freedom, it wants emotional flexibility. It doesn't want to be tied down or tethered. This moon trines Venus when Venus and Chiron are still in opposition so essentially it's actually offering us a little bit of a reprieve. Maybe we're a little bit more intrigued by conversation with people or by what we can learn from them but we don't get so hardcore emotionally invested in them. The moon will remain in Gemini for the next 2 .5 days and by that point Venus will be out of opposition with Chiron in a much more solid place because she is direct in Libra.  On the 2nd the Sun also trines Neptune in retrograde so after these wonderful expos between Neptune squaring both the North node and the South node it's now in a beautiful position toward the Sun where the Sun will start to incorporate and understand it's teachings. It's almost like the Sun is shining the light on the conference that Neptune facilitated between the North and the South nodes. This should prove for a very very interesting election day in the USA on November 3rd when Mercury is direct and consciousness seems has come direct as well.

The 3rd is also an extremely interesting day with the moon in Gemini conjunct the North Node coming into direct opposition to the South node in Sagittarius. We're going to start to get emotionally disrupted. We're going to start to feel uncomfortable with the fact that we've stayed in our comfort zone so long and this is a beautiful set-up for when Mars comes out of retrograde on the 13th of November. We are starting to get emotionally uncomfortable with our comfort zone.  Mercury is trining the North node and now is direct which means it's far more in alignment with possibilities and being in the present moment and thinking intellectually and being concerned with individual freedom. Meanwhile the Sun and Uranus are still in direct opposition to each other so what our ego is willing to accept is still in conflict with what we know is best. Still, the new is looking a LOT better than the old.

In the beginning of the week your greatest contribution to the future will be to finish up or continue to work on the things that you've already started. Going back and making sure that they are the absolute best they can be especially when held up against new revelations, new understandings, new ideas, or concepts that have just come into your head.

November 4th sees Mercury direct in Libra trying to intellectually understand the opposite side of things. Squared by Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn while simultaneously trining the North node our intellectual challenge is more than intellectual, it's moral. It creates a sense of understanding, the compassion to look in front of us and see the humanity and the individuality in everybody that we encounter. There may also be information being shared or distributed pinpointing specifics about individuals, so that could have an interesting impact on the USA elections.

November 6th shows us the liberation of Venus from opposition to Chiron but she immediately goes into opposition with Mars which is still in retrograde. Mercury is still being squared by Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto and the moon is in direct opposition to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto so we are going to be a learning things that displease us and really could potentially make us feel like absolute shit about ourselves for a second.

Neptune is trining both the sun and moon however, meaning that out ambition and our intuition are in idealistic alignment.

So, conceptually we're doing much better, but realistically things are still an upsetting mess.

Nov 7th, with the Sun trining Neptune, the moon squaring the South node, and Uranus and Mercury squared by Jupiter and Pluto,  we could be facing the reality of our own ambitions and suffering the emotional consequences of our role in the current disappointing state of things. We could also be getting communications or major revelations about leadership.

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