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This week in Astrology. Blue Moon in Taurus for Halloween! What happens in October stays in October

Well, it's another whopper. As we experience the tail end of October, the cosmos will challenge our sense of self and our morality. We'll likely all have compromised sense of romance and love, so avoid hook-ups or beginning new relationships until after November 5th. We'll be hard pressed to find the energy to do anything except believe it should all already be ours, and because of this we could get VERY preachy and high on our intellectual pride. With Mercury (still in retrograde) sliding into Libra on the same day Venus does (October 27th - 28th) prepare for our both our libidos and our mouths to get loose. This could create tension in relationships, especially with feelings of disconnect, feeling as though people who are supposed to love us just don't get us. It's not the case, but it is the vibe and we should all count to ten and breath before we fly off the handle. The very passionate and sensual Blue Moon on Samhain, or Halloween, is going to test our self control to the max, coxing us into intimate times with accommodating strangers. But life is about living, isn't it? And part of living is most certainly making mistakes. Get ready for a least a few coming to a life near you this week. Have a ton of fun this week. Don't take yourself or others too seriously. And shine-up your forgiveness abilities. You're gonna need them for yourself and everyone else right up through the first week of November when things start to settle done a bit right before mid-November and a pretty peaceful holiday season. Much love to you all!

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