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Three steps forward Two steps back Weekly Astrology Forecast for Feb. 26 - March 4, 2023

This weekly astrology forecast for February 26 - March 4th requires patience. Where you think you're getting ahead, there will be something to hold you back. The mighty conjunction between Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron will make for a powerful lesson in why it's important to not give up. You will want to. There are many reason for fear this week, not the least being Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. Mercury will head into Pisces on Thursday March 2, a very uncomfortable position for it. This will slow down our brains and make us think and communicate through empathy and intuition, if you can. It will take so much faith to believe in what you can't prove, to find a way forward even though there are a thousands logical reasons to back down. Don't condemn yourself if you suffer a moment of cowardice. You'll be back. It's a challenge to say the least. But once you go through the challenge, it's beyond perfect. This week will strengthen you for the abundance to come.


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