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We’re almost there! Astrology for June 5 - 11, 2022

Sunday finds us in a difficult grand cross (or grand square) between the fixed signs where we are begged to ask ourselves, is what we’ve always done really working. Because we know that it isn’t. So expect contention if you’re out and about. Being by yourself is recommended ESPECIALLY for Taurus and the other fixed signs. Tuesday there is a grand trine forming between the Earth signs meanings there will be ease as work, career opportunities, a happy harmony or ease of getting along with people who you work with. This could be a good day for a new business opportunity or a raise (if you asks for it). Pluto and Saturn (Dharma and Karma) are still aspected to the NN and Mercury (Saturn is square to them, Pluto is trine to them) meaning there is some serious change of mind set, priorities, and decisions that will be harshly contested with the established norm, but Pluto is going to make the statement anyway. Pluto always wins. It’s just that simple. With Neptune sextile to both as well, expect a surprise breakthrough that clashes with the expected. This is also the day with the grand air trine so expect that it will be a conceptual breakthrough or discovery of new intellectual or academic study. This is also when Neptune squares the sun for the next week or so. Watch your stamina here as well as your vulnerability to deception (especially Leo’s or strong Leo placements). Take care of your health and dig into a new routine that helps you heal yourself. Fortunately Saturn is also trine the sun so our sense of self discipline is strong. This is a great time for tightening up your self care routine. Both aspects to the sun will make for a slowing down of sorts, a don’t rush this, take your time, do this for the long haul kind of energy and any get rich quick schemes or treatments of any kind are most definitely malicious. Don’t fall for them. Take your time with everything you do, and don’t put pressure on yourself in comparison to others. This is a marathon, not a sprint kind of energy.


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