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Week Ahead Astrology Forecast for Sagittarius Season

Dec. 6th Weekly Transits` WITH ALL THE PLANETS (EXCEPT THE MOON) CLUTTERED ON ONE SIDE OF THE CHART, WE CAN BE A BIT CLUSTER FUCKED THIS WEEK. In other words, we’re really passionate and obsessed about something, which could lead to frustration and emotional imbalance.

Sunday, December 6, 2020 –

Moon is tethering all else, with its placement now in Virgo, trying to make sense out of our emotions can create a great deal of frustration. With the moon’s opposition now to Neptune which is in a happy little conjunction with Chiron, Mars and trine to Uranus (the only planet now still in retrograde) we may think that we can control more than we really can. With mercury in Scorpio trine to Neptune in Pisces, it’s better to learn about our interests and the subjects of our dreams then it is to take action right now. If we do take action, with Mars trine the Sun and the SN, make sure it is in a way that you feel comfortable and familiar with, and not in some extraordinary demonstration.

Monday Dec. 7th –

Moon in Virgo is now in opposition to Neptune in Pisces – meaning our emotions need so much more security than our dreams are demanding from us. Frustration is for certain right now, so if you’re feeling uncomfortable in your own skin it’s because all you aspire to be seems too impractical and far away. Because of the moon you feel insecure right now along the lines of, “I want to feel some sort of excitement in my life right now,” which could put you in danger of over obsessing over an attraction that at other times would not have impressed you that much. Venus is, after all, in opposition to Chiron so, our standards in romance matters are compromised right now.

Tuesday Dec. 8th –

The moon moves into Libra, where we will need things to be balanced and peaceful in order to feel safe and secure. We will crave diplomacy. Considering the moon is also trine to Jupiter and Saturn, we could be seeing some compromising going on the world stage where there have been impasses. Venus is trine to Neptune so we’re really open and dreamy where love is concerned. We may also be open to learning more about love or a love interest. The moon is in opposition to Chiron however so, watch out for OVER compromising in the name of peace. You don’t want to compromise away your opportunities or settle just to make things seem peaceful. You want to be sure you’ve come to a conclusion that actually works. With the sun square to Neptune and clashing with Uranus, who we find ourselves around may feel like we’re settling compared to what our dreams made us hope for.

Wednesday Dec. 9th –

With Mars in Aries opposite the moon in Libra, but Mars trine to the Sun, North Node, and Mercury all in Sagittarius as well as sextile the South Node, well – get ready to do something impulsive, even if it means making someone else uncomfortable. This would be the day you push the boundaries because you’re tired of living within them. Compromise doesn’t really feel-good today. You want what you want and believe in your right to it. You may learn some valuable information that enables you to take action or move forward soon. And with the helpful fuel coming to the moon from Neptune, you are primed to take a chance or maybe even get a “big break” in a goal you have been pursuing. Keep your ears and eyes open for opportunities and take them!

Thursday – Dec. 10th

When the moon moves into Scorpio on the 10th, a LOT of challenges come up, because it seems like everything that just opened up has suddenly shut down, especially our motivation. With the sun on top of the South Node and conjunct Mercury, we could speak with confidence or think we know more than we actually do. Laziness is something we really have to fight against. The one caveat is if we think something is interesting or fun. Look at it as play, not work. That will help with motivating you. We could also fall back into some old habits that make you feel comfortable (overeating, etc.). Expect to feel a drop in energy levels or to have someone call you out on “laziness” or “Not working hard enough”; It may be true.

Friday Dec. 11th –

With the sun opposite to the North Node and sitting on top of the South Node we’re all caught up in the big picture and have no patience for the details. We want to be around groups, not one-on-one. Don’t expect to be very motivated to get out of your comfort zone and with Mercury opposite to the North Node, expect that your thinking will justify it. Moon in Scorpio is hiding something and with its trine to Neptune, we’d rather be lost in our dreams then fighting against the grain. It feels like we’ve all just shut down… in a universal show of hands ‘we surrender’.

Saturday Dec. 12th –

Oppositional is the name of the game right now. Read a good book, laze around your house, or expect that if you’re allowed to be out and about nothing will really please you the way you want it to. The best way to deal with this week, though the most challenging, would be to focus on yourself. If you try to focus on personal relationships, they will drive you crazy and you may try to escape by being overly social or loosing yourself in philosophical conversations that, while brilliant, are really just a really clever way of wasting time.


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