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Weekly Astrology Forecast April 11 -17th: Week on Fire!

Weekly Astrology Forecast for April 11 - 17th

This week will be challenging to say the least. Self destructive behavior is likely. This is when we realize that not EVERYTHING about our old ways of doing things was bad. We will see “old” new ideas emerging or being revisited after we have clearly seen how it wasn’t something on the outside, but the way our internal trauma was twisting things that was causing the trouble. This isn’t about regression. This week is about realizing that not everything needs to or should be thrown away. We’ll be really In tune with what goes and what should stay as well as what stuff we need to dig up and start using again. Fight the impulse to choose something just because it is different or new. That’s not the benchmark for quality!


We’re reserved and incredibly militant about what we do with our energy now because we have LOTS of it. This is 4/11! And with Mercury in Aries along with the Sun, Moon, and Venus there’s so much push toward making something of ourselves and taking care of ourselves. But Saturn is restricting Venus and the Sun meaning we’ll be held to high standards. We’re very choosy now, accepting only the best from ourselves and others. With Pluto trine the North Node we are determined to not be rushed into something new if it hasn’t met the highest bar. It’s a good time to ask questions. Information may be slow in coming though, someone may be holding something back, love may be halted amongst misunderstandings or miscommunications that are not actually miscommunications, you’re just not hearing what you want to hear and that disappoints you. But the truth is there if you’ll accept it. The conversations might be difficult but HAVE THEM.

It’s a great time to start learning a new discipline or to start learning discipline in general. Don’t spend too much money now because you won’t be satisfied. It’s a great time to see where the unhealthy choices are in your mental, psychological, and spiritual health and lay the foundation for changing them

MANTRA: I am courageous. I set the boundaries that protect my health and lead me to my best self.


Get ready for your mind to be changed. And it could push you down a path you did not anticipate. But information is making things so clear now and you’ll have the wisdom to change course without much despair. Here we are with Saturn in perfect square to Uranus, the battle of the old and new, with view points of the old re-emerging for further examination. We are certainly passionate, yes, but are those passions correct? It’s better to realize our mistakes now then to continue making them. The way forward is a surprisingly more traditional route, but with improved ideals and an open heart that has updated and improved the structure. This new model of work from home for example is far closer to what we did before the industrial revolution. We work from dawn til dusk from our own homes with our children near by. It’s a modern version of an old way that is closer to our nature but far reaching at the same time. Now if we could only rediscover our telepathic senses...

MANTRA: My heart knows the way. It has always been so. Only now do I recall it’s language so its message is clear to me.


Oh boy. Let’s pray. Because this is a doozy of a day. I mean, ouch. Passion ignites frustration to push us out of conformity and complacency. Pluto doesn’t just push HE DEMANDS. There is no getting around this now. We must live up to the very best of ourselves and where we have not we will be pained and twisted and so horribly disappointed that we cry ourselves into a whole new discipline. What a beautiful day. Pluto is making sure we live up to our sun sign. Live up to our full potential. Relationships will intensify, maybe become manipulative. If we’ve made the same old choices just in a new package, we’ll recognize it now. Money matters that we’ve let get out of hand come for us now. Get ready for that tax bill. It’s a time that will test just how far we’ve come and show us CLEARLY just how far we have to go

MANTRA: I was put here for a reason and that reason is simple, but it is not easy. Hold my hand Angels and by your grace, guide me


Venus enters Taurus. It is home. It is also full of its self - lush, radiant, sensual. Our Lusts are tangible now. We want what we want so badly we can taste it. And we want more!

With the South node trine Chiron and sextile Saturn we are digging Deep, and we’re really hard on ourselves. Because we’ve had it! We’re digging up the whys that are holding us back, no holds barred. Because it’s not about simply understanding now. There is no way we are going to allow ourselves to stay where we are. Saturn sextile South Node Trine Chiron. It is so clear to us now what has held us back from fulfilling our full potential. We get it finally. It’s like a blessing, this realization. This configuration forms an hour glass. TIME IS UP.

Sun sextile Mars we have the tremendous energy to push beyond our native abilities into the true abilities of our souls. We are strong and insistent.

MANTRA: IT IS TIME. THIS time, I will! I Am! I can! There is only forward, only forward!


The Moon moves into Gemini, with the North Node and Mars, putting the moon smack between the nodes. This is a cathartic time, especially with Mars squaring Neptune for us to release old ideas we have of ourselves, seeing the insecurities we have and acknowledging that it’s time to do away with them. With the moon in Gemini, it is emotional freedom we’re after and in this case it’s freedom from our own doubts and fears. This moment in time is not for the faint of heart as it will challenge us to be brave and consider doing things that we haven’t before, but not out of desperation or peer pressure. This isn’t about succumbing to insecurities, it’s about defeating them. Ask yourself: Is this really what I want or just what I believe I deserve? This is a great time to realize our relationship with control as it will come up because of Pluto’s contribution. Some of us could become HYPER controlling and that will bring suffering and isolation. Of course this could also be used as a way to finally take control of aspects of our lives that we’ve neglected. We won’t have a choice now.

MANTRA: Angels open my heart AND mind so I may find the balance between both channels of wisdom. Guide me to make decisions through LOVE not fear


The moon moves into a square with Neptune, Mars is still square Neptune so expect defensiveness, irritability, and aggression. This will come from the inside as well as the outside. It’s not the best day to to enter into important conversations. Also, think twice before you speak as we can be prone to jump to conclusions that are fear based and not real. This is an excellent day for meditation and grounding as we need Earth energy to neutralize the volatile air energy now. If uncomfortable news comes in it will be today, and that could easily send us cascading back to our old ways of thinking in a “you see, I never should have tried that other way” kind of way. Well, it was that “other way” that actually lead you here, so... This is a GREAT time for soul searching but only with the guidance of God and prayer. Faith is essential always but now more than ever to keep you connected to your purpose. BEWARE OF BEING OVERLY AMBITIOUS RIGHT NOW!

MANTRA: (Find a place to physically connect to EARTH. A place to be barefoot and touch the ground. It will help ALOT right now) I AM LOVED. I HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE. Angels are surrounding me, guiding, and protecting me with their love and light.


It’s a really good day to stay in bed with the covers over your head. So many energies are encouraging us toward self destructive decisions. We may try so hard to be different from our “old selves” that we hurt ourselves. Remember, not everything old is bad. Those aspects of ourselves that ground us are there for good reason. It’s as if peer pressure is happening from the in universe itself! Be very careful you aren't making decisions just because someone else wants you to! The moon is in Cancer now so emotionally we could become VERY Co dependent! Here is how to deal with this energy.

COMEDY! Call in the wisdom of the sacred clown, the Heyoka empath. This is a path of heightened self awareness and connectivity to others. The only thing that could save you is the ability to LAUGH and make others laugh at themselves! Use humor as your way through this situation.

MANTRA: I am silly and it is sensational. Through humor comes clarity. I relieve myself of taking myself so seriously in order to love myself better.


Hi Michelle Wow got you personally on my phone via app. I’m looking for this weeks astrology can’t find it here, is it somewhere else first.

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