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Weekly Astrology Forecast August 1st - 7th The Ego Test

Weekly Astrology Forecast August 1st - 7th The Ego Test

This is the week of the ego test. Do you control your ego, or does your ego control you? You’ll feel attacked by things you thought you’d left in the past. You may even feel like the crowds have gone crazy and that everyone is against you. Remember, the haters pay more attention to you than the ones who love you. This is the attention you don’t want; it’s to bate you. Stay focused on the good, the lovely things in your life. If you don’t let your ego run wild, you’ll be able to see very easily that the good is still there. It’s in the little things, but it’s still there. Stay connected to faith and don’t be drawn into arguments. This is a universal test. Are you a grownup or just a kid in their mother’s heels? Remember, you don’t have to defend or announce what you are. Living it will speak for itself. That’s all you need! Have faith in your integrity. It will be difficult this week but that’s the point of this week. Use the increased vitality and stamina in the projects and work you’ve composed and don’t let the vitriol pull you away from it. Because that’s what it wants to do. So DON'T LET IT! Use your oppositional energy to defy the temptation to get distracted and caught up in the mud slinging. For those of you that are quiet and withdrawn, or in those areas of your life where you usually run and hide, the energy this week will force you out of your comfort zone making way for some big break through. This will all be divinely guided. For the rest of us, or in the areas where we are most proud and confident, we’ll, get ready to be played by Saturn, because he’s gonna bate you. Let the trials begin.

Sunday August 1st

Rabbit Rabbit!! Good luck in this new month

We start the week with the Sun trine the South Node and Sextile the North Node, Saturn sextile the South Node and trine the North Node, and Venus square both nodes! With a Grande fire trine between the Sun in Leo, Chiron in Aries, and the south node in Sagittarius! Holy cosmic check-in Batman! Today (and the next two plus weeks) are gonna be like a test. A big-daddy Saturn test. Are you REALLY ready to level up? It’s like the father coming in to slam his son’s (in this case, the actual sun) reputation just to see what he’s really made of! Is he really a man, or will he crumble like a child? Like the book of Job, are you only good when things are good, or can you shine even when there are clouds? Because the true light of the sun comes from within us. Our “sun” our sense of self, is powered within; we are our own shine. Can you remember the kiss of the sunshine through the fog? Can you still believe in love after heart-break? This is the test of Saturn now, to see, are you grown or just saying you are? Remember that the outer planets create the tests, but the inner planets deliver them, and it’s Venus that is square the nodes in Virgo today! Expect to be tested where finance (especially large purchases likes houses, cars, boats, businesses, etc) and love are concerned. Can you love them even when they get boring? "I thought money was all good, and now this bill, this loss of client, this obligation comes up". These are the tests. Tests of faith. Are you connected to God? Really? And God lives within you. So, do you still believe in yourself when you are getting attacked? Will you change for others or stand in your certainty, allowing old connections to go because you know new ones will arrive. Are you strong enough? Mercury is still working well with the sun, so you should have excellent clarity where your truth is concerned. Act upon this. It is your greatest ally at this time. The blessing here is that if you hadn’t leveled up, you wouldn’t even be getting tested. Saturn doesn’t waste his time on just anyone. When your nose is in the dirt right now is your time to shine! Will you stay true to love, faith, and hope? Or cower? The biggest assaults right now will be on your pride, popularity, and ease of living. This is how Saturn will try to get at ya, using those weapons through money and your relationships. Be aware, but don’t be wary. And don’t be pushed. Mars is in Virgo now, where he does get caught up on details. The details will come for you right now. It’s the details that demonstrate level of expertise! But use this as YOUR weapon. Let Saturn reveal the blue print he’s working off of, so you can build something better. Be observant now and faithful. And you’ll win.

MANTRA: I am unconditional love and light. I shine. I am my own light.

Monday August 2nd

Confrontation today between those things you choose for your own happiness and those people that are pissed you did. This is when what comes back to you are all the feelings, people, etc., that your decision to go after your own happiness hurt or suffered for. This could play out as just tension or opposition from haters or a physical confrontation. Be aware. Mars in Virgo will justify its actions through intellect. It has a tendency to find an excuse for why it’s okay to do things that it tells others they shouldn’t. Hypocritical behavior will come back at you today. Watch your words. It’s better to listen today and work through compassion. Rather than insist on you're right about things, honor other people’s pain as their own experience. The trick to this energy is how we do things. Do we choose integrity or selfishness? These themes will come up today. Make sure you don’t make promises you can’t keep, because you will have many choices, and energy (think seven of cups), but your discernment will not be acute and your standards are compromised. Watch out for saying 'yes' when you haven’t thought things through, Especially when it comes to impressing the crowd. That will be the tool of Saturn now, the will of the crowd. Fitting in could compromise your standards. Don’t let it. Believe me, you have more time than it feels like. Essentially you’re being bated by the Cosmos. Remember, you know what feels right. Does this? Love and romance may be especially compromised, thinking you have to compromise your standards based on what you have in front of you. Feeling stifled will be the key challenge now. The keyword today is oppositional. You could rally against the crowd with such heat you burn yourself. And with Mercury still in service to the sun, you’ll be professing your manifesto to the very people you know hate you. Get ready to look for a fight, especially concerning dogma. This is the day when the battle against cancel culture could get violent. Don’t let it hurt you or your potential. Today is definitely a day to avoid interviews or any kind of official communications, because the opposition will burst out of you. You won’t be able to help it. Can you stay inside, take a self-care day? Something that will help to relax you? In the news, there will be confrontations between people who are tired of being nit-picked and the people who love to tell others what to do. Basically, don’t get distracted today by your short-temper and lay down that soapbox you’ve been carrying around. Stay focus on your heart space, not your celebrity!

MANTRA: I honor your beliefs as you honor mine. I accept what is yours, and hold the boundaries to what is mine. I am focus. My path is clear when I see it with my heart. I will NOT be bated by my ego.

Tuesday August 3rd

Oh lord if it doesn’t feel like it’s all unravelling. Now Mars is square the nodes and it feel like everything we do is under scrutiny, especially if it doesn’t go along with the popular opinion. But the truth is, we could avoid a lot of this confrontation if we don’t look for it. What we learn from this energy is that we don’t always have to shout back. Because faith is the answer here. If they’re acting like idiots then their own idiocy will catch up to them. Please remember, you don’t have to be the martyr! You don’t have to be the sacrificial lamb. You do have to hold true to your beliefs, but only if you’re invited to. Don’t go looking for arguments or reasons to speak up. That will be an act of ego, and it will most likely get you mobbed. In fact, the mobs may come for you today (metaphorically); this is the day when it seems like everyone is after you. This is the test. Do you react, or see through the test? Because when this energy passes is when you do, so resist the temptation to get caught up in the tide by trying to swim against it. This is the time when any small steps you tried to skip will catch up with you and trip you up! So, be sure to not make the same mistakes in the future. Make sure to not give credit or love where it isn’t due, just because it is what is available to you. Stay grounded in the long game, not the moment.

MANTRA: I have better things to do then get distracted by you. I am focus and purpose. Through calm I achieve victory. (Grounding and mediating is highly recommended today)

Wednesday August 4th

Well the moon heads into Cancer, a moody position to say the least, and sextile Mars we may not be able to contain our moods. But a wonderful magic happens with a Cancer moon, the energy of the divine clown. Cancer moon knows how moody it is, and it’s in that moodiness it finds compassion, how to empathize with the emotions of others. Perhaps even a way to express the emotions of others, saying things that relieve not only your own stress, but the stress of others. Use comedy in this energy. It is the divine clown's greatest of gifts. It’s all about saying what needs to be said in a way that others will hear themselves in. This could happen during the Cancer moon, especially with its trine to Jupiter in Aquarius. On this day, using humor as your tool, speak from your heart and you will speak for others as well. Uranus is squaring Mercury combust the Sun, so if you speak from what you know you’ll come off as pushy and over confident. Acknowledge the feelings of others by breaking the ice with your emotional vulnerability, you can even make fun of yourself a bit, as long as you don’t allow yourself to be the target of everyone’s tomato’s. Remember, the divine clown allows the divine to flow through them, it doesn’t become the punching bag for everyone’s angst. It controls the energy of the room through truth, courage, and a preternatural connection to the human psyche. Trust. That’s what you’ll need today. If you can, sit where the water meets a shore, by the edge of a lake, river, stream, or best of all, the ocean. Grounding yourself in a salt bath is a good practice today that will offer you clarity, taking away swelling, or too many memories you’ve held on to. This energy reminds us to be humble. Remember where you’ve been helped by the steadfast and sure aspects of life even though they can feel boring or even limiting. Appreciate the support. Where the sea meets the land has always been the most abundant of places to live. It’s this divine balance that secures us.

MANTRA: I am gratitude. I am silly and goofy and beautiful in my imperfections. My imperfections connect me to others through theirs. My courage encourages them.

Thursday August 5th

Be careful of doing too much for others today or going too far with social causes. The moon’s aspects to Jupiter and Neptune will deceive our sensibilities, making us inclined to do too much and go too far for our social causes or ideals, putting too much of ourselves on the line. Being that the moon is in Cancer, we may be too willing to play the stooge for someone else’s mistakes. Be wary do this. The divine clown remains in control of his stage, he’s a conduit for spirit, not a buffoon! Don’t throw yourself on the fire today. There are better, stronger ways to deal with things. Today what might be brought back from the past are those moments in our lives when we took unjust hits for some one or some thing else. We have to face this. And let it be revealed. Pride is the enemy today. But so is subjugation. How have we allowed our sensibilities to create a fantasy of what is right, instead of seeing the truth of the situation? These situations could all be coming up again. Resurfacing situations are all Karmic, that’s what Saturn sextile the South Node does. How have we skipped over some necessary responsibilities? Will we cave, and do the easy thing, imagining our way into delusional intelligence, pretending that our fears actually make sense? It’s time to grow up, and balance or sense and sensibility. We need them both, balanced and working together. We can be confronted today about how our pleasing others has hindered our personal development. It’s an interesting string of lessens, with Jupiter back in Aquarius (in retrograde). We’re asked to take another look, at how doing what others WANT is not always aligned with their greater good. The mob mentality is NOT what Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius want. What is really in alignment with TRUTH and JUSTICE? Be honest this time around. Be true to your beliefs, even if they aren’t popular.

MANTRA: Power in popularity is a lie. I am truth. I am courage. I am the difference.

Friday August 6th

Over all you could feel an over whelming need to “go home” over the next couple of days. Today reaches an emotionally explosive peak with the moon opposite Pluto trine Neptune. Everything we want can feel so far away ( Because the Sun is still square Uranus) and where we may not be able to articulate what we feel, we will feel it intensely. It is this intense “but I knew” or “I just felt it” emotional grip can get us into some major trouble if we decide that acting violently or in any extreme way is the only way to go. And with the moon still in Cancer, this means feeling defensive. Remember, Cancer becomes volatile when it feels unsafe, or that something it loves is unsafe. And that feeling of “unsafe” mixed with the entitlement to make everything safe (the mother energy) could convince many that they have a right to act out their rage and desperation just to “protect” someone or something. All in all this is an emotionally volatile day set to create (or catalyze) a massive change in our lives. I don’t think I have to tell you to always stay away from violent behavior, even if you find an intelligent sounding reason for it it is always a bad idea. But this is an energy that could push us to do, say, or try something we never would have before and in doing this, make or break our current relationships. If we’ve become too dependent on our partners for our lives to feel right, this is an explosive day. The change or tension has been building for a while now, with both Venus and Mars having squares the nodes recently, making how we relate to others, and how we connect to others, a key factor in why we are shifting and how that shift is occurring. The impulse to over react is strong, and for those who know they have OCD, ADD, or ADHD, this is an especially trying day where it will feel near impossible to control your impulses and obsessions. The Sun is just so done with all the restrictions and judgements of Saturn and demands change (Uranus). This energy could work for you if it helps you face family trauma or family Karma, making you realize how making a change is how you heal the past and clear out the way for the future.

MANTRA: (Breathing, meditation, and grounding are required today, chant OMMM, Ommmm to remove the ego and connect unconditionally to the everything around you. Sit in silence with your breath for as long and as many times during the say as you need to)

Saturday August 7th

The New moon in Leo is tomorrow, which resets our path in life, our way. A new us could be on the horizon. Is it a better version of you, or have you fallen prey to your weaker self and reset back to your starting point. Maybe some of us need to start over. We will definitely want to. The desire for a reset will be strong now because more then ever we are realizing how we don’t fit or don’t agree or aren’t like every body else, and we don’t want to be! But just like everyone, we do want to belong! So this conflict of “why can’t I just be moved and accepted for myself, for who I am” is what we’re working out and what we’ve been working out all week. Let it come out. Let it flow. We could use our ability to communicate to speak what we feel. Remember words cast spells so when you say things, focus on what you want to be true rather then what is hurting you. Example: “I deserve to be loved for who I am” rather than “why don’t you love me” or “nobody will ever understand me”. We may FEEL these things, but when we SPEAK, we have to take control of that emotion and direct its energy to serve the need, to fill the need, rather than increase it. We may be dealing a lot with the notion that something is deserved before i my has been earned. As if we’re people are so done waiting or working that they want to fight now for what is still a ways away. Be careful in the next few days to be tempted by get-rich-quick schemes and instant success stories. Think of Pinocchio and the fox that lured him off track. You have a dream. And that dream is beautiful. It will come when the time is right, not when you say the time is right. All this emotion can be so exhausting, it we are our own worst enemies now. We will see the impulsivity in others, but when it comes to ourselves we’ll somehow feel justified. Don’t. We’re prone to act as stupid as everyone else. Patience is the key to maintaining your true North now. And that is the only tool that will get you through this energy this week. Weld it and you will win. Drop it and you’ll be reset and have to start over. This is how we’re being tested now. Don’t be bated into rushing your process. Trust the path, not the potion !

MANTRA: I am patience. I am calm. I follow my true North even when everything tempts me other wise. I am value. I am wisdom.

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