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Weekly Astrology Forecast: CRASH! Love Lust and Lies

Weekly Astrology Forecast May 30 - June 6

This is a week for PROCESSING. With the Sun conjunct the North Node our purpose is aligned with our challenges. We wish to understand them instead of avoid them. Mercury in retrograde will assist us through retrospective objectivity. A lot is happening to excite us emotionally, almost intentionally, so we can see how we react to something. Having to face our addictive behaviors or unhealthy decisions is a must this week as Pluto is pressuring Mars and the North Node make frustrating situations and pop-off emotions a regular occurrence. This is so we can see the worst of ourselves in order to work on the best of ourselves. If there was ever a time when the universe was pushing us to get a reaction, now is that time. Expect people to be reactionary and moody. It’s not a great week for taking action or making decisions. Our energy is best spent in contemplation. Once Venus enters Cancer with Mars expect to get EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL especially when it comes to 4th situations. Controlling your emotions during this time will be very difficult and could cause a great deal of drama in your life. Expect huge volatility toward the end of the week with explosive energy around relationships. Jealousy and anger could be huge problems now and could even lead to physical violence if you don't control your emotions. Best to stay inside and think about what your impulses are telling you to do. Force yourself to be rational now. It will be EXTREMELY difficult, but it's so necessary. You are NOT backed into a corner, you just feel that way. You have MANY options, so don't let your fear lie to you!

Sunday May 30th

Major clarity is coming through in relation to how our actions HAVE TO CHANGE! The truth about the quality of our decisions as well as the reasons why we made them will happen today. Playing out in situations where we compromise ourselves just so that we can see or realize how stupid we were about to be. We’ve decided to change things in our lives and our society, but is what we’re changing really having the correct effect? And is what we’ve decided to change really the thing that needs changing? It may sound confusing but look, we need to have these conversations with others and ourselves. It seems we’ve gotten in over our heads about something and it’s best to take this time to slow everything down and take a second look. We WANT progress, but we also want to feel sure about the footsteps we’re taking. Faith is key here, and we’ll also be trying to understand our spiritual beliefs. It’s like the universe is setting up a training course based on what we need to learn. It’s advanced training for our future. Expect a lot of confusion about what we want and what we believe right now. It may be very hard for you to make decisions because as soon as you decide something your head floods with reasons why things won’t work out. That’s because you need more time to think them over, pray in it, and allow yourself to be lead to the right decision. The moon is in Aquarius so we may be extra vulnerable to needing attention and connection to a group or a crowd to feel good about ourselves. We may compromise our integrity for affection through attention. Be cautious of pleasing the crowd and aware of why you want to do it

MANTRA: Angels guide my choices. Show the correct way to go. You know. I will follow.

Monday May 31

It’s a day when conversations are fluid and so is flirtation. There is an under current of desperation because we may still feel like we aren’t in control of where life is rolling. But the flow is not for us to control. If we’re not comfortable with something, get out and look around before you jump in again. We have a right to feel like we’re going in the right direction it’s just very easy to get caught up with the crowd. Pluto is intensifying Venus’s pull on us so desires are running high. Jupiter is intensifying Mars as well, only more in that it is illuminating our direction and providing encouragement. Mars is still in Cancer after all so quick actions are not the thing. But we’re curious and ready to try something out. Mercury is in retrograde, so be careful with commitments right now. We may fall in love with a new car or house, but it’s not the right time to sign contracts. This is a very good time to learn WHAT WE WANT and even start making inquiries about it. Dating is recommended but getting engaged is NOT. It’s about feeling out your new options and seeing, honestly, if you’re compatible on a spiritual level. Deep conversations about serious topics will show if your first impression was correct or not. Saturn is square to Uranus which is a dominate aspect in the sky this entire year - It bears reminding now as we struggle with what should go and what should stay. How much really needs remodeling? Be careful to not throw any babies out with their bath water just to make things easier for ourselves. But Chiron is a major player now, still happily aligned with Saturn NOT Uranus. Meaning our experiences and NOT our aspirations are what will help us make clear decisions now.

MANTRA: I am centered. I am strong. I am powerful. I trust my instincts. I trust in the lessons I’ve learned

Tuesday June 1


Remember to say “Rabbit Rabbit” FIRST THING IN THE MORNING for luck and prosperity throughout the month. It’s a wonderfully optimistic little practice. Also, say three things you’re grateful for and hop into the abundance stream for the day. Mind set is everything right now. What you choose to believe is powerful, so make sure it is aligned with the cosmic truth. The moon is in Pisces where it is sleepy and dreamy, peaceful and creative. It can be a bit lazy and reclusive as well, but sometimes we need the rest. Give yourself an emotional vacation into your imagination now. Chill out with favorite videos or close friends. It isn't a good time to push into anything new but it is a good time to allow your imagination to run wild onto a canvas, page, or whichever digital program you use. The moon is square to the sun and north node now, meaning what we’re emotionally comfortable with doesn’t support our life goals or purpose. Think about that. Pluto and Neptune are sextile so a deep understanding of our spiritual nature and needs is underway. That may make us personally uncomfortable. The way this translates is we know what we feel but we aren’t sure what to do about it. We don’t feel comfortable with changing social groups but fear we might have to based on our what our new beliefs. We may also feel like we HAVE TO take action, even though we really don’t want to. We’re frustrating ourselves and potentially others. This is a very good day to spend having a heart to heart with your brain. We’re just not feeling the energy to create the momentum needed for change. But this isn’t the time for that. It’s the time for comprehensive think-tanking! Let your imagination flow into concepts based on the reality you’ve experienced. Downtime is a rough time, but it’s when our faith is most important. This is a great time to enjoy the scenery. You won’t always get this chance.

MANTRA: Angels help me have patience and to keep faith when things are moving slowly.

Wednesday June 2

Venus slides into Cancer. Get ready for a shit show. We may enjoy it though. Making sloppy mistakes can be fun. Jupiter in Pisces hyper spiritual sensitivity and Venus-Cancer’s need for comfort and protection mean we’ll need to connect with people on a morally and spiritually compatible plane to feel comfortable with them or with any opportunity that arises. Mercury retrograde may reveal somethings that make us uncomfortable and defensive as it conflicts with our fantasies or our ability to escape reality. It’s not as dreamy or ideal as we needed it to be to justify our love for it (or them). We may have thought we had more time to get things done, and then realize our due date was yesterday. One thing is clear, we didn’t really think things through as thoroughly as we needed to and now we may have to go over everything again. It’s a time when we start to question why we believed someone or followed them blindly. And we'll have to face any shame or embarrassment we feel for doing so. But at least we get to do that in the peace of our own homes. Though for people in the public eye, that may not be the case.

MANTRA: My beauty is highlighted by my shadows NOT hidden by them. I am one whole, not pieces. Angels help me love my entirety.

Thursday June 3

With Venus and Mars both in Cancer being passive aggressive about who you love and expecting them to read your mind may cause a global fallout. It’s more important than ever now to use your words, though it will be intensely difficult. The moon is in Aries now so expect to jump to conclusions that aren’t true. Mercury in retrograde is a great gift now, because instead of getting mixed in the craziness, it’s time to step back and observe. The universe wants to understand our reactions and could bring illumination around how our brain is malfunctioning. Throwing ourselves into our vices will be SUPER tempting today as frustration around not seeing much progress grows. Once again, we want to get there but can't figure out HOW TO GET THERE! These restrictions are attempting to show us just how necessary discipline is in achieving your goals and how far off track distractions can take us. What have we been doing that sabotages our progress and happiness? These are the truths being illuminated by this frustration today. This will be a super important lesson right now.

MANTRA: I am patience. Angels steady my mind and hand. I lean on your example today. Guide me back to loving myself through your unconditional love for me.

Friday June 4

The Moon and Chiron meet in an emotional battle where we’ll end up punching ourselves. Beating ourselves up might be too easy today, forcing us back into our comfort zones. It may only be through miss-direction that we are set straight right now. It’s a challenge to steady ourselves now and be patient with our progress. Our egos are pushing us, but that’s how we mess up. Today, ask yourself ‘What’s the rush?’ and challenge yourself to answer. The reason we’re having a difficult time finding our way forward and figuring out our path to success is that we’re not supposed to be figuring that out now. We don’t have the tools. If this were a video game this is where we’d have to earn our tools and resources before our quest. And if we don’t do the due diligence of wining the resources, we won’t pass our quest. So, focus on preparing and training not hitting the road right now.

MANTRA: Angels help me with patience. I am focus and I am listening. I learn in order to improve. I pause in order to understand.

Saturday June 5

The moon is in Aries and Mars is in Cancer, not a great position for either of them. Lack of emotional comfort and a constant 'nagging feeling' is how we’re going to feel now until the moon moves out of Aries tomorrow. This combination combined with the Pluto and North Node aspect is meant to make you pause and really think about what matters to you. You’re being asked to question what you REALLY care about now and that may mean facing some really difficult truths about yourself. Expect to be disappointed because who you are discovering you are is not the person of your dreams. In fact, you may remind yourself of someone that you hate. The reason? Increased empathy. Understanding the “bad guy” in your story by making you walk in their shoes. With Pluto square the moon in Aries we could have confrontations with people that can’t handle their emotions and will lash out because of something they feel they’ve lost. While the moon is in Aries be careful of irrational and reactionary behavior meant to reveal our extremes and what depths we are capable of. It won’t be pretty, but it’s the only way to show you your shadow side so you can understand how to control it. Be very aware of your impact on others right now as they could behave irrationally and with volatility. It’s best right now to NOT let yourself out of the house if your are feeling overwhelming fits of anger.

MANTRA: Angels are surrounding me protecting me with their love and light (repeat three times) Angels are surrounding me morning, noon, and night. (Now breath slowly, until you feel yourself relax and let go). I will forgive. I am free. I have MANY OPTIONS available for me!


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