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Weekly Astrology Forecast - Feb. 12 -20th, 2023

It's not going to be the easiest week - personally, intimately, physically. This has got to do with YOU, not with others. It's a lot of change happening to you. Why? Chiron and Saturn are both interacting with some MAJOR planets - Chiron is conjunct Jupiter and Saturn is conjunct the Sun. All of this brings us to a right-of-passage in our life when we have to grow. Or more specifically Grow-up. What you will be confronted by this week is CHANGE. Yes, physical. Because by this point all the spiritual stuff has seeped through and become physical so that you have to confront it. Confront it in that back pain, in the bum ankle, in how you feel when you look into the mirror and don't see the figure you recognize. For some of you who put the work in you'll be pleasantly surprised by improvements and healing. For those of you (like me) who have slacked off well,... you're about to get schooled. It's not punishment, it's Karma. That's what Saturn and Chiron do. The bring all your decisions back to you (Chiron in the form of suffering) to make you learn. Like a drill sergeant these energies won't get off your back until the lesson becomes a part of the new you. Sometimes that means to create a self-care schedule, to learn to slow down once in a while and NOT push so hard. Sometimes that means going for walks everyday, and making your bed every morning to keep yourself motivate. Sometimes that means smiling when you look into the mirror because you are proud of what you've created - physically, mentally, and socially. Either way, all of us will be taking stock this week as we confront the physical manifestations of our choices and a glimpse of what future we have to look forward based on our choices in the past. Can we change things? YES! we have to recognize that what you do today IS YOUR FUTURE! So, what future do you want to be living? Your answer will dictate the decisions you make right now. Much love! Michelle

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