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Weekly Astrology Forecast for April 18 - 24th, 2021

This week is EMOTIONAL to say the least. It starts out with the moon in Cancer and much like Pandora it is providing a doorway through which chaos flows. This chaos is the unknown information or feelings we’ve kept to ourselves or that others have kept from us. This will surface, forcing us into particularity emotional situations. Family relationships can play a HUGE role here. If someone has been hiding their feelings from you or vice versa, this is when the truth comes out.

JUST SAY NO to old flames coming back from the past. You left them behind for a reason! They’re coming back up now to make sure you stay strong and remember your worth.


The subtleties today cannot be understated. Nostalgia is the perfect word to describe this day. The situations that play out today were more likely to happen in the past. It’s like spending the day the way you would have spent it 20 years ago. The full circle moment of it all is profound, lovely, and heart breaking just the way the moon in Cancer would want it. The South Node sits in the 4th house now, a very melancholy place where we could get the chance to change something we thought we’d never be able to. It’s almost like Freaky Friday but it’s Spiritual Sunday. With the sun square Pluto we’re want to cut through the shit and do what is right. Our focus is 200% on what is important now, what is truly important. This may change a great deal of things for the better since our egos are challenged to transcend themselves.

MANTRA: Angels lead the way to the best of myself. I am courage, I am clarity, I know what is dear.


The Sun and Mercury both move into Taurus, so a lot of what is surfacing now has to do with traditions. The traditional will rein now and the farther we’ve come from it the more difficult it will be emotionally.

Our emotions and intellect do not sync up now especially when we learn some deep truth or dig deeper than expected and unearth it. We can have a difficult time balancing our heart and mind. This could lead people to over sharing, which could lead to conflicts occurring. Don’t be surprised if a family matter comes to a head today. With Uranus favorable to the South Node we may want to change things back to what they were. Emotions surface, most likely from the past, causing conflict and pain. This is going to be a VERY difficult day. Grounding is recommended

MANTRA: GROUNDING IS ESSENTIAL TODAY. Walk barefoot on the Earth. It will save you! We all need the stability right now. You might also want to chant ‘OM’ to encourage harmony

Angels are surrounding me protecting me with their love and light (three times) I am surrounded by Angles morning, noon, and night.


The moon moves into Leo. This is especially needy energy. Because of how tender our ego is we may start to see things in a twisted way. Beware of negative thoughts today. They may sound something like this: “they didn’t call because they don’t care; Where is that phone call?” You will tell yourself things like “all

Is lost” because you didn’t hear from them or be more inclined to be selfish, calling someone five times in a row even though they’re at work.

Expect to be especially hard on yourself today and especially defensive. There is a lot of conflict in the sky and though it is not explosive it is undeniable now, and might lead us to implosion. Depression or breakups happen during this energy. What you need more then ever now is GROUNDING. We need to feel stability more than anything. Call people to let them know you love them today! It’s very important.

MANTRA: Meditation GROUNDING! Surround yourself with those things that are tried and true. Go back to your breath and ‘Ommmm’

Say three things you’re grateful for, and keep going!

I call upon the Earth my mother and constant. You are always there. I am always loved and provided for.


The wonderful thing about today is that this emotional break down has lead us to people who can help us to heal. We attract teachers or lessons that help pull us out of our stupor and into a higher awareness. We know what we need to learn now. The student is ready. With the Sun opposing Jupiter we won’t have any fear asking for help and if part of the issue has been shyness or social awkwardness, this is when we over come that. If we’ve managed to hold it together this whole time THIS is when we’ll break, but right in front of the people who need to see it. It could be a break through moment for those of us that have held too much back.

MANTRA: I am here. I am ready to be seen. Angels send my teachers to me.


This is a time for EMENSE Faith! We know something big is coming but we may not be clear on what exactly it is. Faith. What is will find its way to us! It has been growing. The moon moves into Virgo meaning we’ll rely on organizing things or things running in an orderly fashion to make us feel safe. And we’ll notice when something is out of order. Venus and Uranus are on top of each other at 10 degrees Taurus. Be VERY careful today because this conjunction could open up NEW SITUATIONS in love and money BUT how valuable they are depends on how much you value yourself. The moon in Virgo will ask all the right questions but it can also make us so worried about the future that we give what’s offered now too much attention. YOU ARE A PRIZE BABY! Don’t forget it!

MANTRA: I am a temple of the almighty. I see myself as God sees me, PERFECT in all my complexities.


Mars enters Cancer: Here, it gets things done through subtlety. Maybe you won’t blow your head off at someone, you’ll just block them and delete their number. This is NOT a confrontational time, it’s a defensive one. The South Node and Saturn are setting us up now so Pluto can see who stays or goes. This is the illumination/elimination round. Who really has what it takes to win? Play this softly. Answer questions based on your comfort level. No big confrontations, just move away from things that make you uncomfortable. Pluto is intentionally putting obstacles in our way to see if we will cave. The secret to success now is defense. Wait for this shit storm to pass and don’t make any BOLD moves right now. Pay very close attention to all situations and look everything over twice.

MANTRA: I am here and here is good. This is where I begin.


Moon moves into Libra which will help us level out our heads but know this, the South Node and Saturn are playing on VENUS, MERCURY, AND URANUS. This is NOT a good time to make decisions but it is a GREAT TIME to make considerations. Pluto goes retrograde in three days and we’re already feeling its effects. This is the clean up period. He will wipe up all the messes left behind by his shit storm this week. It’s best to keep ourselves tidy, making sure we walk in Faith, following the lessons we’ve learned instead of the temptations put in front of us. Who do you want to be? Your new self or old self? Remember that the middle ground is best now. Be open to change and your BEAUTIFUL vulnerabilities! This will be key through October when the sun is in Libra. But it starts inside of us now with the moon. Be ready to be emotionally vulnerable and to allow things to transform. Be strong enough to be vulnerable. Expect things to feel strange, weird, different. This is the transformation, most of which is coming through Venus, Uranus, and Mercury, new news and different opportunities from different people in love and money.

MANTRA: I am beautiful. I am open. I go where you send me God, lead the way.

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