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Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 14 - 20, 2022 PROOF OF MAGIC AND MONSTERS

We've been called insane, irresponsible, desperate, juvenile. The spiritual community has been begrudgingly tolerated for ages now, only marginally better than being burned at the stake. All for what? Deciding to stay connected to our Cosmos, our Earth? For daring to declare that humans are CONNECTED to the universe, not separate from it? These messages have been our burden to carry, along with the lies and accusations thrown at us by "Mainstream" religions and eventually science (which unfortunately has become its own religion. But this week, things change. Pluto is harmonizing with BOTH Mars and Mercury, infusing its relentless intensity to force us to dig deeper and see beyond the obvious. This is the week when mythology becomes history and "stories" are suddenly more than what we've assumed. I love this power of this week, in consideration of Uranus. It's been hard at work fighting desperately to transform the most stubborn of all energies, Taurus. If there is news this week it will be ground breaking. Pluto doesn't do anything half-assed.

As for your personal experiences this week, expect that your ability to focus and your courage to dig deeper, look farther for answers, and even to not accept no for an answer will over whelm any previous fears or insecurities. You could get out of a serious rut this week. We're all so curious now that the best way to improve your position it to intrigue someone's curiosity. Expect that a lot of spiritual conversations will come up and they may end up lasting for hours. And an increased sensuality can bring real heat to any romantic situations you find yourself in.

Feel free to leave comments below. I'd love to hear how this energy is impacting you.

Much love,



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