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Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 15 - 21 - RISE UP!

A lot of this week is about maturity. Those times in your life when you realize what has to change AND THAT YOU WANT TO CHANGE THEM. A great week for settling down or into routines that help the long game, it’s also the time when we get real with how we’ve grown overindulgent and greedy in life. It’s back to school/work time for many people in the world and it’s time to get real and get back to business. Where can we appreciate other people more, and maybe we are starting to appreciate people for different reasons, seeing how they add to our long term success instead of the cheap thrills they provide. How have our preferences inhibited our growth? The ones that need to go and the ones that need to stay are clear to us now. It’s still summer, and the sun is still out, but have we taken time lately to appreciate how lucky we are just for those things to be true? It’s the week you remember the winter to appreciate the summer even more. Simple pleasures grab our focus. Good verses nice, quality verses quantity, trendy verses classic. These are the themes we’re dealing with this week.

Sunday August 15th

Watch out for enticements today, not because we don’t want change in our life but because the old things are formulating a defensive using every temptation possible to keep you where you are. It’s the vices that will be you enemy during this energy. There is a beautiful check-in between Mars/Mercury and the nodes, making us acutely aware of how our actions and thinking have harmed our efforts toward better lives. This is where the vices kick in, making our baser selves look so much easier and appealing. It’s a lovely day for indulgence but you’ll wake up hating yourself the next morning. We are becoming painfully aware of how we’ve sabotaged our own progress. The temptations do tell us what we need to know though! They’ll surface now for us to FEEL and UNDERSTAND. They will be tempting but our heart won’t be into them. Because with the sun in Leo, we’re particularly aware just how much we really need to be headed in certain directions, and these directions, though they conflict with convenience, are most important to us now. We finally realize how bad our taste has been or how low our standards have been, all the while thinking we were choosing the best, we were really just choosing the most fun or the prettiest, easiest or most popular. Not the same thing as GOOD. And now, we have the insight to change our choices.

MANTRA: I change myself by changing my choices. Nice is different than good. I see, I know, I understand

Monday August 16th

Especially in love today we see where changes need to be made. Our hearts are ready to do so. We’re aligned with better options, and the prospect of long term improvements. We are aligning our finances to the long term and the future, and could be making some decisions we’ve put on the back burner until now. It’s a “responsibility day” where we begrudgingly make decisions that we know are good for us even though we’re not excited by it. The moon in Sagittarius (also where the south node is) isn’t going to be happy about these decisions, wishing for something more exciting and new! So yeah, it’s gonna feel like a drag, but the better choice will be clear. This is our mindset right now, the energy of “responsible”, “practical”, “quality over quantity”. Our emotions will just have to settle down. It’s interesting that this energy is occurring in the last week of Leo when so many students are going back to school, and so many people are headed back to work after their extended summer vacations. Lol. Yup, it’s that vibe, that feeling, where even though we know how lucky we are to have a job and part of us really does want to get to work to move things forward and bring in the money, secretly, between emails, we’re planning our December vacations.

MANTRA: I am focused . I am blessed. I am capable of great things and succeed at what I set my mind to

Tuesday August 17th

The routine of life gets a bit easier today, because with efficiency comes comfort. Here is where we discover the secret of all Virgos, work smart, not hard and you’ll always be on vacation. Stress levels come down as we readjust to our current assignments or upcoming obligations. Hey, this is part of life. And really, Halloween is right around the corner. It’s a great day to allow yourself to not fear routine, as long as you'er doing what is required for what ultimately makes you happy. We will make especially responsible decisions in love today, and in finances. The deals we sign will be long term and reliable, sound and responsible. For romance this isn’t very sexy, but for money it’s exceptionally sexy because it means long term reliability. Even in romance though, get ready to be more attracted to the long game than the butterflies. Today we’re realizing WHY we have to change the decisions we make and the actions we take, and HOW to do that. The grand air trine between Venus (in Libra), North Node (in Gemini), and Saturn (in Aquarius), is making it easy for us to desire this more logical approach to life. It’s a good day for business and financial networking and your standards will be very high for romantic encounters. Jupiter opposite the Sun makes for an intense energy toward what REALLY counts. Once again, quality or quantity. Where have we checked out? What have we taken for granted? Those areas where you’ve been too materialistic or greedy (basically where you’ve been shallow and soulless) will be particularly clear today, as well as the inspired energy to change! Today is the day you realign with what’s really important, family, love, clarity of purpose, and become aware of what or who you have to make things up to.

MANTRA: Home is where my heart is. Love is my focus. God is my truth. I have all I meed and align my desires with my needs.

Wednesday August 18th

This whole week has been moving us to this moment. Grand air and Earth trines will make it almost TOO easy to settle into the maintenance and nurturing of things. Strategy over impulse, cultivation over accumulation. This day affirms our appreciation for what already IS and how important caring for it is. Our interests change, finding fascination with the ability to keep something running well, the pride in the preservation of something rather than having to try something new or craving for excitement! Mars and Mercury sit on top of each other now, combining their energies into the most efficient energy possible. This is a day to get things done. Take care of that old car, fix the roofing on the house, catch up on the paperwork you’ve ignored. You’ll have the focus and wear-with-all to get it done today. The classic becomes the glamorous. Not just things, but the caring for those things. Some how we’re not as impressed with the next-best-thing because we realize how happy we are with our current thing. This is an exceptional piece of self discovery that will need to come before a windfall so you know how to appreciate your fortune instead of waste it. This is the perfect day because our needs and desires most easily align today. It will be especially simple to align what we desire with what we already have, easing us into the vibration of abundance which inevitably attracts more abundance. We’ve learned the hard way, maybe through loss or failure, just how to make do and value what we have. Resourceful is the name of the game. It will be difficult for anyone to put one over on you today, simply because you’re already happy with what you have.

MANTRA: I am value. I have value. My needs are met. My needs and desires are one.

Thursday August 19th

The lessons from past hardship will serve us well today. It will show us clearly what is important and what is not. The moon in Capricorn is providing a sobering sensibility. Capricorn moons are infamous for loving luxury, so that may be a bit of a challenge right now, but that’s pretty much it. Mercury and Mars are still trine Uranus, matching us with an interesting dose of change. Challenging us to ask what needs to change back? Have we let go of wisdom at the price of convenience? This mentality provides a sobering dose of grounding that makes today perfect for long term prospecting. Any knew relationships beginning under this energy will last. They will be based more on friendship than passion, but the quality of connection is solid. This is also a great day for a long term lease or mortgage to be signed. This is really a forward focused day, as the past has been packed into lessons to support the future.

MANTRA: Forward, always forward. My past has informed my present and I move through life confident in my abundance.

Friday August 20

This isn’t the best day to make important decisions. With Neptune opposite Mercury, our thinking is clouded. Uranus going into retrograde makes us inclined to rethink what we’ve changed, if those things have really worked out the way wanted them to. The moon/Saturn conjunction is a difficult one, and since they are in Aquarius we could be drained. How much have we changed ourselves to please others? We could also be giving too much to others. We’re drained of our optimism here, perhaps because of all the changes happening. We’re disappointed by our options, maybe nothing impresses us. This could be the time when we realize what relationships are good and which are bad in our lives. The ridiculousness of our beliefs or of our interpretation of a situation may surface. How have we been undermining our own health and happiness for the crowd? Acting impulsively today can feel like we’re getting things done, but the crowd will inevitably work against us. Our moon in Aquarius makes us crave social interaction, but we won’t find the people we’re looking forward. Today it is better to be around people you already know and love that won’t drain you. You could be asked now to give all of yourself over to someone else,

or you could finally realize that this is what you’ve based a relationship on. Yes they may need your help, but that doesn’t mean you should give it. Has someone sabotaged you by helping you too much? That becomes clear today and so does the need to work out a better way to interact with people. Please watch out! Don't throw yourself at lovers or potential lovers. It’s clear today how we have compromised ourselves romantically. They don’t need you all the time. In fact, today, they need you to say NO!

MANTRA: I am valued. I am seen. I am me. I feed myself then others so we all get fed.

Saturday August 21st

Lots of conflict in the sky today between 'them' and 'me'. Our moon wants to belong (It will be full soon, in Aquarius. So what social baggage do we have to release?) Being of service to others is great, but are we doing it to support a cause or because we're longing for acceptance? Looking for validation through service can be leading you to really a bad place where you have no energy for yourself. It comes down to this, do I do what is best for me or them? Also, there could be some socially embarrassing situations right now. Our past associations could have gotten in the way of our future, and today is a day to confront those old lies, rumors, or stereotypes to liberate yourself from making those mistakes again. When you meet new people, you may feel you have known them forever. It could be that you have. This will be the day that you get to revisit a love that may have gone wrong or may not have been, and this may be the day you get to try again. There is destiny in this day, either with love or money or both, so be prepared. It will become clear to you today how to fulfill those things that have eluded you until now. Expect deja vu. You have been here before - that was practice, and now you have the ability to do it right.

MANTRA: Lead me God. I am faith. I follow where I know I should go.


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