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Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 22 - 28 Emotional Outburst

Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 22 - 28

Welcome to Virgo Season. There’s a shift in the air and any things have become restrictive and serious. How do we deal with these added pressures? It hasn’t been easy and the process is complex. We can help to ease the pressure from home though. A minute of medication goes a long way. 5 minutes of exercise goes a long way. Both of these still

only add up to 6 minutes for yourself that you deserve. This week is above all a week of INTENSE EMOTION, and confrontations usually with regards to intimate or family affairs. But these emotions ultimately help us make better choices, breaking away from we’re we were and planting solid foot holds to the future. It will be an uncomfortable week, much like growing pains. The energies are designed to MAKE US WANT CHANGE, to be done with the past and motivated toward the future. With Neptune opposing Mercury and Mars all week, Venus opposite Chiron, and the Sun squaring the nodes, this is a necessary but upsetting check in point that forced us to look at the reality of our relationships and make the necessary changes. Plain and simple this week will test your last nerve especially with people whom you’ve had rough relationships with.

Sunday August 22nd

New Moon in Aquarius, Sun enters Virgo. Moon shifts quickly into Pisces. With the moon back with Neptune in Pisces a strong sense of spiritual clarity and compassion draws our attention away from the logic and intellect of Mars conjunct Mercury in Virgo. We’re still compelled to make things happen, figure things out, but we’re briefly distracted by dreams. This could be a lovely day for this clash of ideals to really solidify what is important to us. The conflict could help us put practically to work in service of our passions. I’m a weird way, things become clearly in the fog. The moon is also in opposition to the Sun so our Sense of purpose conflicts with our emotions today, perhaps it’s the sensitivity factor, or the repulsion for schedules and plans. But these will be important all month long. The major aspect today is the grand square between the nodes, the Sun, and the moon. Major twists in what we desire from life and how we go about getting them. With the trines between Mercury, Mars, and Uranus believe that major changes are afforded and you life could easily change today. You’ll have brilliant ideas or information that could shift your luck. Our pasta have illuminated some major points regarding our relationships to others, and we have access to them now, to use them for our greater good. We have a chance to change the ways in which we’ve harmed ourselves in the past. Finances and love issues begin to clear up after our lessons are learned.

MANTRA: My mind and Heart debate to balance their energies. My visions is clear and I am I afraid.

Monday August 23rd

We’re making sense today out of our sensibilities. The issues that alluded us become clear. The universe delivers beautiful gifts that have been with held from the past. Our relationships status shift to something that make sense. Communication and caring help is to decide a way forward that can work for the both of us. We needed our imaginations and a deeper connection with God to challenge what we’ve allowed to make sense to us. And the way things have been done and the stories we’ve been told are far from the truth. Can we allow the truth to be shown to us? The sun is still square to the nodes now. We are at a cross roads of our life path. A check-in point of how far we still have to go getting to our purpose in life. We might have flash backs to relationships (especially with men or our fathers) to illuminate those aspects that we finally realize, that finally make sense to us! There are huge revelations today, and even if they shock you, they’ll also liberate you.

MANTRA: Through patience and faith I move forward, clear of my path and courageous in the face of my truth

Tuesday August 24th

The moon is in Aries now, so sensitivities are high. We want things done NOW! We want to see results. And the defensiveness of an Aries moon could made things difficult for relationships, challenging our sense of self respect. This is a frustrating day where everything will feel like it’s against you. It’s only a day. The distortion of our sensitivities and tends you toward over reacting based on our insecurities is high. We could really have a difficult time with our significant others or with significant relationships. Pluto is sextile Neptune and trine Mars! Intensifying this distorted thinking. This day could bring about destruction through over reacting. Expect a dramatic Fay with significant impacts on your life. This could be a turning point, based on failures to learn or grow stronger from the past. Be careful for paying too hard today. It’s not a day for giant leaps or much progress at all. It a day when conflict teaches us all we still have to learn. It’s a great day to listen instead of yell, but it will be difficult. Mars is primed to make changes (Mars trine Uranus) not wanting the old ways anymore, sick of them and feeling confined! And Mercury works with Pluto to strategize a way toward self realization. Information could be delivered day that destroys your fantasies and forces you to face facts. This is a pivotal and tricky day.

MANTRA: ( Meditation is necessary today. Silence is necessary today. Use your breath to calm, center, and focus you) (No words, just breath and focus)

Wednesday August 25th

Let’s face it, it’s a bad week for relationships. Your partner will need a lot of support and patience from you this week especially if they are a woman. If they haven’t resolved past relationships issues, they will come up today and hopefully be recognized for what they are, IN THE PAST which no longer exists. We’re still very emotional today and our communication could be lax with people who are supposed to be the most important to us. It’s a great day to show people you care without them asking. Call them up instead of texting. Texting won’t be enough. Pray today. All of this hurt is coming up for a reason. To help you heal. But yes, it will be painful. This is great day to have your therapist on speed dial. If you have one. Could be a great day to get one. Whatever though decide to do, decide to use these moments as lessons. It’s doesn’t have to be explosive energy! Just intensely emotional energy. And that’s so cleansing, once it’s all done. Expect emotional storms today.

MANTRA: I am Peace. I am truth. I am valued, I am seen, I am unconditionally loved. I am loved. I am loved (repeat this until you KNOW IT)

Thursday August 26th

Expect to confront major issues with family pr those you consider family. The issues that come up now May be a blessing, as in the first time we go to therapy or actually confront something that has been impacting us deeply. With the moon trining the sun there is a harmony between what we feel and who we want to be so this could be the goal now. Do whatever it takes in order to be one with ourselves. Today there are interesting alignments between Venus and Uranus, Mercury and the moon and Mercury and Jupiter. We’re understanding now, starting to be able to see the wisdom in all this chaos. Liberated from the pain and confusion by understanding ourselves a bit better. Things are finally clicking. We’re reminded again of the Sun square the nodes. This day is when we realize how important to our journey this all is and that, even though we’re not entirely through it, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

MANTRA: I am hope. I am awareness. I am loved. Forward always forward.

Friday August 27th

The moon traveling into Taurus provides a beautiful respite to the rest of the week. Our emotions settle here, secure in the Earth vacation home, happy to be grounded by Taurus’ fixed, Earthy energy. This stabilizes us enough to see the emotions we have and the insights we’ve gained as resources. Taurus loves resources. The conflict between it and Mercury is simply this, it’s got reconfiguring to do and that means work! But we WANT TO CHANGE. These may be tedious tasks in front of us, but we welcome the change. We want something different now. This could impact your home life, your relationships, your finances, but we are looking for the unique solutions and seeing how shifting our choices and they way we do things isn’t a burden, it’s a way to carry on in the direction we want to go. There may be sacrifices, but they’re better than staying where we were!

MANTRA: I am change. I welcome the future. I am here, at each step, to progress.

Saturday August 28th

A fair share of balance and figuring things out has come about now, where we’re working our way toward working everything out. Surprise help comes in from an authority figure, making your routine not such a hardship. Changes will be made today but not extreme ones, ones that feel guided by the wisdom you’ve obtained over the past few days. All those emotions made you open to trying new things, and today you’ll be happy you do. This may be the day we’re you can forgive the past because you finally understand it. For those singles out there, this is a great day to set up a date. Your choices will be sophisticated and you mind will be open so these won’t be wild changes, just curious adventures. It’s a better way of dealing with the confinement we feel. Rather than outbursts and arguments, pushing and kicking, there’s ideas, creating beautiful new possibilities, a turn inward towards creativity.

MANTRA: I am creative. My dreams show me what can be and through my hearts guidance, my mind show me how to make it be. I am balance

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