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Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 29th - October 4th Everything's changing

Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 29th - October 4th

The Big transit this week is Mercury heading into Libra. With Venus and Mercury BOTH in Libra now, relationships become front and center. With a lot of baggage. The ability to see both sides now, and to speak diplomaticly, taking all aspects into consideration is the vibe. The downside is decision making. It’s difficult in this energy to come to any conclusions! You can and will of course, but expect major deliberation first. Of course this could also mean justice, especially in the affairs of finance and love! Things aren't just shifting to be fair, they're shifting to start a new life chapter. The Sun is square the nodes and has been, with its energy conducting the sky toward what we will be, saying goodbye to what we were. Mercury goes retrograde in about a month from now so let’s get all our sensible decisions made ahead of time! The Comos is really rearranging our friendships and other relationships. We’re finding ourselves around new and exciting people that can accept our quirks and who we can be ourselves around. Expect to be surprised by people you thought you knew. For better or worse this week will show the truth of people’s characters and whether or not we are really capable of keeping them in our lives. The shifts, while possibly heart breaking, are liberating. With the sun square the nodes we’re becoming who we are meant to be, shifting into a new part of our lives. We’ll start to see those things we’ve only dreamed up emerge into the 3D, causing great discomfort as sides of us we’ve kept hidden are suddenly on display. But this will give rise to opportunities are worth more to us than anything we’ve lost.

Sunday August 29th

On a day when the energy is exceptional for discovering new directions or investing in research for a goal, laying ground for a long term project or designing a great work of art, the cosmos is challenging us with Neptune opposite Mars and Venus opposite Chiron. We will feel inadequate and weird, strange and out of sorts, and nothing will be right with us. Today, confront all the feelings of inadequacy that made you hide your love or your gifts for fear that others would laugh, put them down, or not appreciate them. It’s a perfect day to let go of the need to be validated and instead begin a project of your desire because YOU BELIEVE IN IT AND YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Anything begun today will have energy enough to carry it through. Change is upon us, most especially what we believe of ourselves and the standards we set. Set higher standards based on all that you’ve worked for and all that you’ve achieved to date. Remember all those accomplishments today when designing your future. It’s not about expectations, it’s about truth. Tell the truth. With your eyes, your smile, your actions. Forget about what others understand or don’t understand. YOU have to understand that you have a right to like someone, love something, and believe it into being. The sun is square the nodes and we feel a need to review our lives, our purpose and our energy. Where do we need to make adjustments in order to move forward? With the moon square the sun we’ll be challenged by our hearts interests. CREATE! Go ahead and allow all that energy to flow into a project that allows your heart to gush, while you work out the details of how to move through whatever is challenging you. Romantic relationships could be a bit messy for the next two weeks because of the Neptune/Mars opposition. At least in the way people express themselves. Right now, stay away from big expressions of love and stick to the simple smiles and glances across the room.

MANTRA: I am worthy. My purpose is my passion and I trust the impulses to create from my heart

Monday August 30th

Mercury is in LIBRA!! Get ready for long deliberation and careful consideration because Mercury lives to be FAIR here in Libra. It’s always looking for the solution that works best for everybody. Which is often impossible and always irritating. So sit back and enjoy the show. The energy to change happens easily now, or at least the desire to change happens easily now. With that difficult Neptune/Mars opposition people may find your actions too strange or unsettling. So be yourself out-loud. Allow the shine to draw people to you at there own pace.

This is necessary now: Faith. Faith that yes, they notice you so you don’t make an insincere and perhaps desperate display to get their attention which will inevitably LOOSE their attention. Patience. And behind the scenes, perfect those details. Answer the questions that haven’t been asked yet. Prepare like it’s already yours. Because it is, if you want it. The main oppositions are still between Mars and Neptune and Venus and Chiron, but remember that Neptune is in retrograde. That gives us insight into how our fantasies have gotten in the way of our actions before. Now is the perfect time to see if what you think you want is really worth it. Stay away from relaying on dreams now to help satisfy your craving for love. People will be raw and imperfect now. Meaning it’s the perfect time to fall in love. Why? Because this is their truth. Not their show, not their “good side”. It’s their awkward and ridiculous, their vulnerable and their crazy. How do you like them now? Today, you’ll really SEE someone, not their avatar.

MANTRA: I am truth. I am beauty. I am raw.

Tuesday August 31st

Well it’s a difficult day for change because we’re having trouble making up our minds. Do we, don’t we, should we, what will happen if? Is any of this helping at all? What do you FEEL? Your truth dear friends, where is that? Because we have a firm understanding of our purpose now and our value system will guide us in the direction that our brain just can’t. The confusion could even push us to decisions that aren’t sincere to us. Did you plan on sending out that resume? Then send it! But don’t deliver it with a singing monkey! Sometimes our mind can forget that the best recipes have Spirit’s input and sending something out with love and in faith is a beautiful statement on any day. If you spend too much time today going over your past it will drive you crazy. But just enough time will fuel the fire for change. The change is NOT outward though. It’s inward. Realizing you don’t have to be afraid of things anymore because, as Mercury in a Libra will show, we’re all confused and lost sometimes. Relationships are shifting and changing now due to our deepening understanding of ourselves. When we’re happy with our whole self, we want to be around others who are the sam. We don’t feel the need to “not be rejected” when we like ourselves. It’s a great time to do things better than we did before.

MANTRA: I like all of me. I am whole. I am complete. And I am here for all to see

Wednesday September 1st


The moon moves into Cancer, it’s home and comfort zone so moods can fly all over, just like walking around the house with your bathrobe wide open. We could get some beautiful appreciation for our awkwardness today, showing that sincerity is always the best. It’s a mess up in the sky today. It looks likes there’s been an explosion. But the good thing is that there are planets in every quadrant, making for a balanced understanding of who we are and how we fit with others. We’re ready to share ourselves, even imperfectly. We will see others differently now, especially where relationships are concerned because things are becoming more clear about them. It could be good or bad but it will be honest. If you fell in love with someone’s elegance, this is when you see them with no make up, messed up hair, and cracking stupid jokes. It’s definitely a make or break energy. But PLEASE remember - This is about the truth!!! You can’t only love the perfect because the perfect is an illusion and that is what crumbles today. Are you ready to be seen? Because you will be. And you will be judged. Better to be judged for who you are then accepted for what you pretend to be. And besides, the right people love you deeper without your makeup on. And they love your corny jokes. This is a nice day for international dealings as you could find ways to over come translation issues through the discovery of silly commonalities that will open the door to a deeper understanding of one another.

MANTRA: My courage comes from my heart and shows in my sincerity. I see you and allow you to see me.

Thursday September 2nd

Can you overcome your own self loathing? Those parts of you you wish others didn’t see. Someone will see them today. We can feel such a terrible sense of shame or desire to hide when our moodiness or emotions get ugly and the wrong person sees it. This could cause us to loose opportunities we wanted. The best way to avoid this is to understand and accept who you are, including the shadow aspects. That way you will feel them and take hold of them before they take hold of you. Really, today is about being caught in a not so flattering way. But it’s how you carry yourself though it that people will remember. It’s a beautiful day for love and beauty, one of those crazy days when everything goes wrong accept for your hair. Trying to make sense of it all won’t help you. This is a breakthrough moment for most people and could offer a surprising push forward. This day it will become clear to us how to move forward and in which direction. It’s not all seriousness and gloom. The energy is high today and playful. The grand air trine allows us to keep things light as we make progress toward our future by seeing things objectively. We want to heal our misconceptions and open our hearts where they deserve to be open. Clarity is the name of the game today. What is clear is that things that were once concept are taking form in reality and it makes us excited and scared all at once. The possibility was tantalizing, a beautiful escape to dream land, but the reality is terrifying because now it’s there, open on the table; and everyone can see it. Including someone very important to you. All you can do is lie there, bare. Accept that people have their eyes on you and your ideas; stand in your truth. This day feels like liberation.

MANTRA: God hold my hand. Walk with me, carry me. In your love, in transform

Friday September 3rd

The moon slides into Leo and we’ll need all the attention we can get. This should help us come into our own when it comes to the shifts happening around us. Walk into a room and be happy that everyone’s eyes are on you. We can come to terms with our past now, happy to entertain different ways to feel at home and loved. The moon opposite Pluto could bring about sadness and the feeling of loneliness. It’s a time to say good bye to relationships from your past which could bring someone from your past into your present for a brief moment. With all this change, an event in our life could cause a conflict between what we want for ourselves and what we have to give to others. We are ready to move forward but are the people around us? This will take some patience. One thing is for sure, the door to our past is closing. We have to move forward now. It’s time to say goodbye to our child hood days and ways; a departure from the self we were born and the arrival of the human we’ve created. This will be validated by the shift of people in our lives. The Sun in Virgos is trine Uranus, desiring this change and beginning new interactions that will take root over the nest six months. Friendship can lead to a beautiful new romance, over time.

MANTRA: I am change. I see the future by feeling the present shifts. I plant the seeds for the future based on the wisdoms I’ve gained from my past

Saturday September 4th

It’s time to get raw and real. Whether you want to hear it or not the truth of a situation comes through and all the associated emotions are coming up! This is the day everything in relationships change, not only in the relationship but in how you see yourself in a relationship. It’s hard to be rejected or find out someone doesn’t feel what you feel but it's necessary now to feel the intensity of those emotions and allow those feelings to cleanse you. This doesn’t actually mean rejection though. Just clarity in the situation. It’s raw truth meeting raw truth. Whatever that looks like. It’s kind of sexy actually. If there have been feelings building, today is the day they show. We don’t want the same as we’ve always had so to further us in our journey we take chances! The beauty is in the progress. The freedom from the same old decisions. Today, Venus is fed by both Neptune and Jupiter, filling the atmosphere with love, spiritual love, artistic expression. Connection to the divine. If there is attraction today, it’s divinely lead. Share your gifts with others today; let your talents shine through. Today is the day you’ll transfix the right person with how you do what you do.

MANTRA: I am love. With the gifts you’ve given me through your divine grace, I share and connect to spread the light and love


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