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Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 7 - 13, 2022

Saturn opposite the Sun, Pluto opposite Venus - two hard-asses insisting on supremacy from two of the happiest, most optimistic energies in the cosmos. Great. This week could be a big ol' bummer really, if we weren't so motivated to rebel (thank you Uranus conjunct the North Node). We can expect frustration, as well as feeling low. Our self-esteem will be seriously challenged because it feels like everything we do gets us nowhere and any chance of being something special has been dowsed by reality, restrictions, "sense". Only Venus is also trine to Jupiter, and Pluto only holds it's sway through the middle of the week. So what all this energy trying to teach us? That the challenging times in life bare no significant meaning on our value or purpose. Taking that "shitty" job just to pay the bills is sometimes the only thing that is keeping us in the game at all. So, we do what we have to do. Including play by the rules regardless of how frustrating waiting in line can be. Because the truth be told - we wouldn't be proud of ourselves if we screwed over others to get to the front faster. We're not being slowed down or restrained right now for discouragement, but for quality control. So that when we arrive at our goals we arrive whole, with our souls in tack. Cutting corners is for losers. The ones who want something they don't deserve because they haven't earned it. That's not Saturns way. And Pluto will show us just how far we've been willing to compromise out of fear and desperation. These are difficult lessons. But this week, they're subsiding into wisdom as we gain awareness into why all of this is happening to us.

We’re all back in school this week, learning to have more compassion, empathy, and patience for ourselves and others. We will feel challenged and even oppressed by laws, rules, requirements, bosses, expectations, all of it. It’s time to learn that this isn’t personal. It’s frustrating, yes, but it’s certainly not the end of things. This week, talking to others, banding together for support and to help each other, this will make us realize that we’re not alone. Isolation is the dream killer. So it’s time to get together and work our way out of this hand-in- hand. Much love to you all.

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