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Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 8 - 14: Truth be told

Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 8th - 14th

Though Leo season really began a week ago, THIS NEW MOON marks the beginning by FEELING. The confidence, energy, and spirit of Leo season is palpable now and for the first time since the summer began we may have the feeling of optimism, helping us to make some progress. Saturn's hold over the moon and Mercury is finished. The test is over. And since it’s true job was instructional and NOT judgmental we’ve all come out passing the test (as long as we’ve understood the lessons). What are those aspects of ourselves that we haven’t given enough attention to? We are now given opportunities to nourish them, as well as resources. If you suffered great losses, there will be returns making up for the losses. But the abundance you feel will be ten fold because your appreciation is back on point! For others, this is a week of leaps forward, where we’re released from restrictions that could have been on us since the beginning of our lives! The universe has changed its mind now, and dignified your progress. By the beginning of next week we’ll have four planets at home, so the pull toward the end of this week is toward where you belong. We’re all being called home, to the home of our hearts!

Sunday August 8th New Moon

This New Moon is BEGGING us to use the gifts we were given! With Mercury, the Sun and the moon all conjunct in Leo our creativity and intelligence is illuminating who we are. There is no better time to express yourself and break those chains of what you used to be to everyone else. The balance between “them” and “you” is YOUR AUTHENTICITY! If you are true to yourself you find the right place amongst the community. Love is all around now, and it’s a brilliant time to date and meet new people. Getting out into the world and exploring new places is the best way to do this now! Hike, travel, try new restaurants! How has your old way of working or socializing hindered your career, or your life in general? Expect to be passionate, compassionate, and articulate this weekend.

MANTRA: I am open to new perspectives. New ideas flow to me. Change is a steady flow

Monday August 9th

Be as creative as possible to impress the fates. We have the wheel equally weighted with the smaller inner planets packing the 9th house and the large outer planets scattered between the 5th and second. Interesting how that juxtaposition works. Who are we as individuals in the public space and how and what is expected or needed of us within the values of our world? Creativity is key now because the balance lies in entertainment! What brings you joy and how can you share that with others? The skies are passionate now, and trying new things, connecting with new people is going to be the key to building your business and yourself. Test your strength now and the faith you have in your talents by showing them to all. In the spirit of sharing, be open and supportive of others dreams and ambitions as well. It’s a great time to take interest in a group project, or to engage in something that requires creativity. Intelligence is on point now and making sense of your emotions will be easier than usual.

The moon has moved into Virgo so we’ll be naturally drawn to relationships that support our wellness. If projects arise that will take you to new places you will been keen on taking the opportunity, and rightfully wary of any inconsistencies when it comes to fairness and legitimacy.

MANTRA: I am well. I am passionate. I am illuminating light

Tuesday August 10th

Well the universe wants us to change, to move around and take chances on different things, or to JUST TAKE DIFFERENT CHANCES. The conduits for community and relationships we’ve used up until now aren’t working, and the frustration with this is meant to push you to try something new. Because it’s in the new that new things come. When we continue the same old patterns nothing changes. And things have to change. Don’t you feel it? That build up of frustration? Instead of quitting, the strong push of the moon trine Uranus and Mars favorable to Saturn says "HECK NO! I’m not going to give up." So expect to become particularly creative in how to keep things going. Roll a different way. If not by direction then by momentum. Actually just try to do things in a different way. Say yes to opportunities that your complacency would have had you say no to. Universe is pushing toward new things that you didn’t even realize existed. And it may feel uncomfortable and to some of you it may feel like bad luck. It isn’t. The luck is very good right now. Everything is aligning based on the aerial perspective. For the best of you. Even if it doesn’t seem that way now.

MANTRA: I welcome new opportunities into my life. I change because I am alive!

Wednesday August 11th

Mercury is in its EARTH home VIRGO! Pragmatism reigns. This will be a time of clarity in the long term. The moon moves into Libra where it is also inclined toward the long term commitment wise. This would be a wonderful day to commit to a contract, new job or what have you. Libra is certainly a romantic moon. You’ll be inclined to make responsible decisions for the next three days looking for commitment and potential instead of excitement and cheap thrills. Relationships could deepen emotionally now, and what happens during this moon stage (in Libra) will be set to last and be reliable. With Mercury opposite Jupiter big decisions are made in the energy. Remain positive and generous today, believe in people. With this moon, that will be easy. Moons in Libra make us diplomatic and compromising so we’ll be intuitively aligned, in the spirit of compassion and empathy. We’ll WANT to find the way that works for both of us. This is a great day to to sign that deal and to talk to someone you’ve been nervous to speak to. With Mercury in Virgo, you’ll know just what to say.

MANTRA: I am seen. I am heard. I am progress. I am success

Thursday August 12th

There's a lot you’ll be able to get done today that your past has prepared you for. Ever seen Slum Dog Millionaire? It’s like that. Today is the day when all your hardships make sense. You’ll see how they’ve prepared you for the opportunity at hand. And there will be opportunities! Our minds are flexible and astute, and our hearts and imaginations are wide open. Today is a very romantic day. The sky’s are configured for harmony now so chance meetings could change your life (and this time, it’s in a good way). It’s almost like our brains are clear enough for us to get out of our own way. We’re finally starting to see progress from hard work that may have been stalled over the past two months. Motion has returned! I would say that finances are on point now and money may come in or opportunities that lead to it. The floodgates of abundance were opened on the New Moon on Sunday and today is the day the bounty reaches your hands. We’re ready to change and not interested in anything that keeps us stuck. In fact, I’d say today is the day the drain gets unclogged. We needed this push and we should just enjoy it!

MANTRA: I am love, I am light. The universe is sending me wonderful, amazing, fulfilling things, I accept them! I welcome the abundance you send great spirit, with love, light, and truth connecting me to you.

Friday August 13th

Happy Friday the 13th. Get ready for some fun. Be ready for a leg up. Our certainty and clarity enable a daring decision or two that will prove to be beneficial. Get ready to be noticed today as the sun and Neptune team up to spotlight our ingenuity and creative spirit. Certainly the world is looking to change its focus and see things that were outside it’s comfort zone. We want progress now and the ways in which we’ve been holding ourselves back and the ideas that are antiquated, or the communications that have not gotten through are suddenly hitting their targets. There’s an intensity about our drive toward the future today, just like a ball that’s finally made it over the pinnacle of a mountain. It’s ready to roll and nothing can stop it. The momentum we have behind us now is all natural. We just have no more tolerance for thoughts that will get in the way of our long-term happiness. It’s a generous day for romance, so get out and be social with your love, or, if you're single, options will just come to you.

MANTRA: From hardship emerges possibility. I am deserving. I have opportunity. I am seen and acknowledged.

Saturday August 14th

The moon in Scorpio can resist change simply because of its need to be secretive even to itself. Buried feelings could interfere with progress today, but those that can be over come will set the pace for long-term improvement. The moon's secrets threaten a lot in the sky right now, pushing us back toward delusion instead of truth. Expect big changes during This moon/Uranus opposition, and since it’s happening in the world of fixed signs (Scorpio and Taurus) expect that this will effect our sensuality and how we express it. Expect that those issues we’ve been stubborn on, that took so much energy to surface, will REFUSE to be ignored. Those aspects of our sensuality that were covered up now surface, forcing us to figure out what we’re going to do with it. Ten to one there has already been adequate inspiration. Strange and unexpected opportunities surface today based on our base needs. Desire. We are slowly but surely allowing ourselves to be seen, as in part. We’re willing to do things that we otherwise would not do. Get ready for a bit of Hedonism with weekend. If we are holding into anything it’s a romance that may have become a bit delusional and needs to be straightened depending our resolve to resist change but being unable to do so. Like it or not your gonna love the surprises you get!

MANTRA: I am ready to be seen. Hold me sprint now and guide me to wear my base self as a wardrobe.

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