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Weekly Astrology Forecast for July 25th - 31st (Leo Season!) Making the Cut

Weekly Astrology Forecast for July 25th - 31st (Leo Season!)

Balance is interesting. The sun moves into Leo where it is MOST confident and powerful, but Saturn sits in opposition to it, pulling in its confidence, making us ponder what we’ve done with our lives, if we’ve done enough. And how far we have to go. So this could be a week of deep internal exploration, asking ourselves “what am I doing with my life? Is this what I really want to be doing with my life? Does this really feel good to me?” Much of it has to do with love. What we love, how we love, and what kinds of love we want. Venus is square to the nodes, and that means taking stock of how far we’ve come on our journey with relationships (especially romance in Leo season with the Sun opposite Saturn) and money. With money, it’s mostly about HOW we make money, and if it satisfies us. Venus is in Virgo now so it’s a good time to take stock of these things. How far have we come and how far do we have to go. Is the path we’re on the one that we really want? What do we really want? What makes our heart harmonize? And do our actions and current trajectory harmonize with our hearts. This is the rub (if there is a rub) that could inspire some impulsivity this week. It’s a good time to take a chance on something you’ve always wondered about (social or career oriented - hold off on the sky diving and bungee jumping). Remember, “no one can fill those of your needs that you won’t let show” - if want something, ask for it this week.

Sunday July 25th

Today, we could be pondering our decisions, why we did the things we did, understanding or feeling the impact of our own impulsivity or over reaction in the past, what it taught us and what we gained or lost. We could be confronted by it and have to own these experiences. The only way to own them is to understand and learn from them. This energy could impact some of us by making us realize we need to take some chances, if we want to change our lives. You’ve heard the expression, if change nothing then nothing changes, and if change is what you’re looking for, this is the day to take that change. It shouldn’t be a physically dangerous risk. Don’t do anything like that in the energy. Mars opposition to the moon can make you stupid that way, so watch it. And watch out for peer pressure, doing something impulsive to fit in because the moon is in Aquarius now. But, if you’ve always wanted to try singing in public, audition for something, present an idea you have to a committee, or socialize with a new group then go ahead an do that today. This energy is primed to push you to try new things based on what you’ve always desperately wanted, so go ahead and take that chance. To prove to yourself you’re good enough to be considered. You’re a good investment and so is your future. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way you grow and make progress. But please remember to make decisions based on all you’ve learned. It’s awesome to take risks. It’s dangerous to not consider before you leap.

MANTRA: I am seen, I am heard, I am appreciated. I am a good investment.

Monday July 26th

The moon moves into Pisces, where our emotions SWARM, and our psyche is heightened. Also, aspects of our health are revealed. This is a cosmic check-in day for how we feel about our life, a very emotional day to say the least, because the moon is square to the nodes and Venus (in Virgo) is too. Venus, the nodes, and the moon in Pisces are forming one huge square today, challenging our inner life, how we feel about ourselves, what we dream! Expect that dreams will reveal a great deal and if information comes in it will be through dreams or symbols. Listen to your gut and your psyche today. All in all, our fantasies come into question today, we may feel disappointed in the way our love lives have worked out or pick up in “bad vibes” from people. It’s only for today. This too shall pass. And it will help us to CRY… let it all out, so we can get “real” with ourselves. Remember that Neptune is still in Pisces as well and it’s in retrograde. That means revealing where our fantasies have led us off course. And being that it’s between the nodes, we’ll they may have led us off course. Most significantly with how we feel about ourselves and our achievements. The best way to use the energy today is to see how far you’ve come! Feel good you never have to go back there. Globally, there could be major disappointment in the actions of a leader that may have seemed too hasty or rash.

MANTRA: I am success. Where I am wrong, I learn. Where I failed, I learn. I am beauty, I am strength. My tears warm my clear my vision and wash away the past.

Tuesday July 27th

The moon conjunct Neptune can make this a very dreamy (literal dreams, so pay attention to them today) and sensitive day, making you more capable then ever of unconditional love. On this day, situations we wish we did differently, perhaps even being able to forgive past discretions (or forgive ourselves for them) will occur today. Expect to see with your heart today, as intellect will be a bit cloudy. It isn’t the embers day to jump in to anything but you will feel like doing so. Try meditation or exercise. Some seriously deep shit can come out today, regarding feelings of being held back. If you feel something has been denied to you, this would be the day you go and get it. And extraordinary impact may occur regarding someone eleses feelings, meaning that what this person is feeling ends up having an emotional impact that feels like a freight train. There is a grand fire trine between the Sun, Chiron, and the South Node, making us realize how our passions and desires impact those around us. Over all this is a very emotional day that throws out serious feels, to force us to realize or remember our proper trajectory. Though there are many expressions of this day, it is marked by an intense emotional push forward, created by the impact of an emotional encounter with someone whose experiences force you to realize the importance of your life, and the opportunity presented by being alive.

MANTRA: I feel you. I understand. With compassion, I forgive and learn.

Wednesday July 28th

HUGR SHIFT HERE! Jupiter is back in Aquarius, and many of the social undertakings that have been held up while it dove into Pisces for a couple of months, are now refreshed, cleansed, and shines, ready for the next long haul stretch of actively changing things for the better. Jupiter and Saturn are now both in Aquarius once again, which dignifies a shift in our society, how we treat other and how much we will morally and ethically tolerate. This is a confident time where, especially if we’ve been selfish or isolated from the greater good, we’ll start to care about it again. The fire in the sky is asking us to make changes based on what we’ve learned through failing , through arrogance, through ego. How have our egotistical decisions held us back and made us lesser of ourselves. Failure and disappoint are great teachers, and the lessens we’re learning this week are Venus based, how has our over analysis, perhaps even micromanagement of our business, our relationships, created a tense, of not counter productive environment for our lives? How has planning for the future made us stuck today, being kept away from those things that really matter to us. The moon has moved into Aries, and Venus and Pluto are in a tense aspect. Be wary of obsessive behavior here, and the rash decisions it can lead you to make. With the moon in Aries, it’s easy for us to take things WAY TOO PERSONAL, and act defensively because of it. This is a heavy day for emotions and if I had to guess, a day when crimes of passion go up. So please, don’t be a statistic. Stay home. Stay quiet. Stay loving. And pay attention to your intuition of it tells you to not be in a certain situation. The closing of deals that started back in March will happen now, perhaps we are ready to move forward in a way we weren’t back in March when Venus was once again squaring the nodes. How many changes of occurred during eclipse season? And how well have we incorporated them into our lives? Wherever the feeling of desperation is, that’s the pressure point. That where you’ll have to focus your energy on to ensure your are shifting it into something that aligns with your heart and your God purpose, not just your ego. How has your complacency and desire of comfort stopped your progress or perhaps the progress of us all?

MANTRA: I am love. I release anger, hate, and fear that I am not love-worthy. I release control over those things that drive me to desperation.

Thursday July 29th

Today the universe wants you to think and strategize before you take action, but you’ll want to do just the opposite. Mars moves in to Virgo, where it moves slowly because it obsess ver the details of every project. Sometimes this energy can be so overwhelming it makes people try to avoid doing anything. Imagine the worst micro manager in your mind. That is Mars in Virgo. You won’t be able to help seeing everyone detail of something. This is a great energy for fine tuning things, reviewing important documents, editing manuscripts, and scheduling out your time. When Mars is in Virgo “the little things” matter the most. Mars and Venus are together (in the same sign) again, so expect that they will tag team you on those details. Signing financial documents? Suddenly you’ll have the energy to pour over them with a fine too the comb. So will the other side, so be aware. With the moon still in Aries, we will feel irritated by this other energy that insists on going over things 100 times, and the general feeling could be that of suspicion towards another’s intentions. Are these suspicions based on that person’s behavior, or your own? Many times we become suspicious of someone because we see behaviors that we RECOGNIZE! So, this energy can also be a learning experience in internal growth, if we let it. Saturn in Aquarius is in favorable aspect to Venus now, meaning standards are HIGH, and (because Venus is in Virgo) “the rules” will come into play. Saturn in Aquarius will insist on those rules being fair for everyone. This is the time when it will become obvious if a set of rules or laws are creating more disadvantage. The collective energy will want to try to make rules and laws that work for everyone. Of course, that just doesn’t exist. But, are they intentionally discriminating? The best way to use this energy is to up your game with precision, and handle things through those details. Expect it from others and it won’t feel so much like an attack. For those of you who like to do first and think on the fly, try something new or be prepared to fail.

MANTRA: Each cell in my body makes me me. Those details create my entirety. I focus on the connection between the pieces and the whole, honoring how one creates the other, and how piece has a role to play

Friday July 30th

Moon in Taurus calms us down. There is a stabilizing effect that Taurus energy has on our emotions that can’t be understated. But the Sun conjunction Mercury is getting ALOT of guff from the surrounding planets. What that means is those places where our ego has blinded the mind and made us arrogant are going to be challenged, pushed, poked, and (hopefully) resolved so we can get back to what our ego is really for, to define our persona according to our hearts. Are we arrogant or competent? Is it the show offs that reign, or the quality? Things may start to surprise you. Remember, Venus (square the nodes) has teamed up with Saturn and Chiron, and that is a horribly school-marm kind of energy. This energy likes to shake its fist at anyone who hasn’t had the well being of others in mind enough. Of course, it will also point the finger right at those people who have thought so much of the opinion of the crowd and not enough about what is actually right. How are we treating “the crowd” or others? Are we REALLY looking to do good, or just make ourselves look good by gaining popularity. This is the kind of energy I mean. The teacher’s pet is a bully too. Remember that. And this energy should make that evident.

MANTRA: I am compassion. I am truth. May my mind always be in service to my heart.

Saturday July 31st

How are you compromising your standards by staying the same? Today is a good day to ask yourself this question. Failure should have taught you by now, that what you want and what your need are very different. You need to listen to your heart. How have you compromised your potential? You have the ideas, you have the ability to communicate them now, so maybe better than any other time, today is that day you change, and take a chance on all your brilliance. Those ways in which your past or your upbringing have impeded your development and or the development of your abilities will become huge today. Basically any part of the past that inhibits your future will be attacked. Those things you are doing just to rebel, all those things you are doing subconsciously, will be transparent now. Self-sabotage is likely, up until the point where we catch ourselves. If all this internal conflict is helping us to resolve issues that need our attention then it’s a great day. But if it’s all about more rebellion for rebellion sake it’s a very bad idea. We may be inclined to jump into something just so it’s not the same old thing again. Be careful, with relationships, to understand why you’re making the decisions you. Over all this day is challenging our egos, the sense of who we believe we are. This is the day when you might find yourself completely done with something you thought you’d want forever. It’s a day when you’ll have to fight all the fighting you want to do to keep from seeing things you don’t want to see. Basically, this is the selection day. When you decide who stays and who goes. Who has the faith in you to ride the tide together. Everything now is two by two, like the Noah’s Ark. Two planets in Taurus, two in Leo, two in Virgo, two in Aquarius… this is the day we start to lock into place what we’re keeping, what is coming along with us for the next cycle of our lives. Be selective and be sure it’s what you believe in. Be sure it’s worthy.

MANTRA: I am worthy. I am value. I shed the old to make room for the new.

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