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Weekly Astrology Forecast for June 27th - July 3rd SUMMER LOVIN'! Quality Control!

Uranus is square Saturn and Mars is square Uranus. Don’t make any sudden moves now, meaning don’t try to suddenly make up for lost times. You’ll wreck yourself. Saturn rewards steady and consistent commitment, and anything we try to just throw into place now will be jacked up. We can’t get away with hack jobs now. So, slow and steady is key, even to change. Change is absolutely necessary, but you do not honor the past and all it’s provided by throwing it away or discrediting it. So, if you suddenly realize this week all that you haven’t done, or still want to do, by all means START DOING IT! But do not rush it or try to cut corners to get the benefits more quickly than you deserve. This is we’re the cosmic (and Karmic) eye is right now, and it will spot that haphazard blush it from light years away. This week is the test of how ready are we really? Are we as good at those things as we think we are? This week your readiness to move forward will be put on display and made painfully obvious to you. Expect set backs that aren’t really set backs, they’re just things that up until now you found a way to avoid. You can’t avoid these things now. They are front and center. Toward the end of the week, love gets real and raw and more beautiful than it has ever been. Our old sensibilities seem senseless now because we see how inaccurate they were. Opportunity for love May come to you in a fated way.

Sunday June 27th

Venus joins Mars in Leo. Fire. Combustion. Egos flare up and explosive interactions occur that could be beautiful. This is about meeting, finding, or realizing your equal. Expect that you will feel very good about yourself with these two in Leo, you can’t help but feel confident and have your standards high. You won’t settle now. But there maybe head buts. That can actually be good. Tell people the truth about who you are up front. They’ll do the same for you. We can actually see each other’s hearts now. It’s important now to keep the passion stocked in a relationship or you will easily get bored. Jupiter, now in retrograde is favorable to Venus making her deeply spiritual and moral. She knows what she wants now and it’s not all about looks. It’s about heart and soul. Your instincts will be in point now. Uranus is square to Mars and the moon and Saturn. The desire for change might be desperate now and so could the impulse to force things to happen. I think that’s the trap. Anyone overly desperate will be easily exposed now. The. Roth. Ode is using this energy to expose the false ones, the ones faking progress and processing change. So don’t force anything. Go with your heart. Do you believe in them? Have they shown respect, honor, and integrity. These are key right now. The sun in Cancer is opposite the moon in Aquarius now. It’s also square to Chiron. Who has been taking car of others just to serve themselves? That will be exposed today. This could have some far reaching implications for organizations. With Neptune in retrograde now we won’t be able to see things pink and rose. We’ll see things raw and real. And if we don’t like what we see, it won’t last. You’ll feel deeply changed and awakened because of Pluto sextile Neptune in retrograde. What you experience now will reshape your ideals. During his transit you won’t be able to look away or unsee what you saw.

MANTRA: I am truth. The light that shines in me is source. I allow it to radiate through me and honor that light in others.

Monday June 28th

Watch out today for Neptune and Mercury are square at that means not thinking clearly. Neptune in retrograde means we could be over reacting to the truth and turning it into a delusion. This is we’re we become aware of our self deceptions. Today, we’re cleaning out the closet of old thoughts and ideals that we can see now are just plain stupid. It’s won’t be easy for someone to put one over on you now and feel free to ask any to check the entire thing over twice. Moon is in Pisces with Neptune and Jupiter (both in retrograde now). Saturn is still opposite Mars so our actions or in action is being judged. Issues will arise which you have no control over now. But you ALWAYS have control over your reactions. How I’ll you react? This is a true testament to who you really are. That is why people will be super exposed now. Showing themselves for their true selves. Our understanding of what we desire is so strong that clashes are natural. This is a cosmic storing of the pot. There is no better way to jump into summer lovin’ than Venus and Mars in Leo with Venus in a bit of discord with Mercury. The lady wants what she wants and it’s getting hot In here. Saturn is making sure that we’ve put our action where our mouth is. We will be rewarded for taking action on what really matters to us now. With the moon ON TOP of Jupiter now, both in the very loving and social sign of Pisces, expect lots of parties and popularity, feeling GREAT in social situations, flirting will occur. Can you say Hedonism?

MANTRA: life is for living and I allow life to happen. I am love. I am life. I am virility. I am magic.

Tuesday June 29th

Today the moon is Pisces is square the North South nodes, meaning you haven’t addressed or looked at all the information. Maybe you generalized too much, and thought that would do. Nope. Details are an important benchmark of proficiency, but especially expertise and you can expect to be called out on your mistakes and over sights today. Pluto is in difficult aspect to the. North Node and with Saturn simultaneously opposite Mars, your need for expertise is A MUST! This is NOT the time to ty to bullshit your way through something. Integrity is key today. If you don’t know something, admit it and ask for help. Someone’s lack of understanding will be evident today, and they could be brought down a couple of pegs for trying to get more than they deserved. It’s also the when it becomes clear how we’ve attributed too much value to things that weren’t worth it. It could be a hard lesson learned for someone. This would be a beautiful day to welcome a New mentor into your life, or when you’ll be attracted to those people who can help you improve yourself as long as you are humble and don’t let pride get in your way. Also, be wary of confidence. It is NOT THE SAME as competence. Both the moon and Neptune in Pisces are making things difficult for Mercury and the North Node in Gemini. We so desperately want our generalizations to be all we need now that we made be willing to throw smoke in our own eyes just to not have to do the heavy lifting of thinking things through. Be wary of those individuals who will sell their opinions as expertise. They are NOT the same thing.

MANTRA: Integrity, practice, patience, performance. Angels give me the strength to stand in all of these, everyday of my life. I see truth. I am truth.

Wednesday June 30th

Oh Saturn opposite Venus. What a difficult position you put us in. It’s the beginning of the summer and we want to play and have fun but NOPE! Here you are, forcing us to have standards. This transit teaches us about having REAL value, about insisting on it, even if that makes things more difficult for us. What did your past do for you that was so great? Both Venus and Mars are trine the South Node now. Looking back may be too easy. Getting caught up in how things were or what happened to us can be to easy. Use this energy as a way to review what your past thought you and see if it’s actually true. We learn lots of bad lessons, especially in love and money, and they may not have been true. Out South node has already taught us what we need to know. It’s time to move forward. We are hard wired now to demand the best, and to see the reality for what it is, even if our heart is tempted to pull us back into fantasy land. The moon in Pisces is trine to Venus buts it’s in conflict with Mars, so we may be getting a wake up cal as to how our fantasies have set us back in order to motivate us to move forward. It’s time to use what we know, even if that means how we know we’ve messed up, to move ourselves forward

MANTRA: The past is my spring board to an even better future. The present is the road esteem the two. Day by Day, I walk with faith toward love.

Thursday July 1st

Saturn is pulling us back today like an arrow about to be released. The tension has mounted. It's like a cosmic ball-busting to make sure quality control is on point. Imagine an inspector coming in right before opening day and giving you a list of things you have to fix. That's where we are in love today. We're not going to let anything slide by. But we have the confidence and faith to be honest about our concerns. What we have to work on is the patience to address the details. Frustration will lead to great success today if you have the strength to look over your set backs and learn from them. This could help you emerge as a leader. Relationships are going through a truth telling time, where things get really raw. We are now asked to look at our decisions in love and understand our motivations. This is when those issues that have been bugging us will surface for us to face them. It may feel as though it's at the worst time ever, but no. It's the best time. Your desires and what you actual need are conflicted and you're starting to see why. This is an important day for our awakening to loving others in a different way, for different reasons. "The type" of person we used to be attracted to has changed. We get it now, we were idiots. That's why the frustration is there. That's why things never worked out. Because they were wrong for us. What we wanted was a stupid fantasy and we don't want just fantasy anymore. This may be the day you realize you have feelings for someone that you didn't originally think would be much to you. But we're wiser now. Allow you unique ways to shine through. This is why people will notice you. Be strong enough to tell the truth of who you are and be yourself imperfect self out loud.

MANTRA: I have faith. I am good enough. My uniqueness is my greatest asset. I move forward in faith, guided by love

Friday July 2nd

Well today is the day Venus finally gets it’s. She’s sextile to the North Node making it natural for us to move forward in love and financial issues. She learned from and over the past and the universe is now conspiring to put people and/or opportunities in front of us that we are destined for. She also finally confronting Neptune and all the realities revealed by its retrograde! Anything that was hidden will be in plain site today, and she’s bold enough to confront it. This could be good things too, as in we’re finally ready to see the things that are good for us, or they’ve finally found us. We’re not hiding behind our illusions anymore. We get raw and real and it’s sexy as hell! The Sun and Chiron are squared making sure to provide you the vitality to fix last defeats or mistakes. This is the bravest we’ve ever been, because we’re facing our own imperfections and loving them for what they are. This is a GREAT time to meet a new person for romance because your standards are high and so is your self love. You won’t be inclined to force a good first impression so much as allow your honesty to speak for itself and guide you to the right person. Pluto is intensifying the North Node in Gemini, the sign of personal communication, one on one talks, and intellect. This is a great time to really get to know someone and fall for their brain as well as their beauty. Bottom line, this is GREAT day for love. Even the moon in Aries (which is fiery and quick to jump to conclusions) is now standing strong by our decisions to accept our past instead of deny it or hide it. You will meet an honest person today.

MANTRA: I am ready. God bring to me who you have prepared for me, as I am prepared for them. I am ready.

Saturday July 3rd

Holy moly is this a passionate day with Venus square to the moon/Uranus conjunction in Taurus. WE WANT AND ARE RESDY FOR SOMETHING NEW THAT SURPRISES US AND SUPPORTS OUR INDEPENDENCE! A bit of hedonism can and just may ensue. Chiron is trine to BOTH Venus and Aries (on top of each other in Leo) making us bold through humility, just what all that Leo energy needs. It means our confidence in who we are and what we want has come through experience, pain, failure, and what we’ve learned from it. Neptune and Mercury are still square but Neptune is in retrograde now, revealing foolish thoughts, making us aware of bad choices or how we’ve been deceived. We may now see how we’ve been dooped and realize how someone was bullshitting us. It’s like finally seeing behind the curtain, how the magician does his tricks. This could be a coming of age moment when we realize our own immaturity, and why we were tricked. It’s such a great time for self realization and partnership, where are realism is on point, our standards are high, and our compassion is palpable. The conversations today could be very revealing. Be prepared to call in love with somebody’s truth.

MANTRA: I am love. I am light. I am joy. I am power. I am truth.


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