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Weekly Astrology Forecast for October 3rd - 9th (369) Manifestation

Weekly Astrology Forecast for Oct 3rd - 9th

Major events this week include Pluto coming out of retrograde AND a NEW MOON IN LIBRA both on Wednesday, October 6th.

I can’t help but noticing that we begin this week on the 3rd, mid week with a new moon and Pluto direct is the 6th and we end on the 9th. 369. It exploded on TikTok as the number of manifestation. That’s over simplifying. It’s a mysterious number. And maybe it’s hubris to believe we deserve or can handle to understand it. But what this week gives us the opportunity to do is awaken our crown shakra. To connect with the divine, in ourselves and outside of ourselves. The new moon this week is particularly powerful as it represents a complete overhaul of our lives. A chance to reprogram who we believe we are. And start new in the world. But we can only do this through faith. If we attempt control, we fall into the trap set by Pluto. We’re destroying old self for the new self to emerge. And revelations come out this week that will help the world start to heal. Yes, you should manifest this week ESPECIALLY ON THE NEW MOON. But do it through FAITH. Connect with the divine in you and outside of you. Here is your chance to start over. Think of this week as Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. You will be visited by the ghosts of your past. They will giant you, the mistakes you’ve made, and you will feel the pain of them in a way you never had before. Objectively. Seeing and noticing that you always had a choice, even though your emotions made you feel as if you didn’t. And that now, you can do better. And then your old self dies. Because it was only sticking around because you thought it had to. It’s ready to be over. Because tomorrow is another day. Wait, that’s a different movie…

Sunday Oct 3rd

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live” A. Dumbledore (JK Rowling). Isn’t it amazing how imagination can inspire so many, while being the instrument of healing for it’s creator? With the difficult Chiron aspect on the sun, Mars, and Venus, melancholy and loss of energy is likely. This is to slow us down and help us to hurt the way our hearts need to in order to start healing. We’re ready to let go and see what comes next. We’re amending our ways so we don’t hurt ourselves further through silly attempts that serve our egos and not our hearts. Feelings and thoughts of our past relationships will surface now, and in most cases, mending is necessary. Do be careful of over forgiving, and now that it’s over allow situations or people back in that haven’t shown change or growth, just because you miss them. With the moon in Virgo now we are trying to mend our hearts, but with all the other aspects we may be tempted to do this by falling backwards. Take a deep breath and move forward. Step by Step and slowly, but forward not backwards. Even if you have to walk and cry at the same time, even if it feels more difficult to take those forward steps than to fall back, take those steps. You are programming the universe with your new standards. And you’ll be happy you did

The moon is square the nodes now so it’s. A cosmic checkin of our progress. It’s also a half way point which is always challenging because this is when we feel the most tired and have the most trouble seeing over the mountain top. Sometimes we can’t even see the mountain top! That’s the tricky part. When turning back will look the best and seem the wisest. After all the path behind you is clear. BECAUSE YOU CLEARED IT! Remember your power, how far you’ve come, and do the same with the mess in front of you. The good thing about this moon in Virgo is that it will draw comfort from a schedule. So, schedule your next steps today. It’s doesn’t matter if you have to making changes tomorrow, what matters is you’re training your brain to move onwards!

MANTRA: Forward, always forward. I come to this emotional crossroads to remind myself of my power. I decide the way I want my road to look.

Monday Oct 4th

How has our over reaching sabotaged our trajectory? Have we gotten into the habit of spending too much, just because we can, or loosing ourselves in our relationships because it’s fun and easy? If so, we’ve been dealing with some discomfort in these areas to help us see where we have to change our ways. This is the day to be humbled by our own mistakes. Our understanding of love and sensuality is maturing beyond our fantasies of what that is supposed to be. There are lessons, perhaps from a father figure in childhood, that may have squashed your feminine power of receptivity making you think the only way you deserve to be loved is to EARN it. The concept of you deserving unconditional love is something you’re getting more comfortable with. What’s starting to come together today is an awakening. The puzzle pieces are staring to click into place. Those ways we’ve trashed our realties by harsh comparisons to some fantasy that was more our vanity than our truth. The difference now is living ourselves through this lesson instead of tearing ourselves down for it

MANTRA: I am love I am light. I am loved unconditionally.

Tuesday Oct 5th

With the moon in Libra, Libra is stacked with four planets, Sun and Moon included. This level of energy in any zodiac sign is called a stellium and it takes over all the other energies present. Also, all these planets are combust the sun, so our egos are bloated today to say the least. We’ll want attention and speak with authority about all that we believe we deserve. This can come with serious aftermath of ruin especially concerning relationships because we say or do things focused entirely on our own desire leaving us blind to the needs and desires of others. It’s a very selfish day that reveals all our insecurities. It could also set us up for a serious embarrassment tomorrow. Best to contain any and all inclinations to brag or boast or even just not listen to others. One thing is for sure, Pluto is trying to take us down by way of our own mouths today. With it’s square to Mercury we are inclined to think ourselves into over reaching and over reacting. This day is most certainly a game changer. For those that struggle with self confidence, this is the perfect day for “fake it til you make it” because you’ll have the charisma you normally don’t to say and do things you normally wouldn’t. That could push you forward, but are you ready to be where you broke through to? The best use of this energy is to understand yourself. Why you want what you want? Do you really want IT, or the status you think it will provide? The larger the ego, the easier it is yo identify the insecurities. The great aspect of today is the “big reveals”. In a way, it’s almost like truth serum. Or being drunk on your own ego. People will show you who they really are, at least the most ambitious parts of them.

MANTRA: Patience over performance today. I accept my value, as well as my weakness. I am value, I am love

Wednesday October 6th

Today is the best day for making amends with someone. Finding the words and compassion to summon them will be likely today. Or at least you’ll begin to realize this is what you have to do. Realizing where our egos have made us so very wrong, especially in relationships. Pluto goes direct and The moon in Libra is new. It’s almost as if the sun has burned the moon away into non-existence. Its that the old self. Those old ways of feeling. Because of course the moon will rise again. These past 24 hours have burned away everything we had to hide behind. It’s a complete restart. On some level the old self is tired of being around. It’s the “6” part of our 369 week, and this is the time when shit gets real. As in the real world. The physical self. Today what we’ve realized we love out loud. Plant seed today for what really matters to you. What does your heart call you to? What is it really longing for? That’s what you need to manifest. It’s a powerful New Moon because our gardens have never been so barren before. We need new soil first! So, nurture yourself. Take out the toxins. We have the focus now to overcome those challenges in our lives brought about by ego and pride. Because now we see them. We understand where we’ve gone wrong. Don’t be surprised if what you ask for in your manifestations today is different than before. With the change in our perspectives comes a change in our desires.

MANTRA: Today I begin. I release what is no longer and make room for what will come. I receive with humility and freedom.

Thursday Oct 7th

Venus leaves Scorpio today and heads in to Sagittarius. If yesterday was the great awakening today is the day of reckoning. But with Venus in Sagittarius and the moon now in Scorpio, we’re gonna want to run and hide from our feelings. It’s not the best day to reach out to people. It won’t be easy to make amends, but this is where we start to grow the person we want to be instead of the one we’ve been. Ultimately, on the day you move away from the old ways, the day you find the courage to change directions l, there is a rush of euphoria. But what about the morning after? It’s just another day with new work to do. And that can be the greatest challenge. To day is that day. When all the pomp has worn away and the wedding is over, the marriage begins. It’s a new way of living and growing, and it’s real, raw, and rarely pretty. So today is the day that we have to remind ourselves why we changed. What we really wanted from the changes. It can’t just be the rush of the change, the thrill of the newness! It has to be something you really believe in. Something you’re committed to maintaining day in and day out. Because that’s what most of life is! Today we begin the hard work of prepping our fields for next years harvest. And if you chose the right work (yesterday in your manifestations) you may be tired, but you’ll also be happy

MANTRA: I forgive others as they forgave me. I confront my past to lay it to rest and fertilize the soil for my new way of living.

Friday October 8th

The moon in Scorpio with its desire to be private and it’s tendency toward being defensive is creating challenges now. Not everyone wants to make amends. And somethings have been hidden deeper than we were prepared to go. What are you hiding from yourself? This energy is controlling out of defense for its perceived vulnerability. “Forgive me now because I don’t want to have to feel this again” could be the mentality today. Be aware of this. Emotionally we are resisting change today. The confidence provided by Jupiter today may be detrimental to the progress we made a couple of days ago. Today it’s important to remember that not everyone wants what you want or needs an apology you’d like to give. And vice versa. Just because someone wants to talk to you doesn’t mean you have to talk to them. We struggle today with their new path that we’re on. It’s not the optimistic joy ride it started out as. This is why connecting with faith was so essential at the beginning of this week. Today, focus on your faith. Reaffirm the presence of the light inside of you so you’re not discouraged by the gloom outside of you.

MANTRA: The light in me shines because of faith. Even in the dark, there is light. I am light.

Saturday Oct 9th

The moon moves into Sagittarius and it’s gonna be like “catch me if you can”, so don’t expect deep interactions with people today. Leave it light and carefree. That’s the best way to leave a good impression. This isn’t a good time to force a deep conversation or expect sweeping romantic gestures. This is a fresh and sexy day where casual flirting and light hearted banter goes a long way with settling nerves and creating comfort. If you’re not feeling light hearted, get away on your own somewhere. A hike, a day trip, explore a new store you’ve wanted to go to. Venus and the moon in Sagittarius are happiest when they’re discovering new things. So let them. It’s just not the day for a comfy cozy interlude. Today can teach us that it’s responding to the current vibe that is most important, not doing things as we planned. People plan and God laughs. That’s today. Throw out the plan! Spontaneity is HUGE today. Keep your goals in your heart, but surf the current, don’t dig out Google maps. You’ll have to deal with the unexpected today. It won’t be easy to get anything done. So allow it to roll off your back like water off a ducks. It isn’t personal. It’s the stars.

MANTRA: I Am here. I allow the flow. It isn’t personal. I let it go.


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