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Weekly Astrology Forecast for Sept 12 - 18 - Change

This is an interesting time when we have opened ourselves or aspects of ourselves up to the world and now we get to sit back and see how they perceive us. Their actions will show us just how valuable we are to them, if we stand a chance making the final cut with them. And if, ultimately, the energy we put into them will have been worth it. It’s not about pay back. It’s about Justice. Who provides a balanced and fair response to our energy? How will the world respond back to us? Those answers begin to come in this week. And it will be an interesting show. On a global scale, questions such as how has our money really been spent? Will be answered now. Pay attention. It’s not a time to see what you want to see, but to see what others may not want you to see. As far as moons go, this is a sobering week. Guiding out the truth and being able to incorporate it into your life without it tearing you apart. The Sagittarius moon allows us to open up, be curious, and not take things too personally. The Capricorn moon allows us to focus on reality and tangible facts in order to move our emotions from one place to the other. And the Aquarius moon will shake up our relationships, giving us opportunities to open ourselves up to new people. Emotionally it’s a challenging week and in those challenges we will see how strong we are. The great hope this week is that we will receive good news about a relationship we’ve been on the fence about. This good news however could just be the clarity we need to MOVE ON! The point is that we will welcome that truth now and it will help us as we move closer to the turn of the season, and the need for a deeper connection with those around us.

Sunday Sept 12

Focus on Self love. From now until the beginning of next week. Because you’ll be disappointed if you don’t. It’s natural during Saturn square Venus to feel restricted with love and how you are loved as well as with money and how you can spend it or how much you have to spend. It’s best to do what is necessary between now and then and give yourself what you need. Pay bills early. Wake up with self love affirmations everyday and be sure to exercise and keep up on your personal wellness. We can avoid depression if we remember to love who we are and appreciate what we have. Say three things you’re grateful for as soon as you wake up in the morning! It will help tremendously. Honestly, communications are challenged because of Chiron opposite Mercury (in Libra, so especially when it comes to partnerships and love interests). If someone needs you, please be there for them. Don't let work get in your way. Allowing work to get in the way of living and loving is how you'll miss out on opportunities this week. People’s best intentions now could be their biggest mistakes. Be sure to show gratitude. To God, the Universe, yourself, and others. Remember, it’s so easy. A text saying “thank you” or “I’m thinking of you” or “just reaching out to say ‘Hey’” is so easy. If you can’t do it, you’re an ass. Pluto is making things VERY clear through ACTION who values you and who doesn’t. This week will be an elimination round. Who or what will make that final cut? Let go of over generalizing. It’s become too much of a cozy routine and it just isn’t good enough anymore. No group texts will do. You have to show up and be there for someone. Reach out to them specifically. Or the effort will be wasted.

MANTRA: I am value. My standards are set high. I honor others as I would have them honor me. Gratitude is the river on which abundance flows. (say thank you - out loud - for three things you are grateful for, and keep going!)

Monday Sept 13

It’s a good day to listen. Because news will come in, good news or information you wanted and have been waiting for. But you’ve been given enough time to see it for its truth, not its fantasy. Does it look as good as you thought it would? Did it feel as good as you expected? If it is meant for you your heart will let you know. Our hearts are being sobered by Saturn, and Scorpio now, so we are less likely to jump at the bit at the first sign of friendliness. We may want to, but we won’t. Something will make us hesitant. As it should. Allow the silence, allow the pause, to give people a moment to wonder about you. Our focus now is on the future, on our future selves and what we CAN BE not what we already are! That just won’t fly now. We know what we have to work on. We won’t forget it and loose our heads when what we want actually happens. If the blessings of the universe are sent your way today, you can be sure they are a long term blessing. Because you will neither squander what is given today nor over value you. You will be able to see how hard it came to you and how much you deserve it. And you will value it all the more. Today is a silently fortunate day. What you DONT say, and how SLOW you are to react will speak to self worth, restraint, and control. We will be ready for the changes that come to us now, but slow to implement them

MANTRA: I love me. The universe surrounds me with love and light. I have everything I need. I receive with gratitude and grace.

Tuesday Sept 14

TRUTH UNCOVERED! But it’s not about being right, it’s about understanding. Now is not the time to press the topic to the point of conspiracy theory, but to listen and look for the truth. It will be revealed now. Open your mind and it can lead to a deep understanding of a person or topic that made no sense before. Close it off and you’ll dig yourself into a hole nobody will help you out of. Things ARE changing for the better, and if there was something you truly need answers to, today is the day to go looking for it. Knowing for understanding sake is encouraged, knowing to get one over on someone is absolutely unacceptable. It’s a GREAT TIME TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS, do new business dealings, plan a trip, and for GOOD FORTUNE! So please remember, the universe really is working in your favor and wants to see you happy. Any delusions you had about love are beginning to clear and you’ll start to see things and people for what they really are (and that's not necessarily "they're an asshole." More than likely they're just an imperfect human, like you!) Neptune is opposite our sun and not favorable to Venus meaning that we can easily slip into fantasy that we mistake for reality that eventually makes us feel bad about ourselves!! The way to avoid this is to use those juicy fantasies as creative inspiration! Instead of casting yourself in some sweeping romance with someone you just met, use it as the basis of your new romance novel, or a painting, or a song! In that way it becomes a kind of reality, but not one that misleads you or deflates your real life! Because it’s so easy to misinterpret people’s actions based on our romantic proclivity right now, when it was only real in our own minds!!! So, we’ll get the truth now. And a creative boost, as long as we control our minds and our minds don't control us!

MANTRA: I am truth. I welcome clarity. Please spirit guide me to open my mind to what is, inspiring what could be!

Wednesday Sept 15

Mars moves into Libra now where it is in detriment, Venus is in detriment in Scorpio, and the moon is in detriment in Capricorn. Lol. It isn't the best time to fall in love. It is a WONDERFUL time for clarity about love! We could be too willing to compromise our happiness for what is in front of us, too ready to settle for something just because it’s there, too discouraged by disillusionment to wait for the real thing. This is a true test of our constitution. Relationships made now will be mediocre ones at best but they may last for quite a while. It’s so much better to use this energy as a learning period. To discover the truth about what your expectations in relationships are. You could want change so badly now that you push yourself or convince someone else into something just for the sake of having it (Capricorn moon) and not because you really want it. Mars in Libra is never a good time for action. It’s difficult to be motivated toward anything, and making impact and reactions will be severely delayed right now. Don’t expect magic to happen for a while. Now is a time for observing and understanding what WORKS FOR YOU!! We may be surprised with what we discover about ourselves during this time, but that’s the point. To grow, we have to be surprised, and introduced to awkward situations to help us learn who we are when everything isn’t predictable. It could be a fun time, as long as we see it as an adventure and not a series of tests. Perspective is everything now! The challenge will be to shine even when you’re tarnished and to love yourself and others even when things get messy. Telling people about themselves is a HORRIBLE idea right now, as you tend to jump to conclusions without having given things as much thought as they need. Don’t do that. Think about both sides in your head for a bit instead of steam-rolling someone with your ideas. Narrow minded ideas and ideals could be exposed now and it will be very embarrassing for those that don’t know as much as they thought they did. But it won’t be defined by what is acceptable, but rather HOW MUCH YOU ACTUALLY KNOW!! If you don’t know that much, THOUGH YOU MAY HAVE STRONG FEELINGS, it’s better to listen and ask questions than to preach.

MANTRA: All of me creates my beauty. My shadows and my highlights are what people see. Plastic is for dolls. What is real is what is imperfect.

Thursday Sept 16

And the disruption to our love life begins. Don’t take any big gambles now, but change might be thrust upon you. Venus opposite Uranus and Neptune Opposite the sun could lead us into a kind of "Mid-Summer Night's Dream" kind of energy, where we’re breaking up with realities because of fantasies but will the fantasies last!? It’ll be one heck of a couple of weeks. Interesting that Mercury goes retrograde at the end of the month. With the Moon in Aquarius now, friends are something that we need and you could be reaching out to old friends or just meeting someone you’ve felt you’ve known forever. This comfort could help you through the swift changes happening in the Venus areas with relatable money, but it isn’t good to settle into the old. Moving on is important. But many people will be attracted to their comfort zones now. This may make the Mercury retrograde necessary to clear up any misconceptions that arise here and remind us who has to go! With the south node also trine Mars in Libra we are most likely falling back on our comfort zones, not having the energy to move forward while Mars is struggling through Libra. These connections will only be “so so” and they won’t satisfy (if they’re new). Try calling old friends you haven’t spoken to for a while, but whose voice you always welcome. The people you’ll be attracted to now will be those that can empathize with your past, having similar childhoods, etc. This provides a temporary comfort, but use it to help you confront these traumas, not keep you stuck in them. Your goal here is to move past this moment and these people. Who do you CHOOSE to be. Those are the people you should give your energy to. Remember, you don’t heal backwards. Nor do you heal when you allow someone to cozy up into your wounds. That’s not love and that’s not friendship, that’s addiction or enabling. Watch out for these tendencies for the next few weeks.

MANTRA: Forward always forward. Thank you for the empathy, I use it to encourage healing and growth.

Friday Sept 17th

Heaven help me if this isn’t a frustrating week. Do you know what you want!? Then focus on that. Not what is most realistic or the most acceptable or likely, but what you know in your heart is the absolutely right thing! This is the most important thing you can do now. To keep yourself from falling back into a comfort zone that will get you NOWHERE. You will feel it though. That comfort. That feeling that you’ve known them forever. That this is who you sincerely belong with. This is your tribe, your group, your people. But not because they fit who you used to be! Because they are the ones that make you feel closer to who you CAN Be! These are the people that will usher you into the future. You dreamed of this. You’ve worked for this. Trust your feelings. If it feels “the same old same old” and it bores you, FORGET IT AND MOVE ON! Only engage opportunities to grow. Maturity comes when you no longer need the approval of others. So, love yourself enough to SAY NO to what is easy and hold out for WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU!

MANTRA: I am love. I deserve my hearts content. Yes! I am worthy of that love my heart calls to. Yes! I love me and so I do not settle for why is in front of me. I believe in what is possible and so it will be!

Saturday Sept 18

There will be so many changes to our relationships this week that it may feel difficult to be certain of ones self. It’s sound strange but it’s almost as if our need to be accepted for who we are is over coming out understanding of who we are. As if the cart (being accepted) has to come before the horse. But we all know that just doesn’t work. It’s just this pull toward acceptance is such a driving force right now. We’d do best today to use the moon going into Pisces as a device for self empathy, rather than a new reason to reach out in different ways to other people. The best way to use this weeks energy has always been to allow your sense of self to deepen, and the completeness you feel for who you are to strengthen. Loneliness has always been the key challenge. But it’s also a perception. Are you really lonely, or are you bored? And would engaging in activities that really excite you be something that helps this? Try. Try new things. You’ll meet new people, but you’ll also meet different aspects of yourself and learn about what you really want to pay attention to. It’s so important now to not convince yourself or others of your own bullshit. Extreme thoughts can blur our interpretation of reality. This blurred reality is telling us something about OURSELVES! Not others. If we can understand this and find a way to objectively observe our feelings and fantasies, we have the opportunity to get to know the most important person in our lives, ourselves, more deeply and lovingly. And knowing this person will help us to be confident when we interact with others. Today, please keep on believing in what your heart feels is right. Just because something hasn’t sprouted does not mean it isn’t growing roots. Take your mind off of what you don’t see and allow it to grow as it will. Step out of your own way by allowing your dreams and imagination to relieve you where they can. That’s what they’re there for! Just don’t believe in what your mind has come up with so strong that you forget, your mind is NOT your heart. Your heart doesn’t create images it picks up vibrations. This may inspire images but that doesn’t make those images real. It’s the vibrations that are real. Not the images. Don’t let the images lead you. Keep in tune with the vibrations. Music can help a great deal today.

MANTRA: God Please tune my vibrations. Help me hear with my heart. I am love and I am loved.


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