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Weekly Astrology Forecast for Sept. 19th - 25th TRAIN WRECK

Weekly Astrology Forecast Sept 19 - 25 Wow. This week packs a punch, straight in the face. In the form of landing on your face in a pile of your own vomit. Okay, so we’re not all living in frat houses, but that’s the mentality this week. Do stupid things to yourself just to fit in, just to impress others. This nonsense behavior may even become our means of doing what our courage and self-respect could not: ending those horrible relationships or situations that we didn’t know how to get ourselves out of. Sure, if you cheat on that person you’ve been trying to breakup with your relationships may finally end, but you’ll also have some crazy fallout from the bad choice to deal with as well. This is the week when our bad choices try to do for us what our good choices couldn’t, END THOSE SITUATIONS that deep inside are making us miserable. The challenges this week will be keeping our standards high, integrity, and honoring our truth. And we’ll be surrounded by people struggling with the same. The good news, if you can remain objective, is that truth will put this week, even if it’s in the wake of an absolute shit-show. Sunday Sept 19 The ways in which we’ve settled in love and in finances are hitting us hard! The issues with relationships are coming up and ripping us apart. The issues at work or the debt, or citations, financial punishments are all around and if you’ve rested in a dead-end job for too long, the pressures and irritations will drive you crazy like nails down a chalkboard. And the ways you’ve settled in love are going to cause you pain. Major pain. So, you can’t ignore the ways you've let things slip. It’s cutting us deep now. Last week should have been a awakening, even if it involved a shit-storm. We’ll be feeling the consequences of other people’s mistakes, having to watch worst case scenarios play out. Make those changes. Or sit back and allow them. With Mars in Libra, we’re to look at the ways we’ve decided to do things and see if they’ve served us. The good news is that we’ve been going through this for a week now and at this point, we’re starting to learn. Venus and Chiron are pairing nicely to review the lessons that we’ll need in order to level up in all these areas of life. Saturn is still square Venus as it has been for the past week, so our external partnerships are being challenged for the good of our internal one. Do you love yourself yet? How hard have you worked to ensure you’re loving truly? Have you been responsible and hard working? These are the check-ins. And we’re getting more comfortable with these questions. Mars in Libra is sextile the south node and trine Pluto. Finally fed up with the chaos? It’s not that we have the energy to change, it’s that we’re too exhausted to stop the changes. Like a child that’s worn themselves down by tantrums, now we’re too exhausted to resist the change that's taking over us. Good. Thank God for stepping in where you couldn’t step up. YOU ARE LOVED! MANTRA: I am loved. The unconditional light of the eternal surrounds me and fills with unconditional love. I am blessed. I trust the changes. Monday Sept 20th FULL MOON in PISCES Happy FULL Moon in Pisces. Have some fun and check out my Pick-a-Card. It’ll help you heal your heart. Can you say crash, boom, bam? Because this FULL Moon is in direct opposition to the Sun in Virgo, and Mars in Libra. The Sun is in opposition with this moon and Neptune. Our dreams and our drive are clashing in the sky now, and the gulf between them will become painfully obvious. How far have life's distractions, your insecurities, and other things, set you back from your dreams. Are your desires and reality aligned? Is who you are what you dreamed you’d be? Well, here we are today to hash it out. It’s a spiritual day to say the least, with Jupiter’s continued trine to Mercury helping us to understand our heart space and connection with the higher power better. It’s making our minds clear and allowing us to learn these lessons more easily and remember them permanently! These are permanent changes happening now. We’re awakened to an understanding we haven’t had before and we will be able to articulate ourselves clearly. We’re tired of the restrictions put on us. We want to be ourselves out loud and may act out impulsively. Thankfully Mars is subdued in Libra! But the friction will be high today between what others expect of us and what we want for ourselves. There may be out-bursts. But mostly, there is just a need to allow change to happen to improve our lives. This energy is meant to shake us out of our comfort zones and wake us up to inspire us to go after those things we really want, but have been hesitant with. MANTRA: I am courage. I am calm. I take these steps forward in faith and choose to move forward instead of staying in one place Tuesday September 21 We may not feel like things are changing fast enough (but they are). The moon’s movement into Aries is complicating everything, making our feelings of inadequacy inspire irrational fears and even actions, most especially regarding relationships. Pluto is destroying us with its square to Mercury, using our mind and mouths to bruise and wound based on our crazy assumptions. Watch your mouth now, and your mind. Jumping to extreme conclusions is so easy, but it’s based on your past suffering, not necessarily what you’re really experiencing. The best way to use this energy is to acknowledge your fears and anger and listen to your heart. Lots of issues regarding family matters (especially mothers), suffering from childhood, etc. have erupted and people are going through so much. Give them some time and allow them some space. And take your own space. Confrontation is not for the best now, though, unfortunately, that’s what you’ll want to do. This period will really make or break connections based on this: how much tolerance do I have for this person’s crap? It’s that simple. The horrible ways we’ve compromised ourselves are coming to light now, so take time and space to understand the WHYs of your decision-making processes. Clarity will come soon and it’s just what we need. It’s in the reaction of others that they’ll reveal who they are. And the same is true for you. And today many will have to respond to the consequences of their fears. Actions reveal truth now. Focus on getting out of your head and into your body. Exercise (but don’t push it). It’ll help you with the over thinking. MANTRA: (Breath. Meditate. And ground yourself. To sooth the burning emotions) Show me truth, not fear. I am patience and faith. I understand that what I feel tells more about me than others. Wednesday September 22nd Happy Libra season! The sun has moved into Libra giving us a concentration of energy in Libra. The Sun, Mercury, and Mars. With the moon opposite Mercury our minds will deceive us today and could lead into addictive behaviors. Just like yesterday it is important to keep yourself productive and physically engaged in things that heal you and/or keep you healthy. With Mars opposite Chiron, it’s becoming clear how our pain and wounds have harmed our decision-making. How has our pain or fear made up our minds for us? Stay engaged in activities that you love. Spend some time alone, wrapping yourself in care. Pluto is directing this mess, using your mind and emotions to muddle each other. If the weak relationships escaped last week, it won’t escape these two-days (yesterday and today) Pluto is just being relentlessness now. And it’s going to strike at intimate relationships and family relationships. Huge losses, break ups, and/or bad news will intentionally unhinge us to show us our strengths. Even if these things don’t happen directly to us, they certainly will happen around us, triggering actions that will lead us into karmic situations that teach us, but will also make permanent changes to our lives. This is powerfully transformative energy. These grand air trines center around forcing us to realize our own thoughts and choices. This could help us immensely whether we like it or not. Yes, expect to be challenged now. We can’t escape this. Don’t go looking for confrontation and if you feel yourself needing it, just know, that Pluto is leading you toward a painful lesson. MANTRA: (Pray. That’s the best thing you can do today). I am change. I am strength. I move with change, not against it. Thursday September 23rd Get ready for a continued bad mood. And even if it’s not yours directly, the square between the moon, now in Taurus where it is so much more stable, will be impacting you as others get more emotional. Avoid nagging people and if people nag you, let it go. They’re reacting to their own suffering. With Neptune trine to Venus, and the moon eyeing the south node and Mars, well, these interactions could be just what you need to finally yell and scream and then make up with each other. It’s been building for a while. Moon in Taurus offers a sensual and comforting energy for the first time since the month began. In fact, it’s through the subconscious strength pushed by this moon that a breakthrough may come. Your desire for something or someone won’t be denied, and as if without your control, it bubbles up to create a pathway through this craziness to something real. So, in a way, you’re figuring out how to make this destructive energy also destroy the walls you’ve been trapped behind. That means a check-mate kind of experience for individuals or systems that believed they’d gotten away Scott-free. These twists could be movie finish perfect, with surprise “gotchas” that allow for “the good guy” (or the honest part of you) to win and the “bad guy”, (or those fearful and fake parts of you) crumble with joy. MANTRA: I allow. Universe you know more than me. You see what I can’t see. Please take the wheel and direct me. Friday September 24th Please be careful of SELF betrayal today. For those of us that really struggle with self-esteem, it’s a day where we could use self-destructive behavior to end a situation that we couldn’t end with confidence. Like cheating in a relationship just to get someone to break up with you. People’s self-destructive behavior could be saying what their courage wasn’t brave enough to say. Chiron is opposite Mars and the Sun now and this causes an energy where we are likely to doubt our self-worth enough to compromise our standards and even suck up to people because we don’t realize WE ARE ENOUGH. Today, work on how you feel about YOU. Do you respect you? If so, others will follow. If not, you could be vulnerable to selling yourself short today, or just giving yourself away as if you have no worth at all. With the moon now opposite Venus, you could be so desperate for affection or connection that you compromise your standards just to get what you THINK you need. Pluto, once again, is at it, trine the moon to cause serious emotional shake ups. It’s as if today was designed to make you mess up so bad you finally must face just how far you let yourself fall. Today it is best to keep to yourself, working on expressions of self-love and care. It is a HORRIBLE day to begin new relationships, or even try to seal a business deal because your tendency toward over compromising will be high. If you’re a shark, today you’ll smell the blood in the water. For those of us with self-esteem issues, that means opportunists will be easier to spot, if you step back and objectively observe someone’s behavior. Could you take a staycation? Or even just relax by the pool? Watch out for impulsivity to try to push or exaggerate your limits or over promise just get something. And remember that others will be influenced to behave this way too, so it’s not the greatest day to trust what someone promises. Today, set firm standards and remind yourself of them before, during, and after all interactions with others. If you struggle today with feelings of inadequacy, remind yourself that you are a vessel for God. Find faith in those unconditional connections to find your way back to faith in yourself. MANTRA: I am value. I am beauty. I am complete. I allow the light of unconditional love to shine in me, warm me, and love all of me. Saturday September 25th Welcome to the day of passive aggressive change. As we continue the trend that began yesterday by over comprising our standards to tell others what that want to hear, even if it isn't our truth. Hate your job? You’ll show up late, spill coffee on your boss, pick up the danish you know is their least favorite, get sick near the water cooler, and forget to lock up after volunteering to stay late. Unhappy in your relationship, but STILL IN IT? You’ll go out partying, get sloppy drunk, flirt in front of him or her, or cheat like crazy and post it all over social media! People WANT YOU TO KNOW how unhappy they are, and they will passive aggressively SHOUT IT AT YOU today. Could you spend the day doing something kind for someone else? That would be great but watch out for giving all of yourself away! If you’re single, get ready for regrets tomorrow morning. The best thing today would be to plan a day of self-care, self-love, and healing! Schedule a therapy session, followed by a full body massage, and only eat salads and drink water all day. It sounds extreme, but it’s so important to DETOX on days like this. IF YOU’RE old enough to have lived through self-destructive behavior like this before, today is the day to remember those lessons you’ve learned and use them to avoid making the same mistakes again. All this energy is designed to force you to move toward your North Node and not stay sloppy in you comfort zones! To point out those things WE HAVE TO CHANGE and can’t ignore anymore. Pray. MANTRA: I am enough. I am love I am light. I move away from why makes me ill and allow the healing light of unconditional love space to fill me.

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