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Weekly Astrology Forecast for Sept. 25 - Oct. 1, 2022 Can you Believe it?

Really? Can you believe it? Or rather, should you believe it. Neptune is still seriously interfering with Mercury in Retrograde, and with Mercury in Virgo that will throw off our daily routine. We may loose ourselves in work to the detriment of other activities and it is likely that instead of making sense out of things we will jump to fantastical conclusions and believe phantoms instead of facts. It's something to be wary of in this the last week of Mercury retrograde. We can also look forward to other planets starting to go direct in the next month. Mars however will be going retrograde later this month and stay that way through the beginning of next year and we will start to feel that now. Please, especially this week ( the first and last week of any retrograde is the worst!) try not to get frustrated with yourself. You may think you have more time to complete a task than you really do, so don't be afraid to ask for help. Now that we're in Libra season partnership is everything. Try not to jump to conclusions without the facts to support them. You may be inclined to believe anything this week. The New Moon in Libra has provided a bit of clarity over the weekend, but it is a bit deceptive. Next week we have a strong grand-air trine in between Saturn, Mars, and the Sun conjunct Venus! But on Monday, we have a false grand-air trine briefly following the New Moon as the moon moves quickly through Libra. My suggestion, don't believe anything you hear until next week. The work you thought you'd finished really isn't done. That's just fine because the Mars trine with Saturn will ensure the stamina you'll need to make the most out of any situation and will help us be productive regardless. Mercury (R) is also conjunct Venus now, so you may see love notes from the past come back into your life. Definitely enjoy them but please don't take them too seriously. The opposition to Neptune may make them seem like more than they really are. So allow yourself the thrill and happiness they may bring, but don't start making plans based on them. This is a pivotal week for who we are and the direction we are headed as our Sun is in opposition to Chiron and Jupiter and sesquiquadrate to both Saturn and Mars. We may have the tendency to over estimate our impact on the world now, in a hurry to over come hardships from the past. Remember this will only last a week and there are better days to follow.

The main challenge this week will be to not get discouraged as all the things you thought were going to go so well, go flat. It is next week that the real breakthrough comes. For now, FAITH. That's the only really clear thing you can depend on this week.

Much love to you! I'll see you in the videos.


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