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Weekly Astrology Forecast for September 26 - Oct. 2nd The OVER REACTION

Weekly Astrology Forecast for September 26 - Oct. 2nd The OVER REACTION This is an interesting week, working on us much like rules on a teenager. They’re forcing us to try out different aspects of ourselves, different possibilities, because we’re certain we’re not happy with what we’re experiencing. It may be difficult to not over react. Because we’re really just being asked to be patient. It’s not a time for open rebellion, but for quite ones, deciding NOT to settle for what’s easy or even what is obvious. With so many planets in retrograde now it will feel like we’re being dragged backward by a tide. Get out of the water. You can’t fight it. And you’ll probably be too exhausted to try. But you’ll refuse to get swept away. This energy is designed to force creative juices to flow. What you can’t have in your real life could be perfect inspiration for that novel you want to write. It’s the world within where we begin our journey to change. Six planets are in retrograde by Monday and everyone will blame it on Mercury. But remember, Mercury is just the messenger. He delivers all the messages from the big guys that have been in retrograde for months now, and they’re about to go direct in the next fee weeks. These first couple of weeks in October will be when all the decisions and judgements from the executives finally get filtered down to the employees. Waiting is hard, but not impossible. And it’s easier when you can find a stimulating place to put your mind. Mercury is an inner planet, so it’s retrograde delivers that which has been decided by the outer planets. He’s not to blame, but we’ll all blame him anyway. Get ready for an intense couple of weeks where what we are served could serve to motivate us out of the ruts we’re currently stuck in. Sunday Sept 26 We head into this week much the same way we left last week, contemplating ourselves by issues arising with other people. What have we learned about our own limitations and challenges!? Because the truth is it’s not always the other person’s fault. It’s a wonderful day to move ahead by allowing the waves of emotions to drag you under a bit. It’s what you have to go through to move forward. Much like a riptide, don’t try to swim against the feelings or even to figure them out. They will carry you where they will and when you have a hold of things again, swim to shore. Remember this, our goal is to grow. Clearly we’re not where we want to be but we are getting clear glimpses now of what we don’t want AND where we would like to be! This is transition. It’s messy, no matter how organized you are. But it’s worth the experience to understand your own capabilities. Love and romance, finance, all of these things are going through major overhauls, and we could find ourselves getting information that clarifies our worries. It’s VERY important to NOT over think things now, as we will easily feed into fatalistic thoughts, when a deep breath would solve so much. MANTRA: The light in me honors the light in you. Through compassion, I see your humanity, and offer up mine Monday Sept 27th MERCURY RETROGRADE IN LIBRA! Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus are all in retrograde too. So it’ll be a struggle to not drown in the quicksand. Today is the day our dreams get in the way of reality. Or more to the point the day we are bruised or caused pain because our fantasies are broken and the reality isn’t what we expected. But the fear awakening, like most of last week, serves to tell us the truth and provide an opportunity for great strength to develop. Mercury and Jupiter in retrograde and The moon in Gemini form a grand air trine. The Sun conjunct Mars and Saturn and the North Node do too. So the aspects of this entire week are great seeing, understanding, and knowing through communication of something that has been suppressed or denied. We’ll get the truth, whether we like it or not. And most likely we won’t like it. Truth is a difficult beauty to see. Our egos often resist it. It’s an acquired taste that we’re forced to swallow, which isn’t very palatable. But that’s the point, isn’t it? The lesson is to learn how to serve the truth so it won’t taste like stewed Brussels sprouts. Presentation is important for serving ideas in a way that people can, and want to, digest. If we’re too blunt, we turn people’s stomachs, and then what’s the point of that!? Well, that’s today and really this whole week. It’s not that we don’t need to hear this, but lord if it couldn’t have been shared in a better way! Of course the news doesn’t have to be bad, and if we can take our expectations out of the way, we may be very, very happy with what we learn. MANTRA: I open my ears and my heart to the truth. I am courage. I am love. Tuesday Sept 28th We’re doing some healing today, especially with aspects to our parents. Maybe it’s time they said “I’m sorry” to us. Not everyone can hear that straight from their mouths, but here is the energy, with the moon rolling into Cancer, to settle those issues that have restricted us, confined us, and made us keep doing things wrong. Any issues with guilt will come up now and could bring us down if we dwell in them too long. Now, it’s important to give yourself those permissions your parents didn’t. Engage in something creative to keep your mind active. Learn dance, go to an art/coffee shop. It’s not the best time to be alone, so make sure you take yourself out and find ways to interact with others. Share as many smiles as possible. Stay away from extreme escapism like drugs/alcohol. But do engage in creativity. That’s escape too, but it’s productive. It’s a happy balance between Neptune and Saturn. We need that now. It’s an emotional time, where past family issues will find themselves to the service for resolution. This needs to happen. It’s what Mercury retrogrades are best at. All this emotion could put a serious damper on productivity today! This isn’t a huge leap forward time. Don’t push. But do find something to engage in that makes your heart happy and keeps your brain engaged. MANTRA: I allow my feelings to guide me toward curiosity and creativity. I honor my feelings by applying them to what I can create Wednesday September 29th

Today is like a steam vent in a pressure cooker. Designed to relieve a bit of tension. Have you been harboring feelings for someone? This could surface today and lead to a whirlwind romance! If this is not the case you can still expect your sensual feelings to multiply. You’ll desire deep connections today, with Pluto sextile Venus, especially because Venus is in Scorpio, the sign of taboos and hidden pleasures. Also, of hidden feelings! Use this energy to connect to friends and family as well. Truthful conversations will reveal many buried emotions. With a grand water trine now in the sky expect intense emotional and psychic energy to be rolling into situations that will be intense to say the least. Neptune in Pisces, Venus in Scorpio, and the moon in its home of Cancer. Wow! This is a day none of us can escape and in terms of moving forward, it could have enough power to over come these retrogrades, if just for today. What we feel is coming up! This grand trine brings us something soft, romantic, and beautiful in the middle of disappointment. Love will intensify today, and so will opportunity because people are more inclined to be open hearted with their offers!! It’s a great day to ask someone on a first date, or take time for romance in your current relationship. This would be best day this week to have that uncomfortable conversation with someone you’ve been having difficulties with. In fact that might be just what this day is for. For finally sharing all those repressed feelings. This day could lead to a lot of fall/ winter relationships that involve hibernating together. Times of heavy retrograde are made of these moments. Opportunities resolve what we’ve tried to avoid. Hidden emotions need to come out! And today is the day that happens. It’s important to maintain boundaries today as we’re inclined to be overly amorous, but honor the feelings of others and yourself. MANTRA: I am love. I am truth. I am aware of my boundaries. I am courage. This is my truth. I welcome yours. Thursday September 30th Holy Moly! Family karma and drama arises, bringing out so many emotions that it’s best to step out of their way and honor them. This could be a time when circumstances with your mother or your relationship with her, issues you’ve experienced in the past, or a NEW RELATIONSHIP you have that is recreating this circumstance to force you to face it and heal the horrible wound it has left. Whatever the individual circumstance, expect that today you will be emotional and vulnerable to being backed into corners because of your tenderness. Being social today is not recommended. Be wary of over thinking and being over critical today, having come to conclusions that are based more on your emotional defensiveness than on reality. Conversations can get especially tense today especially where family is concerned, but with the moon in the 7th house in Cancer, it’s clear some issues need to be cleaned up. This is a cosmic house cleaning of sorts where explosive arguments can reveal corrosive thoughts that impact how you see the world or feel about people, even though THEY AREN’T TRUE! We may have to take hits to our ego today in order to clear the air. The moon is in the third quadrant of close family and friends. It’s these relationships that will be under fire today, because they have to be. These issues have been impacting our ability to have healthy relationships, and it’s time that they were cleared out of our way!

MANTRA: Heal me. Lord take me into your embrace and love me as I am your child. What I’ve believed to my detriment must be purged. The pain will purify me.

Friday October 1st

RABBIT RABBIT! Happy October everyone. I promise the tension won’t last forever. In fact, it should clear by mid month. For now, it’s school time. Remain observant, even in difficult times, try to understand your motivations, and be compassionate with others. How has our pride gotten in our way? Both the sun and moon are strained today, it feels that what we want to be is just not allowed and that everything is restricting us. It’s like weights are hanging around our neck. Cosmically this is true. Saturn is opposite the moon (now in Leo which is a prideful position) and Chiron is still opposite the Sun and Mars. We’re being restricted. We’re being limited. The discipline is almost too much. Using this energy will feel like forcing down your veggies as a kid. Life will feel as if all the sweetness has been sucked out of it. That may be just what we need now, to get real and work our butts off. But the longings we experience can show us what we really desire. Though it’s not a great day for fun and excitement, it is a good day for focus and work. People will be very exacting today, but understand why. Most are experiencing a serious dissatisfaction and Desire to rebel against all the tension and restrictions in life. This is an intense mood that will pass. Remind yourself today that these feelings are fleeting. Do what Cinderella did when she was locked away in her room, denied access to the ball. She got to work putting together her dress for said ball. There will be a longing today for what we feel we’ve been kept from. But that’s not the truth. It’s all a master plot to motivate us to prepare for what we’re really getting ready for in our future!

MANTRA: My circumstance don’t define me. My reaction to those circumstances does. I am faith and I am tenacity. In moments of restriction, I get to work on the future I wish to live in.

Saturday October 2nd

Remember the tension? Like an arrow being pulled back before it’s release. That’s what it is, even if we aren’t aware of it. Watch out for the return of the ex’s now, or the comeback of those romantic interests we thought we’d gotten over. It’s not a good time for relationships in general now, but we may feel so desperate and longing for something to do that we compromise and do it with the low hanging fruit that’s texting us. The good part about this I’ll say is the moon in Leo will catch just how desperate we were about to be and snap us out of it! It’s a good day to be social with close family and friends that know you well. You can support each other through this moodiness because you’ve been through everything with them! It’s a great day to take in a movie or theater performance. Anything that encourages your creativity. All the external pressure today is helping you to realize what it is you really want. This very exacting moon in Leo won’t settle for the crap being thrown at it and you may even be motivated to action because of what you’re NOT being offered. Like the texts from your ex’s inspire you to finally reach out to the person you DO want. Or the boredom may make your particularly creative in the bedroom. Your inspiration will awaken your mind beyond the bars on its windows.

MANTRA: Universe, teach me. I listen and learn. My standards are high. I begin the work on the world I want to see in front of me.

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