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Weekly Astrology Forecast July 3 -13, 2022 Facing your Fears

This week is a beautiful compliment to last. The contention last week was difficult for everyone, but this week, we find Harmony. Over the next ten days, we get clear on our objectives, and clarity on how to execute them. We are asked to allow room for faith to intervene and take over, and we gladly hand over the steering wheel. A week of fun, love, and break throughs, this is the week that will make all suffering worth it. The one where you'll go, "Oh, now I see why everything else didn't work out". This is what was meant for you. It will come in the most surprising ways, so please don't try to control or predict it. The happiness factor is with us this week so it'll be good surprises that we're experiencing. The Grand Water Trine happening between Neptune, the Sun, and the South Node provides a peace with our past that is required before we are able to open ourselves up to an unknown future. And there it is, practically all week long. Then, we have the Full Moon in Capricorn, happening conjunct to Pluto, in direction opposition to the Mercury/Sun conjunction in Cancer. This is when we finally accept ourselves as we are, and allow ourselves to be seen for our truth. By finding faith in our darkness, our emotions, and vulnerabilities, we find a way to embrace them. It's peaceful and healing. This week we will be extremely psychic, and it's through this intuitive insight that we are lead into the change of our lifetime. We've prayed for this, and God has answered, better than we prayed for. So make room. Because this... you'll want to hold onto forever.


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