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Weekly Astrology Forecast May 16th - May 22nd: Healing generation curses, completion

Look at this week like an archery tournament. It’s a close up of an arrow, first pulled back, then released, then hitting its target and causing an explosion leading to release.

This week is primarily about teaching. And learning how the most difficult teachers are the best. The Comos is plucking each Achillies Heal now, insisting that we recognize how strong we are by how we respond to vulnerability and weakness, inside and outside of us. We will be embarrassed, ignored, compromised in motion, and left in the dust. And then, we will finally spread our wings to fly. Because what the hell are we still doing on the ground? The issue is we haven’t realized or aren’t comfortable with how much we’ve changed and are still acting as if we are what we used to be. We are not. It is like the Butterfly that insists on crawling along branches, cursing its wings for getting stuck in the leaves! FLY!!! You’re hating the best of you because you refuse to release the old mind sets! So the Cosmos steps in, with Pluto and Saturn leading the way, forcing us to the edge to show us WE CAN FLY!

Sunday May 16th

Our sense of self is balanced, peaceful now as we enter a time of healing and self acceptance. This is very good day for making decisions because we’re at harmony with who we are. Events now are geared toward helping us come together again with all aspects of ourselves, including those parts we didn’t believe in, or left behind because they’d caused us pain or we thought others couldn’t love us for. Pluto trine the sun and the sun sextile the moon is what is making us so able to make clear decisions and be happy with ourselves. Because of the supportive position of Saturn to Mercury, Venus, and North Node in Gemini, we’re able to be discerning with our thoughts and control our impulses with relationships and money so we can think through things clearly without guilt or fear of being rejected for it. It’s our calm, non-condemning mind that has set us up for success now and situations we come across will be easier to deal with because we’re not taking them personally. Your tax bill isn’t personal. Your computer crashing isn’t a sign. That bad date you had was just a moment in time and not the universe saying you’ll never find love. In fact, we understand that these things are just steps toward our destined happiness. We see how the hiccups fit into our overall health. We can see a way forward, without being discouraged. And are open to change those things that have caused us problems. Our conversations may gravitate toward spiritual growth and we’ll want to seek information on those things that can offer spiritual development. Other thoughts may be muted or muddled at this time, helping us to focus on faith and healing. Don’t feel distracted. This is the universe helping you to focus on what is truly important now. Our Psychic energy is on point today! So trust that tingling in your body. Also the veil is thin now and it will be easy for you to receive communication from your intuition and your Spirit guides.

MANTRA: Angels I am ready to fly with you. You push me to the edge to show me I can fly. I am capable, I am ready, I am transformed

Monday May 17th (Moon in Leo)

We could be very pop-offish today because we’re not getting attention we need to feel secure in what we’re doing. That’s intentional. If you love what you’re doing you’d do it anonymously. Spirit is pushing you by ignoring you (not really. Spirit never really ignores you) it’s just not validating you. It wants you to find joy without the validation. Uranus square the moon and square Saturn means we are prone to impetuous behavior. Self control is ESSENTIAL today. Do not fall prey to stupid rebellion or rebellion for attention sake. Rebellions are not simple things, but if treated that way they equate to a toddler holding a hand gun - inevitably a tragedy. So, this is the day YOU MOST COUNT TO TEN before responding and take a few breaths before making any decisions or judgements, (For you Star Wars fans it’s like Kylo Ren and “Kill the past” ummm, okay, but Killing your father to do that was the stupidest decision ever resulting in a fractured soul.) BEWARE OF EXTREME THOUGHTS! There is not only one way to do things. Keep looking until you find a solution that actually works. GRAND FIRE TRINE between the South Node in Sagittarius, Chiron in Aries, and the Moon in Leo. This is a fairly emotional fire trine, and the most dangerous kind because we will be impassioned by our emotions and perhaps led by our dreams, BUT, did anyone stop to fact check things? That’s so important right now, if only to focus us. If we act out today it will show us how we have sabotaged ourselves in the past. It will make it clear that we were NOT victims but instead the source of our suffering. Learning we were wrong the hard way.

MANTRA: (Breath in and out three times or as many times as you need to feel the calm shift into your body) I am where I am meant to be. I have time, time works for me. I am patience, I am faith, I am peace

Tuesday May 18th

CHOOSE A HEALHY PLACE FOR YOUR FOCUS. This is HUGE today. Because we will become so impassioned about things now that is HAS TO BE something constructive. Our whole selves (our suns) will be driven and filled with purpose, but what to do with it? This is a great time to see what is harming you, making you sick, or isolating you from your happiness. The imbalance will guide you to readjust yourself. It will take a lot of energy, but it’s worth it! This is the day we decide what is most important to us and allow the other shit to drop to the weigh side. Focus is the name of the game today. A little reverse-psychology is at play, with Uranus square the moon playing on your need to feel free to make your own choices and if you don’t you’ll rebel. But rebel against what? YOUR LIMITATIONS! You said I’m NOT ALLOWED TO FLY! Oh really!? Well flying is EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO DO! Well, I won’t let you! Well let’s just see about that! And suddenly the frightened little butterfly takes wing!

MANTRA: I am focus, I am courage, I am faith. You know me spirit and I am grateful you do. Push me where I need it. I am loved and invested in.

Wednesday May 19th

Moon moves into Virgo. Get ready for a huge loss or a great big reward in love and money. Venus is opposite the South Node for two weeks. What have we learned? If we’ve learned something then we’ve cleared our Karmic debt and the universe has room to reward us. If we’re still holding on to shit, it’s going to fall on you now. FYI. Happy Hump day. What is your relationship to love and money? Is it healthy? Have you released the ideas that hurt you, that cause you to get into unhealthy situations? That encourage you to sacrifice your heart to gain approval? This will come up today. For some it will come up as a realization that you’re better than that old shit. The beauty of this day is that we are REALIZING how we’ve been messing up. The grand AHA! Moment where we catch ourselves doing something we’ve always done and say “why am I doing this!? I don’t like this! I can choose some other way!” And you can, and you do!

MANTRA: I am AWAKE and AWARE! I invite change, I insight change to serve my greater good!

Thursday May 20th

Sun moves into GEMINI!

Saturn and the moon team up to provide an emotionally stable energy that allows for patience, long term commitment, and long lasting results. The moon is in Virgo now so the energy is magnified by Virgos practicality and its appreciation for planning for the future. This isn’t about grabbing something, it’s about GROWING something and enjoying the process instead of feeling held back by it. We are recognizing that the actions we take today create the world we experience in the future. Our sense of self is not the strongest today. We are unsure and painfully aware of our inexperience. But that vulnerability can be so beautiful if we honor it. Our hope is unwavering and that’s a good thing. Essentially, we’re being reprogrammed and we’re aware of it. It’s like watching your own surgery! Gross, frightening, but fascinating. A better example may be giving birth. There is no better example of something so disgusting and painful yielding something so beautiful. Remember, a better life is not guaranteed. Your wiser self has this new self to guide and teach, like a parent to a child. Be a good parent. Be the parent you needed when you were young to the new you you’re giving birth to.

MANTRA: I am new. I am vulnerable. I am excited and inspired. I am wise.

Friday May 21

The Sun, Moon, and Pluto are in a beautiful grand trine. Meaning we’re at peace with our purpose and place. We’ve finished a cycle of life and are ready to move on. This is the balance of completion of a life lesson. It’s a beautiful reward in itself. We feel good about ourselves. Our depth of emotional perception is off the hook. This is an exceptional time to “make a move” as you will be able to deeply influence other. Today, JUST DO IT! Those people you meet at this time will be lessons, people placed in your life to help you complete a learning cycle or even relive a situation so as to finally understand stand it. Over all, this is emotional CATHARSIS that you’ve needed for a very long time. We’re ready to be done with the old stuff. Thoughts will be cloudy, but understanding of our spiritual and what we really believe in will come into clarity. This is a highly emotional and spiritual time. Expect religious experiences. It’s an especially sexy and attractive time, so expect to radiate compassion and depth that will woo people. This day is about impressing people without trying because of how beautiful you are inside and how much you care. Expect a leader to emerge that will help to realign out moral compass and encourage compassion to large groups.

MANTRA: I am love, I am light. I open myself to others to share this light inside of me. My faith inspires.

Saturday May 22

The Moon moves into Libra where will we seek balance and harmony at all costs. Two grand trines are formed:

One between the moon in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius (about to go retrograde), and Venus in Gemini (grand air trine - heightened mental clarity and cognitive precision) You are about to impress people with you maturity and compassion. Leading through example because you can handle the emotional intensity in a calm way that helps others get through it to. Expect today to be an emotionally successful day because your emotions won’t get the better of you but instead inspire the best from you.

The second grand trine is Moon in Libra trine North Node in Gemini, trine Saturn in Aquarius lifts Saturn’s restrictions. It’s almost like Papa Saturn has faith in our internal self control so he doesn’t have to be so strict. In other words, it’s the first time we’re acknowledged as a true adult that can handle our own business. And we can and do. This is when dad gives you the keys to the car, when the reins of the family get handed to the next generation and the generational bonds are intensely linked together. Family karma is laid to rest and pacified. The lesson is over. Peace is restored. All of this is being pulled by Uranus, who is directing this change from two generations ago. You are ending a long period of generational karma. You’ve healed the family sickness and are released from family curses. The peace will be so profound you’ll not even realize how much the world shakes with change.

MANTRA: I love you and let you love me. I accept you and honor you unconditionally.

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