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Weekly Astrology Forecast - May 2nd - May 8th - May the Fourth be with You

Weekly Astrology Forecast May 2nd - May 8th

The Cosmic Bow has been pulled and we’re prime for the launch of all Saturn restricted us from. Where is Saturn in your chart? This is a good week to check that out. It’s using the energy of your nodes to prepare you for launch, regressing you to the South Node to launch you toward the North. If you’ve felt that you’re sliding backwards, get ready for the ride of your life! Saturn square the Sun and Mars square Chiron are making this week a real bitch. They push you down in areas you’d thought you’d gained ground. Guess what? You have. You are not where you were. If you were you wouldn’t be where you are. Remember that this week. Remember how far you’ve come. And if all you can do is stand to weather this storm, that’s fine. Maybe this isn’t a week of gaining ground. But it definitely a week to stand your group. Keep your sites set on your future. This is the test. Are these attempts failures or lessons on success?

SUNDAY May 2nd

The Moon is in Aquarius, so we’ll be especially socially minded. New friends or the need to be around people, out and about is likely. Or the need to switch up our social groups. With this moon placements expect surprises attractions if you’re looking for a mate, they will be different then your normal. Pluto is in a perfect dance with Mercury and Venus making our hearts and mods open for new concepts and adventures. The light heartedness we take toward difficulties makes them not stay long because though we may have challenges we have faith as well. We’re learning not that we really are not what we used to be. Our world has changed because we have changed. The bow is posed for the launch today so be ready to experience surprise encounters with people who won’t stay strangers for long. Have you been praying and asking for help, sincerely? It’s coming today or tomorrow. Make room now. Give yourself some time off, even if it’s just an hour or two to catch up on chores you haven’t had time for. Make time for the unexpected and it will come to you.

MANTRA: Angels, I welcome in the abundance you send and trust the wisdom of your choices

MONDAY May 3rd

Saturn, Jupiter AND the moon are giving your future a run for its money, beating you up pretty badly for attempting to change what’s been established. This is cod’s wallop! It’s doing this on purpose to see how badly you want it. You want it. So don’t worry. You did the right thing and it will soon be recognized. Remember, Saturn represents the worldly establishment NOT the Cosmic one, so it will have to yield to the higher date of Pluto, which is pushing for new ideas and radical ascension. The way we’re going about things is our worst enemy now, with Mars in Cancer we don’t feel like we’re doing enough because we’re not being direct enough! It’s easy for people to over look us. It really feels like every thing is falling apart. It isn’t. This is the demo lotion phase for your remodeled castle in the clouds. Saturn just wants to hold on to what doesn’t belong any more. Remember, the more you insist on staying the same the more pain you cause yourself. The change is inevitable. Will you flow with it or let it break you?

MANTRA: I am faith. I am love I am light. I flow and release resistance. (Breathe, hold l, then release. Repeat as necessary)



Mercury moves into Gemini, it’s Domicile (Home).

North Node Sextile Chiron while Saturn trine the North node. Meanwhile, on Earth Saturn is opposing EVERYTHING. You’re being conditioned. These difficulties are specific to make you stronger. If Personal Training had a week, it would be this one. But this is spiritual conditioning. Like a week long book of Job. It’s going to be scary. If you’re forcing yourself into absurd demonstrations of proof. What if you just allowed yourself to let go and trust that God has got you? It doesn’t mean stop trying. It means stop focusing on failure and start focusing on progress. DO NOT MAKE ANY IMPORTANT DECISIONS RIGHT NOW and WATCH YOUR INDULGENCES! What makes you calm? What helps you stay level headed? Please be with those things right now, as this is a hyper reactive time. Don’t try too hard to get attention or fit in. You may be tempted to say too much just to fit in, or get in trouble with the crowd because of a discussion you had in private. FYI. Count to ten before you react or say anything, and limit yourself to five words or less. It’s better to listen and learn than to speak a decide right now.

MANTRA: Angels hold my tongue and stay my heart. I am patience, I am compassion, I am self control.


South node opposite Mercury and square moon in Pisces. Trine Chiron. This is when we get clarity. What have we been doing wrong this whole time? This is when we can realize our mistakes and how we were making ourselves fail. Saturn trine the North Node will be celebrating! This is what has been holding us back our whole lives. We kept repeating it and hurting ourselves. We get it now. The Karmic lesson is realized! With Pluto in R quincunxes the NN, this may be our Karmic punisher, but not so harsh it will destroy us. We’re being schooled. That’s all. And we’re poised to dream up new ways to do things. We’re ready for new experiences and desire a twist or change. With the moon in Pisces and Mars in Cancer this could mean our family structure changes, or we realize that we need to make a change. This would be the day we take a chance on a new partnership or romantic interest

MANTRA: Thank you to what I was. I am change. I am evolution. I am open to new experiences.


This is a fantastic day for advancement because emotionally we’ll be ready. Get ready to be daring in love, even if you’re wrong, you’re ready to be wrong. What does that mean? Sometimes we don’t do things because we’re afraid of messing up. We’re too smart for that now. Live in the moment. Get muddy. Be happy with your whole self. You’re open to change now. It’s liberating to know where you were wrong and that you don’t have to be that way anymore. Maybe it’s never who you really were, just who you thought you had to be. One thing is certain, the more authentic you are the more soul mates you attract. This is a wonderful time of coming together with people you REALLY like.

MANTRA: I am renewed. I am ALL that I am and I am wondrous as I am.

FRIDAY May 7th

Moon moves in to Aries which COULD make us defensive and jumpy. The discomfort of the sun square Saturn is paying off because we’re making break throughs in our potential to be better then we ever have. Are we a bit tense, kinda like the first day of high school where you felt you had EVERYTHING to prove. Yes. But, is this the first day of high school? NO! We know better now then to take ourselves or our mistakes so seriously. Humor is a life saver. Be wise. Take life seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously. Live to the fullest. We’re being squeezed right into the future. Conversations with different and interesting people open up our minds and could create opportunities for us. Dare to show that you’re interested. We are deeply passionate about everything and things could feel like they’re moving too slow. We will all want to try something we’ve never done before.

MANTRA: I welcome in new experiences and learn as I go. Angels surround me, help me go with the flow


We’ve opened ourselves wide to mew experiences, and have generated enough momentum to create a current in our direction. Set sale with your new set of skills, you’ve learned a lot in a short period of time. The difference was in HOW you learned. You’ve learned to learn differently, from a space of trust and openness knowing that you have a right to discard anything that doesn’t suit your heart. Expect incredible changes after this time, as the unexpected has plenty of room to find you. How much of a risk is this? Maybe not at all. This is a perfect time to set things in motion by using your words to motivate. You may become inspired by a conversation or by a song. Words pack a strong punch right now. You won’t need more than that, so go easy. Deep conversations or serenades will be just fine. You are very discerning with your words and ethics now, and integrity is assured. It’s a great time for self actualization now, but be sure to write it down, as you could be forgetful.

MANTRA: I love where I am today. Tomorrow is an interesting concept. I honor the past as my divine teacher. I am where I am meant to be.

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Thanks for this explanation I thought I was going nuts yesterday as people were just not taking on board what I was saying , I mean how annoying is this, for four day I was on the pulse minute by minute the tension building and any minute now I would be in the knowledge of my news I needed to move forward. So fir 4 days I was sent emails which which had the same crucial content for them to send with new intro every time for four emails in the end I just walked away. When they did reply, it was an answer like ; What do you mean ? I knew they were more intelligent than the repl…

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It's so hard to be patient at times like these. But, I'm sure you made it through. Much love to you,



Morning afternoon gorgeous Thank you for this week’s post xxx

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You are so welcome😍

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