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Weekly Astrology Forecast May 9th - 15th: When Karma Comes Around

Weekly Astrology Forecast May 9th - May 15th

The way you think and what you think is being challenged to stretch your perceptions. Communications with old friends or groups aren’t satisfactory anymore. You’re curious to explore options outside of where you’ve always been. This week is particularly SOCIAL with Venus and Mercury in Gemini, while the sun & moon are with Uranus in Taurus stabilizing us, making luxury and good food a priority for social events, and Jupiter and Saturn still in Aquarius, we need to begin to explore different types of people and places. If we’ve dragged our heals on adventure, the Cosmos is pushing us out the door this week. Explore, enjoy, and make new friends!

Be ESPECIALLY aware of health, body health, financial health, and relationship health. Any of these that you’ve neglected will be sure to spiral now, and you could experience great losses in areas that you’ve neglected. For those areas where you’ve been especially thorough, expect great rewards. Karma is powerful this entire week and she can’t be escaped. Pray. Be humble. And be mailable. Take special precautions were travel is concerned. Be diligent with plans and budget but still get out and go places! Playing it safe is NOT the answer now, but being smart and responsible is!

Sunday May 9th

Venus moves into Gemini and she’ll be especially attracted to intellect, interesting ideas, and exceptional conversations. Keep love light and intriguing and you’ll be all good. We’re poised to take action or want to alleviate agitation or boredom, coming up with new ideas and wanting to jump right into them. These conjunctions are forcing us to rethink our plans, BUT they are under the command of Pluto. Beware. You are being tested! How badly did you really want your goals and dreams, because this is when the witch lays down breadcrumbs in the wrong direction to weed out the week minded. FYI. Our emotions will be especially intense in this energy which could make us extra vulnerable

MANTRA: Angels help me harmonize my mind with my heart. Keep my focus in tune with my heart

Monday May 10th

The ideas are flying every which way today and it’s a GREAT time to get inspired. Do not jump at every new opportunity however because that is where you’ll trip yourself up. Stop and think if it is really what you want or if you’re just desperate for something new. That could mean you just need a vacation or that it’s time to dig deeper into your emotions to understand where the frustration really is. The best way to use this super brain energy is analyze your emotions and find out where the upset is coming from - And it is there. It feels like a longing, a churning. It’s a good time for realigning yourself. With the Moon, Uranus, and the Sun conjunction as well as the North Node, Mercury, and Venus conjunction, we’re looking for happiness in new directions OR new ways toward our original direction.

MANTRA: Angels Guide me toward my truth, my truth is my guide. I am truth!

Tuesday May 11th

NEW MOON in Taurus

This is the day karma arrives. With Chiron aspecting so many planets, lessons are what have to be learned from what could be explosive behavior. Expect extremes on this day, and do all you can to avoid confrontation. What you set in to motion now will stay for a while, so be certain it is what you want. A person, perhaps one from your past, has a powerful impact on your life. This could be an older family member. Today is a day of life changing impact. That means this New Moon is a POWERFUL manifesting tool in the generous sign of Taurus. Be careful what you ask for, but DO ASK. This energy will root deeply and what you manifest now will remain for years to come. This could be the luckiest day of your life, though it has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with the Karma you’ve built over the past years, especially when it comes to money and relationships.

MANTRA: I acknowledge the legacy I’ve created. I own the life I’ve built, I accept that life is an outcome of my choices. I am powerful. I AM the choices I make.

Wednesday May 12th

The moon has moved into Gemini stacking the 9th house FULL of energy. This is an exceptional time to take a day trip and get out of your norm. A great time to explore. This energy is an extension of the Karmic cocktail we encountered over the new moon so expect that this energy will last for a while, with communications coming through that will make your decisions clear. This is an exceptional time to know what you are feeling. A great time to create a pros and cons list. Your enthusiasm for things will be obvious today, but when you compare your new interest to the commitment it will take, is it worth it? I love this time because it’s brutally honest and so easy to consider what’s important and what is not. Talking to new people and allowing unexpected conversations is the key to success. Expect mind opening realizations. Travel close to home but far enough away for something new. A weekend trip is recommended over the next few days.

MANTRA: I am open to new experiences, new people, new possibilities.

Thursday May 13th

Changes has been happening through subtle shifts in our awareness, whether or not we’re aware of it. We’ll be feeling our way forward, turned on or off by those things that our intuition finds suitable. This is a breakthrough moment where you will be able to command the respect and attention of whomever you want. Choose wisely. You are extremely convincing now, once you decide what you want you’ll be able to articulate it to just the right people who can open doors for you. The clarity you experience now may come as a surprise to you. It’s refreshing and liberating. Uranus and Mars are pushing us in new directions, but gently and even responsibly. That’s how the changes will last. They will not cause harm nor will they disrupt things so much as politely insist that they change and keep insisting until they do. It’s better to NOT jump into things without understanding them. With Neptune’s position to the moon, things can become foggy if not delusional and compacted with the Sun's position to Jupiter we could have too much confidence in something we know nothing about. The best way to take chances today is to engage someone about what they know and ask for opportunities to learn more. It’s a subtle way of wedging your foot in the door.

MANTRA: I am courage. I am curious. I am desired. Angels grant me the wisdom and self control to engage the opportunities right for me.

Friday May 14th

It is so important to stay your hand and mouth today. This is a day when serious disappointments can occur, but they were based on assumptions and expectations that you really needed to get rid of anyway. This doesn’t mean it won’t hurt, and that’s the sad part. Because what you desired wouldn’t be taken from you now if it had been based in reality at all. So, this is a pick yourself up and wipe yourself off day. If something has been churning in your gut this is the day it will manifest. This is a GREAT DAY to start your new diet, or put a new exercise routine in place. Anything that concerns your health and wellness, mental and emotional health included. You’ll have the personal power to take charge of something that has alluded you until now, especially if it is brought to your attention through a Karmic ‘oh shit’ moment. This is just the momentum you need. It could be the best news you’ve ever received! Like an engagement proposal that inspires you to get in shape, or a pregnancy announcement that puts you onto a healthy new diet. These don’t have to be hurtful things that are happening, but they’re happening to bring you closer to your best self.

MANTRA: I am, I do, I can, I have. I am interesting and interested. I listen, I learn.

Saturday May 15th

The Moon is in CANCER, right on top of Mars for most of the day meaning our emotions are driving our actions now. In this energy we tend to over react and push ourselves into things out of emotional need. Think twice before you hit send today. It’s a great day for socializing but it will be difficult to keep your standards high, so it’s not a great day for falling in love. Do they intrigue you? Do the inspire your mind!? Or do they just match the perfect image you’ve been fantasizing about? If it’s the latter LET IT GO! The best way to use the energy of this Mars and Moon conjunction is HOUSE WORK! You’ll have so much energy and it’s best applied to beautifying your home. Aside from that, you’ll struggle to remain objectivity and get into fights easily about things that aren’t as bad as they seem to be! You may be pushed to make decisions about your home right now, about where you are going to be living. It’s a good time to do this as you’ll be highly in tune with what you really want from your living space. We are so in tune with our future we are inclined to push when we don’t need to. Listening is key, without judgement or condemnation. This day may bring a heated discussion with your mother, so please be aware and try to let it roll away like water off a Duck's back.

MANTRA: I am home. I love unconditionally. I am love. Laughter is my great friend, humor is my sharpest tool.

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