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Weekly Astrology Forecast October 30 - November 5, 2022 - CHANGE NOW

This week the astrology is illuminating. Be ready to awaken to aspects of yourself that have long been buried beneath vanity, ego, and cleverness. It's time to allow the distractions to pass away and to allow the forgotten to rise. We celebrate Samhain, or Halloween this week. With the Sun, Venus, and Mercury all surrounding the South Node in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus, there couldn't be a better energy for change. Whatever or whoever we've been zombified by will be revealed. We're ready to rebel and leave the cocoon. Samhain is the day we speak to the day after all, but it seems this years, it's more about speaking to the parts of ourselves that have long been dead. It could be you are finally ready to go back to school, or go back to dating. It could be you find yourself again and realize there is so much to love. All of those things about who we are and how we live that have been buried under "logic" and "responsibility", popular trends, and social norms, they are all fading to dust in Scorpio, as the best of us rises up. It's really a rediscovery of the old, or rather, the eternal. Those things that make no sense at all but that are so profound, so beautiful, they can only be reached through leaps of faith and experience by the faithful. Enjoy this beautiful week. There are so many surprises that will make your heart weep with joy.

See you all in the videos :) Love Michelle


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