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Weekly Astrology Forecast for July 18 through the 24th The week of Healing

Weekly Astrology Forecast For July 18 through the 24th The week of Healing

Forward, always forward. That’s the way we go. The past doesn’t exist. The now is the past. And the future is our reality. What will your future be? This week is a peaceful one, with lots of harmony and healing. Healing is the central energy this week, balancing our desires with our focus. There is a relief in the air. The difficulties of last week are over, energetically, so now we can focus on moving forward. Especially during the early to mid week when the moon is in Sagittarius. We’ll be feeling fun, playful, and open for anything. Allow these new directions to take you to higher states of consciousness, becoming aware, like Sagittarians do, of different aspects of yourself through interactions with foreign people and places. This is a great week to step outside of your regular routine and allow experiences that you couldn’t predict. This is the week where ALOT of different aspects of yourself will come up, some to be realized and some to be released, especially concerning family issues. The sun moves from Cancer to Leo this week, so we are now in the thick of summer. I’ve been saying for the past two weeks that the only way out is through. Well, this is just beyond the halfway point, where it becomes clear how far you’ve come and how much you are capable of. We no longer feel undeserving of new chances and become strengthened by how far we’ve come. Realizing your own strength this week a massive achievement!

Sunday, July 18

You can expect that you’ll understand your needs and desires today, who you love, who you want to be with, where you want to commit your time, but communication is conflicted with those feelings, maybe not being able to say what you need to say. Hard core realizations from our past will come up to cause a brief disruption in our progress. This is a bump in the road that has to be addressed FOR progress. Maybe we aren’t as ready as we thought we were to love someone new or start something new. The truth is we are ready and this is NOT A DETERRENT. It’s just an unpaved road and these things happen! Information that we don’t expect, perhaps from deep in our psyche or through our dreams, will come through and need to come out. That’s the important thing, that it comes out! Jupiter is opposing Mars and Venus, which gives us a great deal of energy and confidence to use it. We’re determined today and inclined to make decisions that are rash. It could work in our favor though. This could be just the energy you need to do something stupid that actually helps you out. There could be a tendency toward over spending right now so please be aware.

MANTRA: I am vitality. Forward, always forward. I am confidence, I am daring

Monday July 19th

The moon has moved into Sagittarius, a very fun and playful position for it. Adventure is the name of the game. This is going to be a very pleasant day for those who trust their feelings and allow their intuition and emotions to guide them. We want to move forward now, and that irritation you may have been feeling is the nagging push to get things to happen, to make progress. This is a dreamy and romantic time where you may find yourself open to loving more deeply. This is for all sorts of relationships. If you’re single, there is energy in the air to change that, or to at least be open to try dating. The openness may have you getting to know people who might not have been on your radar before, simple because it’s the human connection, empathy itself, that is being amplified today. It’s a great day for appreciating beauty because it will serve as inspiration for new ideas. Cleverness is in the air right now as Mercury and Uranus aspect favorably, so don’t be surprised if an idea suddenly pops into your head that solves an issue you’ve had for awhile. What is working in our favor is WE WANT PROGRESS, WE’RE MORE EMPATHETIC, and WE ARE OPEN TO TRY! It’s Neptune that’s really helping here because it’s highlighting our psyche, making the energy of “sixth sense” insight so much more powerful. This energy can help us “trust our guts” and simply by doing that you can open doors for yourself.

MANTRA: I am open. I am capable. I am connected.

Tuesday July 20th

We will not be taking things so personally today and even tough situations will hold a bit of excitement for us. The adventure continues from yesterday, and challenges will seem like obstacle courses during field day. Positivity is the name of the game now, where the energy all around us is helping see things from the perspective of “it’s possible”. Yes, there will be rubs, most especially from the past, ways that you’ve failed and self doubt because of it. That’s why today is such a great day for healing. It’s a chance to try things again that we thought we were failures at, and in doing so build another relationship with them, for new ways of thinking about them. Our minds are powerful things, but with the psychic strength we understand that their is more going on than what we’ve seen. This helps us to try again, and realize these events/situations/experiences from a different perspective. With Uranus currently in the 6th house (of health and wellness) and Mercury in the 8th (of the underworld, the hidden) some information in underlying issues could come our way. It’s a good day to get out and move, prioritize your health through playful activities that make you smile as well.

MANTRA: Happiness and Health to (the world) and myself. I am health, I am happiness, I am love, I am light.

Wednesday July 21st

LOTS of happy here today where there is a tremendous energy toward healing. Healing happens through conversations (Chiron square Mercury). Our power lies within our wounds, because the ability to heal is the ability to create the world according to our happiness. This is a great day to have the tough conversations we normally try to avoid. What we weren’t allowed to say, things that we had to bottle, this is the day to speak up about them and find your voice. This energy asks that you love yourself enough to NOT ask permission or to be loved. Balance happens now between what we desire and who we are. As if two huge sails have been hoisted, we can sail forward. Issues within your family could come up today BECAUSE THEY ARE DEMANDING TO BE HEALED! And because the time is ripe for new perspectives. If you have something that you want to bring to someone’s attention, something that didn’t originally go your way but you still desire it, this is the day you should bring it up again. If not to get what you want, then to get closer once and for all.

MANTRA: I am my choices. I am my courage. I am the path I pave. I am grateful for the past and it’s lessons. I thank the past and wish it good day

Thursday July 22nd

Venus moves into Virgo where it is in detriment and the sun moves in to Leo where it is at home. Venus doesn’t like restrictions, schedules, and budgets. But that is all in the lesson. Love May step up a notch in terms of expectations now. Just make sure that the expectations aren’t putting pressure on the relationship or situation. What is great about this energy is the ability to plan. Use it to your advantage even if it irritates you. This isn’t the most romantic energy but it is useful energy so if you discipline your mind, you can get things done. It’s the home stretch. The past of the journey where there’s nothing to see for miles, but it’s necessary. The moon heads in to Capricorn too so all the romantic energy we had over the past couple of days because pragmatic and “get it done”. We want long term. That could be how the pendulum swings today. After the clarity over the past few days, we can now set our sites on how to execute and secure the progress into the future. Our sensibilities may get in the way of progress right now, and that could cause a great amount of tension. Today is a day for planning.

MANTRA: I am certain that tomorrow is what I make it. I commit myself to the daily execution of my dreams and touch my heart space for continual check-ins

Friday July 23rd

Our moon in Capricorn May be making us feel like our lives just aren’t good enough. There is an urgency toward the tangible, a feeling of not having enough that could be VERY motivational now. What we are ready to be and what we are is a bit out of sync. Perhaps the money isn’t all there. So what. That doesn’t mean you aren’t really that. This day challenges us to match our desires to our beliefs. If what we have around us isn’t up to standards how do we change that? Flicks on the joy. Focus on the happiness. Those things that make us joyful. What we have and what is really ours. Even if it’s a simple thing, like a favorite ring, or a car, a favorite dress. Whatever makes you FEEL abundant! We’ve learned so much about ourselves. Now we’re looking to develop ourselves into society. This has been the challenge all year. To take what we’ve developed internally and bring it into reality. And most of the challenge has been in patience, with ourselves and others, faith, in the process, and focus, on the abundance. So today, we’re especially aware of how far we have to go. What is absent rather than what is present. But we can spin this in a good way also. We’ve made room. It’s perfectly clear. Great job! The space is totally ready. Making that space was IMPERATIVE! So enjoy it. Enjoy all that extra room. And let it be filled gradually. Enjoy the extra room. And allow! The moon and the sun are in opposition now, each getting in the others way being as stubborn as can be. Wanting the best and knowing everything really causes issues with progress. This is when we realize what battles to keep fighting and which ones we win by bowing out of. Expect intense feelings to stir on this day. Conversations will ensue that could shift your internal perspectives.

MANTRA: Truth is liberating. Thank you for the lessons. I am open. I am honest. I am accepting and brave enough to move forward.

Saturday July 24th The moon moves in to Aquarius today making the emotional energy very connected to being social, being around friends, having a purpose to make things better, to do good. With the moon square Uranus how comfortable or uncomfortable we are with the changes happening around us is magnified. We may feel or desire change or a different set of people around us. The moon is in direct opposition to the sun so what we feel is right and what we want to see in the world is not what we will be seeing. We could feel that what is getting attention is exactly what we feel is undeserving. This is a good time to talk to someone different than yourself to understand things from another point of view. A heightened awareness of those things or people that want to keep things the same when there is so much need for change May consume us today, but remember it really is all perspective! The changes we want in this world are filtered through the desires we have and the challenges we’re having with bringing hose things into existence may become clear today. It’s resisting us because we’re not honoring ITS desires. Everyone has an agenda. The secret is to find how what you want is going to work for someone else, and sell it to them that way. Our thoughts or understandings of the situation may be too much based on what we already know, instead of LISTENING to what is going on in the moment and hearing the perspective of others. Especially if it’s someone’s mind you wish to change or at least open a conversation with, walking into a room expecting them to just roll over and make room for you will not work today and could cause a great deal of friction not only with them, but with how you feel about your abilities. There is nothing wrong with your abilities today, but there may be something off about your approach. Starting conversations today with questions about the other side of things and an open mind regarding the way of things will help you understand another’s needs before trying to force your own. MANTRA: The truth lies inside of me in the connection to another. I connect. I listen. I understand. I move from the perspective of compassion.

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