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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Return of the EXes - EXcapades!

Weekly Astrology Forecast from June 6th to June 12th

This week is the battle between the old and the new, in a very emotional way. Are we ready to move forward or are we happy with what we have? This week will help us to understand the progress we REALLY need and the motion we feel obligated to generate. What does our heart want? Because even though we’re ready to move forward we may not have the right opportunity yet. How will we know? You will know! Our psychic ability is INTENSE this week and the right choice will be obvious, even when the wrong choice makes so much sense. The truth is we are still LEARNING what is right for us and would have to push against Mercury retrograde to force a decision right now. And that wouldn’t be a good thing. Your feelings (different from your desires) are intense now and they won’t lie to you. Trust them. All week Jupiter is trine Venus and Neptune is trine Mars making us romantic and optimistic in love and with money. If used correctly, to understand ourselves better and learn what is right for us, this is beautiful energy. Deciding that we already know and allowing ourselves to dive in head first would not be good. The compulsion to RUSH or feel rushed is dominate this week so it’s important to find tools to help you calm yourself and love yourself enough to give you the gift of patience. This is a great week to recognize how far you've come and give yourself credit and a bit of break, to enjoy what you've created. It's the most beautiful leap of faith to allow yourself a break, knowing that what you've created won't disappear just because you rested for a while. And, people and opportunities from the past will reemerge this week, to teach us what really matters in love. Opportunities that we missed but were for us will give us a second chance, especially in love so be ready for a lovely and affectionate end of the week.

Sunday June 6th

Today is a day of delusional grandeur where many of us will have exceptional sounding reasons to support decisions that really come from impulsivity and illusion. Be careful what you decide on today! Allow the dreaded Mercury in retrograde to work its wonder and make you slow down long enough to really think things through. It will be difficult. Because Neptune is playing on Mars and Jupiter on Venus making us too confident in our sensibilities. The moons conjunction with Uranus is urging us to act quickly or make sudden changes based on primal urges. It’s like the entire planet will be drunk and making really stupid decisions. However, much like when your drunk, the truth will come out because you’re not quick enough to stop it from falling out of your mouth. This could be a very volatile day for relationships when all that stuff you tried to hide or find the right time to talk about will come spilling out or worse, you make decisions based on half understood information and things go poorly because of it. Today is a day to allow yourself to be Honest with your deepest truths, to yourself. See what it is you want to change and observe what is making you angry and don’t fight it or try to talk yourself out of what you’re experiencing. WRITE IT ALL DOWN! Tell it to a journal! And then in a month review it to see a laundry list of your own prejudices. Seriously, this is when your fears and insecurities disguise as intellect and sneak their way into conversations where they could really mess things up. All these impulses are based on the past, what made you comfortable because it’s familiar. And with Mercury in retrograde we could become over idealistic about “the way things were”

MANTRA: I honor my past, thank it and release it. My future is unclear, I allow it to unfold. My mind is clear so I can recognize this moment. This moment is real. This moment is everything. My worries dissolve into awareness of the present moment

Monday June 7

Oh boy. Expect a call from your ex. Or more accurately, expect to call your ex. We want love and connection and progress so badly now that we’re allowing our mind to be tricked into thinking the past was good just because it’s easier! It’s not really easier, it’s just easier to talk to because we know what to expect from it and don’t have to process new information. This is NOT the best time to make decisions in love because they could be based on fantasy and idealistic thinking. What’s clear is the Saturn is very happy with himself playing on the Sun and the North Node, keeping our progress in check. This would be t be a bad thing if Neptune weren’t encouraging us to over romanticize things and be drawn to drama right now. In other words, our standards could be severely compromised at this time, commuting long term to things that were not meant to last. Remember MERCURY IS IN RETROGRADE! It isn’t likely that anything you start now will have an excellent future. It may have a future, but there will always be difficulties and irritations that arise with it. In other words, you could be sucked into something you ultimately feel stuck with and considering Mars and Venus are in CANCER, the sign of codependency, you could be stuck with it for a very long time. So please, take time to review your feelings. ENJOY THE MOMENT, but hold off on any long term commitments or statements like ‘I love you’, because you probably really don’t! You’re just under the influence of a very seductive dream. It’s better to let these impulses play out through binge watching re-runs of Ross and Rachel in Friends. Don’t make any promises now because, ultimately, you’ll be sorry you have to keep them!

MANTRA: I allow my feelings. I allow my thoughts. I allow them to exist in a moment and pass, released into the universe. I am here. I am now. Breathe (meditation is recommended. About a minute of focus on your breath)

Tuesday June 8th

With the moon now in Gemini desiring freedom above all else trine to Pluto intensifying our emotional intelligence, you will be able to say all that you needed to say and have the courage to do it. So go ahead and gets things off your chest, but be willing to listen to the other side because they will need the same thing. Chiron is square to Venus compromising our standards in love and money, so please think twice before and big decisions. We could feel backed against the wall today, like we’ll never get another chance despite the fact that we know this isn’t the chance we want. You will get your hearts desire, if you listen to your heart. Don’t be conditioned by your fears. Thought the temptation to feel rushed is strong you can use this energy today to help you realize what really matters to you. In the flurry of hurry the thought that calms you will be what your heart is calling you toward. You may not see it in front of you now and that will frustrate you and in the worst case scenario make you feel desperate and unworthy. Remind yourself that you deserve the gift of patience and that you are quality, not some patch job. Good things are built slowly and Saturn trine the sun and North Node remind us of that. You’re not really being held back, you’re being conditioned for quality. And there are so many beautiful things currently happening in your life. Focus on those. If you can’t find them, we’ll then you know it’s your mind set and perspective that has to change. If you look around and see nothing but misery now, look in the mirror and understand this is your new beginning. This is the time when the little things that give you joy will stand out like light houses in a dark storm. Write them down. Remember them. And most importantly, direct your ship in their direction.

MANTRA: I am worth of my own patience. I am quality and truth. I have time. I have life. I am free.

Wednesday June 9

Return of the ex today not so much by your exs themselves (though that could be) but by your past relationships and the issues you had in them. Different things might make you think of them or shed light on them, making you think of them to understand them better. Still, your standards in romance are severely compromised. You may find yourself entertaining a person LIKE your ex, to subconsciously work out issues from the past. Become aware of this and try to stay away from it. An ex is an ex for a reason and today, you need reminding of that reason. However, it’s fair to say these encounters should bring up feelings that are unresolved and need attention. Using this energy to understand yourself better and to understand why you made those choices is essential. Conversations will bring you you close to the edge today, sucking you back in to old drama. Be wary of idealism’s today, as they will play on your tendency to see the past better than it was. Uranus has grown painfully quiet in its aspects, excerpt the important square to Saturn. In the battle between new and old, the old wins out today in terms of what has our attention. There is no better way to understand why we’re blessed them to remind us of the past and how far we’ve come. Using this day as if you were an objective observer on your life would be best, though it will be challenging. Saturn is trine both the Sun and the Moon, providing us with some stability, helping our minds and hearts to prefer long term benefits instead of quickies, so we should be able to make the right choices after all.

MANTRA: I am unconditional love. All is possible. I forgive my past by loving it for all it has taught me.

Thursday June 10

AHA! Now we get it! And we’re able to understand what we once could not. Revisiting old relationships helps us understand why they ended and make peace with that. If an ex comes back today it’s easy to understand why they should stay an ex. This could give you some closure, which is great. It also makes you keenly aware of what you really want NOW! That you’ve changed along with your taste in people. It’s been easy now to get caught up in nostalgia, but today is when we feel unsatisfied with it. This revisit makes us ready to move forward, eager even. We really have been trying to move forward but our past was in our way, we have to FINISH THINGS before we move on! We may not have realized it until now, but this is really all part of laying a solid foundation for our future, especially where relationships are concerned. Finances May rear up as well, bills that seem to never go away. Today is when we are faced with doing what we’ve always done or making arrangements to build out the future. Open a savings account just for your new home down payment. Research refining options. It’s still not a time to sign, but looking in to this stuff is laying the foundation for excellent decisions when you’re ready. If I were to place bets, today is the first day we feel any release and official sense of ‘room for the new’. Jupiter may help with information now, but through the dreams of Neptune. Psyche is on point today so trust it. Also, an increased level of faith returns to help us along.

MANTRA: I am now. I am here. I unconditional love. What was is over, what is yet to be will come but right now is where I want to be.

Friday June 11

Moon moves in to Cancer to visit Venus because Mars has moved into Leo! A much better place for it thank the Lordy. Expect some progress now! Break throughs of the heart. It’s a great day to fall in love. LOTS OF FEELS TODAY. Romance is in the air. Thank God yesterday happened or we might be tempted to Romance the wrong people! But the moon and Venus are providing an especially lovely connection making us feel extra sensual and secure in our sensuality. This is a great date night, and being that this is happening in Cancer that could be a stay at home date night. Yummy. And Mars in Leo makes a focus and momentum on point. We won’t settle for less now. Pluto is causing resistance now, but in a way that may make us even more particular about our direction. We want what we want! Especially with Saturns position to Venus, we’re willing to take things slow or begin something that could last a life time. The one caviat could be we’re tongue tied meaning conversations could be awkward, but intuition is on point so trust the non verbal communication today. The one issue is the compromised position of our Sun because of Neptune. We could loose vitality now, or not feel like we know our direction in life. Hoped for most of us this just means we’d prefer a Netflix and Chill night over white water rafting, but we are vulnerable to being easily lead. This could also be a lovely thing as we are open to mending with a new person. Just make sure it’s a new person. Venus is sextile Uranus meaning she is forward focused. This is a good energy for choosing a new partner. Honestly a lovely day to fall in love. Expect to feel easy in social situations and be open to new ways of being treated - your standards are elevating!

MANTRA: I am unconditional love. I am centered and love is everywhere

Saturday June 12

Oh the morning after. And self doubt can get to you right now because Neptune is still riding the Sun and compromising your security with yourself.

INTENSE issues with wanting to move faster to emotionally stabilize yourself. Stop. Breath. It’s going to seem like God is denying you EVERYTHING because it hasn’t fallen perfectly in to your lap. We know what we want so much right now that we need it right now. That’s how we feel. More of this beautiful awareness from Saturn and Venus will help with discernment and an unwillingness to compromise. It also speaks to taking the time to lay a lasting foundation. Our standards may be compromised just enough now to make us reconsider our standards! What else is out there beyond what we knew we wanted. We’re open! This is a beautiful time for creativity and inspiration. Both Venus and Mars are getting help from Saturn and Jupiter respectively, so our integrity stays in place and so does our self control. This is beautiful energy for starting a mew relationship even with Mercury in retrograde. Not just romantic relationships! Jupiter is shining his optimism on how we go about everything now. Expect honesty and courage to be prominent in how we do things with Neptune Square the Sun keeping just off kilter enough to be humble. It’s not that ex’s aren’t still creeping out of the closet, they must don’t scare you anymore. You’re so over it, you’re forgiving indiscretions and moving on.

MANTRA: I am. I do. I have. I can. I am luck, I am progress, I am whole.

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