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What is happening with the Stars: Weekly Astrology Forecast from Born without Boundaries

SO many big events this week. First the New Moon Solar Eclipse happening in SAGITTARIUS just before the moon enters CAPRICORN. This is a time for POWERFUL and unexpected change. Please talk to the universe and be clear what you welcome into your life. Then, expect nothing! Because curve balls are going to fly!

Venus enters SAGITTARIUS just as the moon exits on the 15th. Venus in Sag is fun loving and adventurous but in this circumstance she is also opposite Chiron which compromises her standards and square to Saturn meaning she's hurting herself for feeling good when someone else is suffering

Jupiter and Saturn head into AQUARIUS, which marks a shift in global ethics from what we can do and build singularly to how we work together. We'll feel these effects all year long.

On the 21st Jupiter and Saturn appear so close in the sky they appear to be one. Karma and fortune are one on that day, so clarification will come regarding how the universe has interpreted your efforts and contributions up until this point. Have you showed the universe who you are and left no question about your soul purpose? If so, great and beautiful news could come in.

Sunday the 13th

Is a contentious day, filled with stresses and strains that sneak up on us. Neptune is the orchestrater of the chaos, with its deceptive tendencies creeping into our expectations. More pointedly, Neptune rules disease, etc... so there is a challenge to its supremacy by public hope for the vaccine released recently. There is too much cosmic contention for this vaccine to be everything the public is so desperately hoping for. Venus is compromised between Saturn and Chiron, lots of partnership Karma could emerge that challenges how we feel about ourselves. Remember love is powerful, but Venus rules partnership love, meaning that love not only has to be reciprocated, but that each party has to love themselves first. That's why the 1st house and the 5th house come first. We first must know ourselves, then find courage in our own hearts before we can experience the transcendent experience of combining with another. 🌠You couldn't save them but today you'll dream of ways you could have or reasons you should have, and it will lead to suffering

Dec 14th

The challenges to the North Node are still prominent with the South Node and Mercury still in opposition, and square to Neptune. Our dreams are impeding our willingness to get uncomfortable. To roll up our sleeves and make that phone call or send that message. BUT THAT'S THE TRICK! It's making us think we should when we actually shouldn't! Faith is so important right now. Take a breath, let it out. Calm yourself and accept a hug from the universe. This is a time to let go and let the universe take the wheel. We're locked in for the ride now, but faith will get us through.

Dec. 15th

The contention continues and the prideful Mars is making us think we need to take action when we really need to allow! Remember that Mars is still conjunct Chiron! Making us rush into things just because we feel obligated to and Chiron is at once opposite Venus, making us feel that endangering our hearts is the only way we can be loved! NOPE! Tap into the unconditional love of the universe and let yourself take time out to heal.

Dec. 16th

Venus is still sextile to the moon and Jupiter while opposite Chiron, making her way too dreamy and melancholy while Mars still trines the SN, falling back on "I have to do something about this" as the way to solve things, even though it won't. Save your energy and ALLOW!

Dec. 17th

Saturn AND the moon have entered AQUARIUS and now they are trine the North Node. Thank GOD the North Node is finally getting some support. If your concern is the well being of others, THIS is the day to reach out to someone. It will go a long way for how people feel about you. Of course the Sun and Mercury have decided that this is not the way, but I would follow Saturn on this one, setting up some good Karma for the future.

Dec. 18th

Uranus is challenging the South Node, meaning it's time to stop doing the same old thing. That's not where the future lives. Rebel against the comfortable. With Saturn already in AQUARIUS and Jupiter coming soon, rebelling against social norms and insisting on people seeing a different kind of "rightness" is key. Let your awkward out. Be odd and don't fit in. That is what the world needs.

Dec. 19th

When the moon moves into Pisces it will be conjunct to Neptune and people will be a bit kinder when it comes to odd balls, more open to differences and not so fast to judge. Phew. We needed this!

It's certainly making Uranus happy! Open to new and awkward things! Let the creativity begin! Major inspiration can come on this day. But don't fall in love. Still not a good time for that. At least this is how we'll be feeling. Not so sure it's realistic though.

If you look at the chart, it gets more and more stacked between the 5th and 10th houses as the week passes. This kind of concentration can make us obsessive, but also HIGHLY focused. Two sides of the same coin. But how are you applying the energy? To create progress and momentum in your life to open new opportunities or to insist on what is already not working?

5th to 10th house focuses on our purpose and contribution to the world, so that is what you should prioritize.


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