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What the World Could do Without - Jupiter square Pluto May 16 - June 14, 2023

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Jupiter Astrology symbol, Astrology Square Aspect symbol, Pluto Astrology Symbol in Born without Boundaries rainbow spectrum

That's a loaded introduction isn't it? Because we all have a different idea of what the world could do without. We're at a stage of universal purging now, astrologically, which will show us what the universe it ready to do without, regardless of our opinions. Pluto is opposite Mars and square to Jupiter - Relentless. This energy will blast through anything. In the back of my mind I hear the hum of "Do you hear the people sing" from Les Miserables. There's an explosion coming. Not war, but a "finished with this bull shit" kind of momentum that isn't willing to play nice any more. And maybe that's just what we all need. An end to complacency. That doesn't necessarily mean violence. In this case, it isn't. What it does mean is a "coming back online" of sorts. As if a part of us that has been dormant is rebooting. We need it. We've lost a primal sensibility and we need it back. "Trusting your gut" if you will.

The "gut" is connected to the primal, the natural, the truth (at least the truth of the physical world). We need our physical selves. To be the best of our spiritual selves. We have to honor what our genes inform us of. But we've been convinced against it. Intelligent arguments that make no sense at all from a primal perspective have deepened the divid between us and the truth. These popularly accepted beliefs have forced us to believe what we absolutely know to be untrue, yet bullied us to feel we have no choice but to comply. And that's what has triggered the primal.

A beast in a trap, backed into a corner, under the gun, will lash out with ferocity beyond the understanding of even the beast. We are capable of so much more than we realize. We've been lulled into a dim state of our own light, accepting this shadow world as light itself. We've been dooped. Whatever it is - our own fears, or an evil world conspiracy - it is has convinced us against what we know absolutely to be true, deep in our bones, beyond our brains, rooted in our guts. We know. And that knowing is what is rising. Pluto is making sure of it.

In Aquarius Pluto is primed to drive a powerful rebellion against any oppressive force. And the oppression we've experienced these past decades is the oppression of critical thinking; the hive mind becoming the only mind we trust. That is so against the nature of human beings. We are naturally social. Yes. We do need each other. We are hard wired to exist in social structures. But we are not insects. We were not designed to buzz to one tune. We are hard wired to harmonize. And we can do this easily once the buzz of the hive mind is silenced.

Social media has overwhelmed us, as well as other forms of technology. We weren't prepared for them. There are many fallouts from new technology that we never predicted. The reason for this is because we weren't ready for the technology. We have now been herded into boxes for the convenience of the tech geniuses pocket books and we've gone willingly for the convenience their inventions have provided for us - seemed fair at first. But they've become the new tyrants, and we the latest sheep. We convinced ourselves we were getting smarter because we could get things faster and have access to more, when really we were being dumbed down and separated from the largest resource of intelligence anyone anywhere has access to - our own DNA.

We have a level of intelligence that is rooted deep. It's hidden beneath common knowledge. What we accepted as intelligence is really just memory of whatever disclaimers we need to agree to in order to gain access to more technology we don't understand but want to use anyway. We've handed over our brains to those who we've crowned as geniuses because the devices they've invented have made our lives more convenient. But convenience isn't happiness. And it certainly isn't what drives human intelligence. Human intelligence, for thousands of years, has been driven by and improved upon by challenge, hardship, and struggle. A convenient life is a life in stasis. And in that state, anyone can do anything at all with all that you are. This is the trigger for this great awaken. And it is, what I predict, Pluto's mission while in Aquarius. A great awakening. It will require our hands to get dirty again, and for our lives to be extremely inconvenient. But at this .point that will feel like relief, even liberation.

This is the great kick-off. Jupiter is square to Pluto and Mars both. It's adding fuel to this compression so the explosion is atomic. We're busting out and willing to face whatever is on the other side. Like a traveller desperate for water in the desert, we'll even give up our conveniences for a little sip of freedom.


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