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Astrology for May 9 - 16, 2022 THE EXPLOSION

No more pain

It takes a lot to heal from a hurtful past. The trick of trauma is you don’t know it’s there. You think this entire time that you’ve been choosing life the way you want it. But you haven’t. You been high jacked by your trauma.

In a global stage there has been a drama playing out. One designed to change our world. The way we see humans and good and evil. Thursday of this week the lesson is revealed to us. What was intangible becomes comprehensive.

The two huge shifts this week begin with Jupiter’s entry into the sign of Aries and Mercury going retrograde. Truly the birth of an entire new philosophy based on something we've tossed around for years .Then, there is the New moon in Scorpio next Monday in perfect conjunction with the South node. We’ve endured a lot of suffering to get here. Those with maternal issues will be particularly rewarded with a break through that will heal you and change the way your community sees you. This moon in Scorpio is so besides itself it's blind to its own suffering, until Monday. Trine to Mars conjunct Neptune, it’s finally easy to take action on healing that will subsequently form our futures. Jupiter acts like an atom bomb this week, the Gas Giant dropped into the fire of Aries. This explosive energy is exactly what we need to catalyze a new movement or mentality that allows us to not be afraid to see right from wrong even though it’s not in the form we expected to see it in. Get ready for major relief this week; it will feel right first and make sense later.

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Susan Holloter
Susan Holloter
May 09, 2022

Yep, I'm tired of being "stuck!"

Thank you !!!

Replying to

You're welcome

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