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Astrology Forecast Week Ahead June 19 - 25, 2022 Surprise Package

The week begins with frustration. We’re here, ready for the new, but old shit keeps popping back up. It doesn’t last or stay long but boy is it annoying. Why can’t we just get on with it already. The bad shit is a clinger It never knows when to leave the party. But the party is over, lights are off, the pathetic hangers in finally see how lame they are an leave. And then we celebrate. with the Sun moving into Cancer on Tuesday and Venus moving into Gemini on Wednesday, expect that by mid-week we’ll finally see changes occurring. We’re ready to enjoy our lives and leave the stress of the past behind. The square between Venus and Saturn is finally broken so restrictions on income and romantic situations go with it. What we’ve worked hard for will come to fruition now. We’ll see the results and be able to fully enjoy them, humbled by the reminders we had to sift through at the start of the week. An absolutely beautiful new moon in Cancer next Tuesday culminates this building energy of the fresh new start we’ve held out so long for. Patience is key now because impulsivity could only hold you back. Keep up the hard work and be happily surprised by this breakthrough you’d started to think was never coming.

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