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ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS May 1 - 15th, 2024 - Upstart and get going!

ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS May 1 - 15th, 2024 - Taurus season is in full swing and we're finally out of the eclipse madness. We will start to see our outer planets go retrograde with Pluto already leading the way, but I've always really liked that for the summer time (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere). The effect is a slowing down over all and it's perfect as we look forward to our summertime fun and vacations. Trust this energy. It's asking you to allow. Though there is one yang energy that will be difficult to contend with. Mars has entered it's home sign of Aries and with that brings an intensifying loyalty to your self, your own purpose, and your independence. Respecting people's independence is important now. Getting into your body and allowing more physical expression and activities is important now. Mars in Aries will ensure our resolve to stand in the power of our independence, and strengthen our fortitude toward our future. You'll want to take initiative now, it will come more natural to us all. Of course, fighting may also come more naturally to us. But you know what? Sometimes we have to fight. And this may just be one of those times to not bow out passively. It's definitely time to stick up for yourself, and Mars in Aries will help.

So, We've discussed Mar's entrance into Aries and the over all effect, but technically through the 5th of May, Mars and Neptune are still conjunct. What does that mean for us? It means we need to get into our bodies in a creative way. Dance. That's the most glorious meeting place for Neptune and Mars. Allow your body to move in a creative way. Work up the heat and make yourself sweat. It's so necessary right now. It will liberate any toxic energy stinking up your system. This Mars energy will impact us ALL, but it will especially heat up those of you born in Aries 1 - (March 21 - 31st) over the next two weeks. The power you will have to start over, reinvent yourself, and take initiatives on your passions is MAGICAL!!! So Please use it. Libra 1s will have Mars in opposition to their natal suns, so watch out! You'll be more impulsive than usual and more inclined to injury. It's still good to get into your body right now, but for you guys especially, LISTEN to your body! Build up a sweat doing activities that you're well trained in and are familiar with. These next two week will NOT be a great time for you to push yourself physically. This goes for Cancer and Capricorn 1s too as your natal suns will be square to Mars. This could create extra bouts of cockiness and pugilistic episodes. In other words, you'll want to fight more, and it can more quickly escalate into psychical altercations. Focusing on things that will help to keep you calm, like meditation, grounding, yoga, dance (because you still want to work up a sweat) are highly recommended for you now. Your competitive tendencies will be off the hook now, so breath work to help you maintain your self control will be necessary.

HOWEVER - For Aquarius and Gemini 1s, HOT DAMN!!! This will be sextile to your natal suns so it will give you a boost of vitality and confidence that will make you all together irrepressible. This could be a time of exceptional initiative and fruitful action for you.

By May 14th, Mars will conjunct the North Node, Amping up our progress, or our desire to progress. Movement forward will become our primary focus and opportunities could certainly open for you now, ESPECIALLY you Aries 2s (Bdays between April 1 - 10). The desire to be your own person, even if that means walking alone. This is a great time to take initiative in your own life, without worry or concern for the approval of others. This is could open doors for you Aries 2, and Aquarius and Gemini 2 especially (as this will happen sextile to your natal suns) providing plenty of opportunity for progress and increased confidence in your power.

Mercury conjunct Chiron - May 2 - 8th - Time for healing with words, saying what need to be said or confronting the pain of what was already said. Forgiveness is key with this conjunction, and so is compassion which requires listening to understand, not just to know. Learning why something hurt you in order to help yourself heal. It's a good time for counseling or working with a counsellor - talk therapy - to iron out difficulties that stand in your way of progress. With Mercury involved these could be toxic beliefs you've mistaken for truths, or harsh criticism that dug its claws in too deep. Since this conjunction is happening at 20 degrees Aries, it's those of you with Aries 3 birthdays ( April 11-21st) that will feel this the most. It will provide a powerful opportunity for catharsis, tear shedding, and getting things off your chest. Libra 3s, watch out. This conjunction runs in opposition to your natal sun so it will be an emotional time for you. Your confidence will feel compromised especially for the use of words. Extra sensitivity is to be expected. Cancer and Capricorn 3s, Your self esteem is already challenged because Chiron has been square to your natal suns for so long, but with Mercury in the mix now, the brain power is a bit clotted too. It will be easy for you guys to get verbally defensive during this aspect, so try not to speak too quickly. Maybe count to 10 before you spit anything out.

Sun conjunct Uranus at 23 degrees - May 10 - 17th, 2023 - Embracing your freedom and your own uniqueness. This is a powerful time especially for you Taurus 3s, because the sun conjunct your natal suns which have been undergoing the rebellious transitions of Uranus influence these past few months, well... with the sun's light shining on you now, you may have the courage to reveal the inner freak you've discovered. Go ahead. It's the perfect time for it. You will be especially opened to new experiences now. You will seek them out and they will find you. For Scorpio 3s however, being in opposition to your natal sun, rebelliousness may take over for a while with over confidence leading the way. You could butt heads much more right now because you are far more likely to feel that people are restricting your independence. This could lead to oppositional behavior if allowed to go too far, so be aware. Similarly, Aquarius and Leo 3s, you'll be experiencing a square to the sun right now, with Uranian energy thrown in, so please know that you are more likely to want to sow some wild oats now, wanting people to see you differently than you're used to. Routines and habits will grate on your nerves and you'll want to step outside of what ever it is that everybody expects of you. This could cause conflict with every relationship (especially that long term ones), but it is not without it's good side. These conflicts could lead to new experiences and opportunities where people do have to allow you to grow outside of your accepted norm.

Pluto will trine Jupiter while Jupiter is sextile to Neptune and Neptune sextile to Pluto forming an interesting partnership in the sky. With these energies, innovation is inevitable, and it will most likely be game changing. Innovations can happen now that before now could not be conceived. So, watch the news during this time, because there could be really interesting project launches or negotiations that wouldn't have had space to take place before, taking place now.

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