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REALITY SHIFT ALERT - Astrology Forecast for April 15th - 30th, 2024 Who will be impacted the most? Read below:

Rainbow steam rising from giant cracks in the Earth to represent shifts in our reality and new inspiration emerging
Reality is shifting

REALITY SHIFT ALERT - Astrology Forecast for April 15th - 30th, 2024. Read below for the aspects most effecting us and for which zodiac signs will be impacted the most.

Mars is finally moving on from Saturn, though we do have the Saturnian energy still pulling it back for a couple of days between April 15 - April 18th. Mercury retrograde is perfectly conjunct to Chiron on the 15th and still conjunct to Chiron within 5 degrees as it Conjuncts to Venus by the 17th. And then, of course, we have the Jupiter conjunction with Uranus - perfectly conjuct from the 17th - 22nd. In other words, there is SHIT happening right now. Nothing is moving forward without things first falling apart. The clogs are still there! So ask your self this question:

Why am I still pushing against them?

You're wasting your energy. Just stop. I know you want to think you're in control, but you aren't right now. So, lean into the dysfunctional mess. It's your resistance that is causing you exhaustion and pain. Here is the truth of this situation:

Time is passing more quickly than you feel like it is, and none of these blocks will last. So, stop making it so hard on yourself. Enjoy the little pleasures, the down time, and the humor of just how ridiculous the world is right now. Because it's a shit-show that has to play out, and right now, the second act has just begun. The fools will be on full display right now, and that's just something to sit back and watch. Believe me, you don't want to be on stage right now. There is joy, you know, REAL joy to be found. You already have a hold of it. It's the wanting more that is hurting you. So - GRATITUDE, HUMOR, and PATIENCE are the secrets to success in this energy (if not always ;)

Let's review the exact aspects below and see how they'll impact certain zodiac signs.


Mars conjunct Saturn - April 15th - 19th - This will hamper your vitality and willingness to take risks. It will also force the energy of making decisions to please current circumstances, so intrepidity is on hold for these next few days (but it's only for the next few days!) Mars has now superseded Saturn, meaning its energy is now in control, but with the powerful Saturn still playing ball-and-chain the frustration will be high. Action and vitality are starting to come back online now, but with the grounding and sophistication that we need. It will feel better than it did last week for sure and by the end of the week, we won't feel as repressed or held back.

This is especially impacting Pisces 2s (it's conjunct your natal sun) and Virgo 2s (it is opposite your natal sun) making the feeling of refinement, or higher standards cut into your progress a bit, but in the long-term it's for the better. Insisting upon a more mature approach now is suggested, but please don't compromise your true path. If you have to wait a bit, then do! Because the energy IS CLEARING. If you've been looking for opportunities, I would suggest using this energy to have the discipline to wait for what it is you really want, instead of acting in fear and settling. That won't bring much happiness at all, and the effects of that choice could get in the way of future happiness. Best to not jump in to anything especially because of fear or desperation.


Mercury (R) conjunct Chiron - April 15th - April 25th - We all have to have healing conversations. Say those things that needed to be said. Welcome "Ah-Ha" moments from situations past, revisiting them if need be, to make them better. This is a healing energy that requires those things that never should have been to break-down. The mechanics of this conjunction will get to the truth of why you signed that contract, or made that promise, or said those things - show you what you had twisted, and unravel it. And things will absolutely unravel. THANK GOD! These are the things that have proved to be too great a burden. That have been handicapping us the entire time. And even though we may initially experience these events as defeats, they really are liberations. LEARN from what is unraveling right now. Learn why you made the choices originally and learn to NOT make decisions from that place again. Since this is happening in Aries, arrogance and impulsivity have something to do with it. This conjunction is happening right on top of the suns of those people born in Aries 2 (late Aries 2 especially, so April 5th - 11th birthdays) and Libra 2 as well (Oct 5 -11th birthdays). Libra, this will feel extra FORCED upon you, and like a personal attack, so it will be a time to lean into your faith right now. Cancer and Capricorn 2s, this will pose hardships for you initially, but then - FREEDOM from crap you NEVER ACTUALLY WANTED!


Mercury (R) conjunct Venus - PERFECT on April 17th, but happening April 16th - 21st - Oh boy. And this is sitting right on top of Chiron too. And you know what? THAT'S GOOD! We need to understand how we've bruised our creativity and personal value. Wounds to this aspect of ourselves will come front and center, bringing conversations that help us to get our value back. We will find that in the past we were too hard on ourselves, we compromised our personal value through conversations, promises, even contracts. This will cause financial hardship for sure, especially for Cancer 2s, and Capricorn 2s. As for Aries 2s (as if you didn't have enough going on) It will awaken you to how you've been compromising yourself with your own conceit and entitlements, and could interfere with your vitality. Libra 2s, expect self-esteem challenges, how you feel about your attractiveness or personal value, to make you especially emotional AND vulnerable. It's not a good time to date or spend lots of money. Nurture yourself right now. Bubble baths, meditation, grounding - even fasting - will be particularly helpful during this time. Less is more right now.


And last, but of course not least, Jupiter and Uranus perfectly conjunct - April 18th - 22nd, 2024 - They've been conjunct for a while now, and will continue that way throughout mid-may, but during this period they form a perfect conjunction that is sextile to both Mars and Neptune. And Neptune in particular is the one to watch. When Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune pair up you can BE ASSURED of Global Change, new inventions and ways of thinking that shift our current reality. With Jupiter and Uranus is Taurus this will cause tangible shifts. We will physically FEEL the shifting - it will quake beneath us. What we thought was so solid will move beneath our feet and make us question the permanence of our reality - which is what it was designed to do. Because reality is NOT permanent and is ALWAYS shifting. So we will be able to experience these shifts with our five senses, they will be measurable, and tangible. And that will cause quite a stir. On a more personal level, Taurus 3s (especially early 3s, from May 11th - 15th) will surprise themselves on their direction change, personality change, and conscientious shift. Scorpio 3s this could put you in a very vulnerable position where you'll have to admit what works and doesn’t work, even if you didn't want to, and Aquarius and Leo 3s, those things that have been blocking your progress are about to explode out of your way, but not without a good amount of destruction first.


When I say "things" I leave space for the different areas of your life this is playing out in. Check your natal chart to see what house these aspects happen in. That will give you insight into the "things" that will be impacted.

Sending you much love during these tumultuous but necessary times,




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